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Church Growth


Where Are Our Young People?
At the May 2010 Church Press conference, this ChristianWeek article by Aaron Epp won 2nd place in the Features category. It investigates the dearth of youth in our churches

What Keeps Them in the Pews?
Interviews reveal why young people stay in church (or don't).

Church Planting "Not Just About Numbers"
A new book aims to help people avoid church planting mistakes of the past.

The Biblical Basis for Church Planting
Jesus said He will build His Church. Examples in the New Testament on how church-planting takes place offer encouragement.

Abbotsford Vietnamese Fellowship Expanding
Mennonite churches around Abbotsford have joined forces to provide services in the Vietnamese language for area immigrants. Due to their efforts, attendance has doubled.

By the Power of Signs and Miracles
The role of the miraculous in conversion in Canadian-based Alpha courses.

The Return of the Boomerangs
If the church morphs too much to fit culture, it risks turning off not only the older folk, but also the kids of Boomers because they know how the culture operates and it's left them cold.

Take Nothing for the Journey: Rethinking Church Health in a Purpose-Driven World
The organized church in North America is facing a crisis. Only those who "forsake all" for the sake of love can reach a city not built with hands.

An Urban Nation
Many churches find the city a hostile environment. Here are some of the challenges that face big city churches.

How to Lose Weight and Gain a Congregation
A recent Weight Watchers convert discovered unusual parallels between weight loss classes and healthy church growth.

To the Rescue
Evangelical denominations offer a wide range of services to churches in trouble.




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