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Church History


Insights Into a Coming Revival in Canada 
It is consistent for Evangelical believers to expect and pray for a last-days national revival for Canada.

Where Was Jesus Born?
Tradition says Jesus was born in a barn because there was no room in the Inn. Just what was this inn? Take a fresh look at the story of his birth.

King James Bible 400 Years Old Next Year
The KJV, described as the most beautiful book ever written, has had an unparalleled impact on the world.

Magi's Tale: A New Look at an Ancient Story
In the early Church questions about Jesus birth and ministry abounded. Curiosity led to fictitious accounts called Pseudo-Gospels, which filled the gaps.

God’s Generals: Dr. John G. Lake
This is the amazing story of Dr. John G. Lake, one of Canada’s greatest ministers of healing.

In Paul's Footsteps
It's not hard to draw parallels between Laodicea and Metro Vancouver.

The Rules of Dhimmitude
Guided by a deep and sincere piety, the eighth Umayyad Caliph codified laws to set Muslims and non-Muslims apart. Many of these principles influence Sharia law today.

From Far and Wide: The Canadian Faith Movement
Canadians have adapted and adopted the Faith movement as their own. Some of the fastest-growing churches proclaim its message making it a popular religious force.

Home in the Chaco
The Paraguayan desert may be “Inferno Verde” or “Green Hell,” but as many as 9,000 Canadian Mennonites call it home.

Uncovering the Other Dead Sea Scrolls
The Dead Sea Scrolls are in Toronto, on loan from Israel. They are critical artifacts linking the Jewish people to their ancestral homeland.

Teamwork Puts Oldest Bible Online
1,600-year-old fragments that were put together digitally have become the most high-tech 1,600-year-old book in the world.

What You Need to Know About the Dead Sea Scrolls
Discovered in 1947, they look like bits of parchment but represent the world’s most significant record of the Old Testament.

Journey to the Centre of our Faiths
A look at Jerusalem from the perspective of the three religions that honour its holy places.

A Double Take on Early Christianity
Sociologist Rodney Stark’s study of the astonishing growth of the early Church now objectively confirms some of Christianity’s historic claims.

The King James Bible: A (very) Good Book
The language of the KJV “loses the Hebrew puns and word games of the Tanakh and covers up the verbal messiness of the Greek New Testament.”

Another Side to a Sometime-Sorry Story 
We deplore the abuse aboriginal children suffered in church-run schools, but we should remember the sacrifice of others who first shared the Gospel with the First Nation people.

Through the Lens of History 
Area pastors reflect on the Revival that began in Hamilton, Ontario, in 1957.

Samuel M. Zwemer: A Man to Remember 
Not many have had the talent and drive of Samuel Zwemer. He exerted great influence on the Christian mission to Islam, as well as the worldwide advance of the Church and the Gospel.





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