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Do I Hear an “Amen”?
Rethinking applause in church worship.

A Unique Approach to Worship
Ground Level, Brian Doerksen’s latest CD of worship songs released in September, is available in two formats, a CD with just songs, and a DVD much more.

Mars and Venus go to Church
A church sees changes in attendance as a result of an experiment with worship that involved making gender-sensitive song choices.

Church Musicians Urged to Broaden their Horizons
People gifted with the ability to bring a congregation into God’s presence through music should be making use that gift in their communities.

Encountering God in Worship
Do our services offer worshippers an opportunity to experience and respond to the presence of God at work among them?

Rehearsing for Heaven Again
Last year 16,000 gathered for the worship event, Heaven’s Rehearsal. This year even more are expected on November 1st at the Rogers Centre (formerly SkyDome).

Church Musicians Meet in Ontario 
The 2008 Summer Institute of Church Music will provide a time for church musicians to “re-equip both mentally and spiritually.”

U2 Songs in Church
A church New Years Eve event that substituted U2 songs for hymns and worship choruses not only drew local attention but also some local seekers to church.

Worship and Work Go Together
Churches need to emphasize both piety and action, author Marva Dawn told worship conference participants at Canadian Mennonite University.

Bono's Songs Replacing Hymnals in Churches
U2's songs are sung by millions around the world, and lately, the rock band has drawn a new score of fans—Christian clergy.

A Feast Called Worship
An interview with author, theologian, educator and passionate worshipper Marva Dawn. She will be the keynote speaker at the CMU's Refreshing Winds January 2007 conference.

Recovering Silence
The loss of silence in worship is something that many churches today ignore at their own peril.

Communicating Timeless Truths Using Creative Arts
We need to learn to communicate to our culture in a language they understand—media and the creative arts. The key is finding connection points with our culture.




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