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Church Life


Church, Not Faith, Leads to Satisfied Life
A study reveals that the “secret ingredient” for happiness is friendships built in church.

Conservative Anglicans Have No Right to Four Church Properties
The B.C. Appeal Court ruled that Anglicans in Vancouver and Abbotsford have no right to hold onto four church properties valued at more than $20 million.

God’s House Moves to the Movies
The congregation of Gracepoint Baptist Church of Bomanville, Ontario, traded a traditional building for a “portable church-in-a-box that sets up in a cinema.”

Zoning Out Religion 
The days of special treatment for houses of worship may be ending.

Facebook and the Death of Face Time
As social centres, churches have lost ground to online social networking sites like Facebook.

Churches Get Creative with Their Names
There was a time, not so long ago, when it was easy to name a church. Those days seem long gone and far away, at least in the evangelical world..

Church Was Balanced in 2009’s annual analysis of the year's news indicated that nothing stood out. The Church appears to have been “balanced.”

God Is All About Relationship! Are We?
We plan our lives, businesses, projects and family affairs, but too often we take the relationships that weave through these things for granted. Healthy relationships are essential.

Mood Disorders Manual a Big Hit
An overwhelming need in the church setting has emerged for groups that help people deal with mood disorders and mental health issues.

Toronto Churches Respond to Gang Violence
Previous community efforts have gone a long way to reducing the number of violent incidents.

Bookstore Closes While New Church Blooms
When The Dusty Cover's bookstore in Winnipeg closed, a church was born out of the business venture.

Small Army Is Ready for Pandemic
According to government sources, the H1N1 flu is "a truck coming around a corner" straight at Canadians. Calgarian Marg Pollon is helping churches prepare.

Compassion for Unbelievers
We need to sympathize with those who see God as cruel and insensitive because of abuse from parents and others in authority. We need to present God as He really is in Christ.

Redeeming Technology for the Church
Just because you’re communicating, doesn’t mean you’re connecting. The way we use communication tools is influenced by culture.

New Leaders in Canadian Ministries
Several new leaders are taking up responsibilities in the Canadian ministry scene. ChristianWeek profiles a few.

A Big Heart for Small Churches
Dr. Christine O’Reilly believes small-town churches are an integral part of Canadian community life where church members have the opportunity to live their beliefs.

Mystery Worshippers Spy on Church
Eleven of the 155 churches visited by mystery worshippers last year were in Canada. Reports are posted on the website, Ship of Fools.

Give Gifts with Meaning
World Vision Canada and The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada offer gift ideas that reach out, bless others and transform lives. Give someone a gift they’ll never forget this year.

Flying the Friendly Skies
Perhaps it would be a huge benefit to our churches and to the unsaved if we all took a flight attendant course.

Children Lead Church to "Greener" Outlook
Children at a North Bay church are developing research campaigns focused on greener Christmas gifts and on eco-friendly gift-wrapping.

Five Reasons to Stay in Church
Church services just don’t work for some people. Instead of leaving, why not consider some strategies to stay, even though you don’t approve of everything?

Riverwood Church Community, Winnipeg
Understanding tension and balance between churched and unchurched helps them integrate, not segregate.

Furniture Salesman Turns "Unchurch" Pastor
When pastor Jeff Edwards turned a movie theatre into a church and youth centre, Christian leaders didn’t react so much to its unusual characteristics, as to its name: “Unchurch.”




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