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Mission in Canada



Hamilton Pilot Clarence Togeretz: Soaring to New Heights
From very early in life, Clarance Togeretz knew his calling and pursued it. It has led to years of service around the world with Mission Aviation Fellowship.

Homeless at Christmas
While we rush around buying presents and decorating, 150,000 Canadians are sleeping in shelters on the street. Their scene is not so festive.

A Cup of Kindness
Second cup guests can share “a cup of kindness” to restore hope and dignity to thousands as a result of a new partnership with Salvation Army.

Restored Dignity Fights Poverty
Salvation Army strives to give voice to the marginalized.

Churches Offer Support and Friendship to Migrant Farm Workers
When a B.C. church invited seasonal farm workers to their Thanksgiving banquet, they didn’t know they were launching a multi-church ministry.

Meal Program About ‘We,’ Not ‘Them and Us’
For 13 years a London, Ontario church has been hosting a Saturday night meal program for anyone who needs it.

Working on the Edges
Our communities have many mission opportunities, ready made and waiting for us, in the shape of festivals, fairs, and cultural events. Here’s how you plan to be part of it.

Restoring Dreams in Central Hamilton
Joy and Ace Clark and the many volunteers at the Dream Centre in Hamilton, Ontario, see themselves as vessels of God’s love for thirsty souls.

Matthew House Ottawa Opens for Refugees
A century-old farmhouse will provide short-term housing for refugee claimants.

Churches Innovate with Alpha
Popular series finds new expression in custom-made evangelism

Job Program Gives Kids Taste of the Working World
Youth for Christ's Work Force employment program is finding jobs for inner-city youth.

Botswana: A Land of Opportunity
Not like other African countries, Botswana is viewed by its neighbours as a land of plenty and economic opportunity.

Poverty Shouldn't be a Life Sentence
A study on the perceptions of homelessness and poverty in Canada found that one in nine Canadians have either experienced or come close to experiencing homelessness.

Salvation Army Partners with Government to Support Low-Income Single Moms
The program will provide single mothers with the skills and knowledge to improve their own lives and the lives of their children.

Can a $1 Breakfast Re-nourish Dignity?
A Winnipeg outreach to the poor and homeless is now charging for meals. Recipients are now “customers” with “higher expectations and standards.”

Youth From War-Affected Countries are Empowered through Training
Through in-class lessons and counselling, refugee youth are assisted in overcoming the challenges of integrating into a new country and culture.

Salvation Army School Breakfast Program Has Powerful Impact on Hungry Children
The program not only has a powerful influence on a child’s physical health, but also their social and emotional health.

Jesus Loves the City's Children
”We simply cannot, and we will not, sit back and hope that someone else will step up, while thousands of children are suffering,” (Todd Bender, CityKidz).

City Kidz: Loving Away Poverty One Child at a Time
Children have dreams, hopes and desires. The City Kidz program helps kids break free of the inner city poverty cycle to find purpose and meaning.

Gleaning a Harvest for the Hungry
Million of kilos of food is wasted in Toronto alone each year. A group of Ontario Christians have found a way to glean it, dry it into soup and send it overseas to feed the hungry.

Grants Help Restock Foodbank Shelves
Twenty-five Salvation Army offices have been awarded grants to restock their food banks and expand their feedingprograms for the homeless.

Manitoba Ministry Reaches Remote Children
Fifty percent of the population in many Aboriginal communities is under the age of 18. In these kids Rick and Elizabeth Greer see potential, not plight.

Mission North
Not too many Canadians venture North on mission trips. Most are called South to warmer climates, but there may be reasons why that’s so.

New Tower to Topple Homelessness
In spite of the recession the Mustard Seed Street ministry continues to forge ahead with plans for a $75 million housing complex for the homeless in Calgary.

No Place Like Home
The Shepherds of Good Hope mission in Ottawa, is launching an innovative housing project that will give the homeless a permanent home.

Basketball Builds Team Faith
The basketball court is a haven for young people where they can be accepted and encouraged through sponsoring churches.

Theatre Gives Homeless a Voice
The troupe includes the homeless, people in temporary accommodation or on welfare, students and professional actors volunteering their time.

Bank Helps Charities and Overseas Missions
A bank that supports small- to medium-sized enterprises, emphasizes helping churches and Christian mission efforts.

Organic Bakery Gives Dignity to Those in Need
St John's Bakery specializes in French breads and sweets, handmade from scratch. It is owned and operated by St. John the Compassionate Mission.

West Coast Welcomes Back Mission Boats
A tradition that died out is seeing new life. The Mission Boat Society now travels eight weeks in the summer to share the Gospel with seven communities.

The Seven Promises of a Truth-Seeker
“Truth Seekers” are Christians who respectfully engage members of other religions in dialogue with the purpose of seeking and sharing eternal spiritual truths.

Warmth and Healing Along the Way
A Manitoba Mennonite church has found a creative way to bring healing to a northern Manitoba native community using quilt tops.

Laundry Unfolds Life’s Skills
Gateway Centre has been providing the homeless with a home and a friend. Now they also provide a job. They believe it’s their mission to help people find work and meaning.

Courage, Faith and Strength
First Nations people who come to Christ pay a high price to serve Jesus. They face opposition and hardship with courage, faith and strength.

Newcomers Find Support at Edmonton Mennonite Centre
The Mennonite community provides a safe place for immigrants in a new country. Refugees like Nino from Columbia are grateful.


































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