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Chorus Niagara Springs Singing Surprise on Shoppers
A performance by Chorus Niagara who amazed shoppers as a Christmas foodcourt flash-mob singing the Hallelujah Chorus. A must-see! Watch the video here!

Iranian-born Pastor Poised to Shake up Muslim World
A Vancouver pastor says many Muslims come to his church because they have had dreams or visions of Christ.

Seniors Partner with Inner City Youth
Connecting seniors with kids who need mentors is a “win-win situation” for members of Portage Avenue Church, Winnipeg.

Riders with a Vision
Christian Bikers are using faith as their roadmap.

God Uses Little Leaguers
When we hear the word “evangelism,” we turn away thinking we don’t have the talent or time. But a fresh understanding can dispel those obstacles.

Bridletown Park Church, Scarborough, Ontario
When a church embraces its community, good things happen inside and out. Now the community is part of the church.

Churches Harvesting, Canning and Sharing Food
Toronto’s Woodbine Heights Baptist Church members give away produce from their church garden to food bank clients.

Church Dishes Out Soup and More
Out of disaster, a church discovers its calling and ministry in a community.

Let My People Go
Canada has been named as a source, transit, and destination country for human trafficking and child sex tourism. We can do something about it.

Conservative Quebec Congregation Reaches Out Innovatively
A French-speaking evangelical assembly is thriving and reaching out to its community at the heart of Quebec. They tell their story.

Community Garden Grows Relationships
There’s no need for a fence around a garden belonging to an East Vancouver church. Instead if connects the church with its community.

Evangelicals Spread Love
More than a dozen Kitchener/Waterloo evangelical churches are reaching outside their sanctuaries and helping their neighbours during the month of May.

Church Offers Freedom From Addiction
Finding Freedom in Winnipeg complements the traditional 12-step program by incorporating a Christian message and dealing with underlying issues.

Westview Encourages Congregation to Dream Big
The leadership at Westview Bible Church, Montreal, create a culture where any ministry is possible.

Thread Shed Weaves Support for Families
Calgary’s Bethany Chapel found a way of serving the neighbourhood with a thrift store while bypassing expensive retail space.

Churches Will Explore Internet Opportunities on Sunday April 25 
Enhance you online outreach! You don’t need to be technical to share your faith online.
Called to Love Our Neighbour
Evangelical activists are working out their Christian faith and meeting immediate needs. They continue a long and venerable tradition.

Churches Celebrate Olympic Spirit
"All of a sudden they're going, 'Why aren't we doing this all the time together,'" said Dave Wells, chair of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

Roots and Wings 
The Filipino evangelical Church is strong, warm and solidly rooted back home and in Canada. Canada is the richer for it.

Gold and Silver, Salt and Light: Olympic Snapshots 
Vancouver and surrounding area Christians are finding many ways of being “salt and light” and they are pleased with people’s responses.

Canadians Care for Haitian Orphans 
Before the earthquake Haiti’s Freedom House orphanages were full to capacity. Now the needs are greater than ever.

Break Dancing in the Sanctuary
If you like hip-hop and you’re a pastor, what do you do? You combine them.

Churches Ready to Welcome a World of Guests
Christians of Metro Vancouver have the potential of making a long-lasting impression upon athletes and tourists alike.

Christians Plan to Both Enjoy the Olympics and Protest It
Local Christians are seizing on the Games as a chance to enjoy a gigantic communal event and to remind anyone who cares to listen there are more important things in life than sports.

Faith Groups Offer Help for Job-Loss Trauma
Ontario accounts for more than half of the entire national employment decline. Chartwell Baptist Church, Oakville, is helping people through the challenges
15 Years that Changed the World 
The website, Internet Evangelism Day, offers churches how-to’s and resources for using to help them use the Internet effectively for evangelism.

Whistler Poses Many Olympic-Sized Challenges
It is hard to develop outreach in a town of 10,000 that has more than 2 million yearly visitors.

A Church You Should Know: Redwood Park
The congregation at this Thunder Bay, Ontario, church believes God is leading them to help shape the future of their city through the life-changing power of God’s love.

Guitar Church Playing on Faith
Guitar Church began from a guitar club for teens and became an overnight success. It is now being franchised.

Church Benefits from American Connection
A church with an unorthodox vision is prospering and growing in Niagara Falls.

God Is Working Through VBS
VBS reaches not only the child, but the entire family.

Compassion for Unbelievers
We need to sympathize with those who see God as cruel and insensitive because of abuse from parents and others in authority. We need to present God as He really is in Christ.

A Church You Should Know: 614 Thorncliffe Park
A church like no other – the Thorncliffe Park Network is a 24/7 outreach made possible by the collaboration of Mennonite, Brethren and Salvation Army groups.

Evangelicals Contribute to Reconciliation Around the World
Christians who have worked in trouble spots around the world reflect on what it’s like to try to encourage healing and to build bridges between enemies.

Sri Lankan Author Urges Less Arrogant Gospel
In many places there are challenges to the old styles of witness. Our evangelism needs to become less arrogant if we want to reach those of other faiths.

A Church You Should Know: Hughson Street Baptist
“Sound doctrine produces good works!” God has called Hughson to an often forgotten community, and it’s well-known for its service.

A Strategy that Works
Apohaqui Community Church helps people who are far from God come near to God and become passionate Christ-followers.

For a Growing Number of Canadians, It's Hip to be Holy
A “rebranded” segment of the Church is growing and attracting young Canadians at a rate unlike any denomination.

Churches Show Love to Gangs Who Terrorize Them
"They're just people, too, people that Christ died for, just like us."

Church Volunteers Eagerly Fight Floodwaters
When the rising Red River threatened the community, Little Britain United Church in Selkirk, Manitoba, was out in force helping their neighbours.

Reaching Out
Churches are joining forces to sponsor refugees and help them build new lives in Canada.

MCC Opens Used-Book Store, Café
Sam’s Place in Winnipeg, is a “meeting place with a heart.”

"More Than Gold" Olympic Outreach Launched
More Than Gold, a network for mobilizing Christians to serve and witness at the 2010 Olympics was recently launched at a Richmond, B.C., conference.

Today’s VBS: More Than Just Popsicle Sticks
School-break camps run by churches contribute to community and can plant seeds of faith.

Reach Out Through the Internet
April 26, 2009 has been designated as an International Web Focus Day for churches. Find out how your church can extend its outreach online.

Churches Give Back to their Communities
It’s one thing to express love by putting money in the offering plate. It’s another to be an offering of love. Here are four churches that are creatively loving their communities.

Church Earns International Award
The members of a small church in Newmarket, Ontario, refused to let the magnitude of AIDS in Africa deter them from doing something about it.

Giving Christmas a Makeover
Single moms hardly ever have money for themselves. Community of Hope in Edmonton reaches out to bless them at Christmas.

3D Shoot Connects with Local Bow Hunters
An Alberta church group hit upon a unique outreach when they discovered that they could use whatever talents God had given them for sharing the Gospel in their community.

Reaching Canada Today
They are looking for churches that help them to draw closer to God and that are contemporary, inclusive, relevant, and genuine.

Who Is My Neighbour?
A new research guide can assist congregations in understanding their neighbourhoods and shaping their ministries accordingly.

Freedom and Sacrifice
Chinese Christians continue to thrive in spite of persecution. The dichotomy was especially highlighted during the Beijing Olympics. Faith Today explores reasons why this situation exists.























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