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Forgiven? What's Next?
With the National Forgiven Summit behind us, what does God want for Canada? Chief Kenny Blacksmith shares his vision of God’s leading for the Church in Canada.

Gospel's Common Cause Links Christians of All Stripes
Leaders sense a “growing urgency" for greater dialogue between various faith traditions.

Being a Christian in a Pluralistic Society
Religious pluralism is a fact of life in Canada. We need to consider how we might best understand, respect and co-exist with people of different beliefs.

iPhone Apps for Christians
The list of apps (applications) for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch is almost endless. Several have been developed for Christians.

Who Will Pastor and Teach the Next Generation of Christians?
Shelley Campagnola is deeply concerned about ministry training for the contemporary situation in Canada.

Lutherans Seek Renewal, Form New Denomination
The North American Lutheran Church will seek the renewal of the church through upholding sound scriptural principles and the Lutheran Confession.

Church Feels Conned as Mysterious Pastor Disappears
Scam: Larry Gaiters, who has a bogus website, promised a Toronto church a donation, asked for money instead, and disappeared.

Authentic Compassion and Service
The president of The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada and his daughter reflect on the future of denominations.

Offer Them Christ
As we bring wholeness to the world’s brokenness, we must reflect on our need to understand cultural issues. Here are some essentials for everyone who seeks to be missional.

Will God Send Another Great Awakening?
What the Church needs now is something different, says Greg Gordon. Something that brings the body of Christ back to God in a simple yet effective way.

Ministry Growth Can Kill Marriage
The news that televangelist Benny Hinn’s wife has filed for divorce can remind Christians that we all need God’s power, grace and forgiveness in all areas of our lives.

Is the Local Church Disappearing?’s annual look at The State of the Church (Part 1): from United to Evangelical, how are local churches affected?

Actor Teaches Pastors how to Preach
It’s a problem when pastors don’t know how to communicate. A theological college professor has hired an actor to train them.

What Will Normal Look Like?
Times have been hard on the Canadian ministries. The faltering economy has presented a host of challenges and the whole way of doing things appears to be changing.

Kingdom Teamwork
How a big church helps to communicate a subversive message.

Countdown to 2010: Faith and Sports Meet in Vancouver
Christian groups are prayerfully working together to offer “radical hospitality” at the Olympic Games and help address issues affecting the city's poor.

Light for a Dark Path
People who live with mental illness are all around us. Yet they often suffer alone.

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church 2009
Will your church join believers around the world in prayer for the persecuted this year? The International Day of Prayer is scheduled for November 8, 2009.

Churches Engage Around Restorative Justice 
The Church Council on Justice and Corrections argues that the philosophy and values in restorative justice are deeply compatible with biblical truth.

Parting Congregation Shoulders Church Debt
An Anglican congregation splits graciously: “…we've taken action that declares God has spoken with clarity and authority…concerning His purposes….”

Leader to Leader
What are the foundations of your faith? World Vision asked Christian leaders from across the country for their thoughts.

Confessions of a Former Pastor
A nine-to-five job that requires commuting give a former pastor a new perspective on the lives of those who sit in the pews on Sunday mornings.

A Big Helping of Powerlessness
A lesson in powerlessness and the resulting reflections on the condition of certain people groups.

How to Deal with a Crisis
Churches and individuals need to be prepared.

Gardening to the Glory of God
Gardening is a vital form of Christian witness, one that too many churches are ignoring.

Our Own Worst Media Enemies
Christians should not complain about bad news coverage if our church leaders aren’t willing to make themselves available to local media.

From Renewal to Mission
The head of the Vineyard Churches Canada reflects on changing denominational identity and the challenges all Evangelicals face.

Leadership in Tough Times
What difference can great leadership make in times of trouble? World Vision interviewed experts to find out.

Alienated Anglicans Starting Afresh
Anglicans who have left the Anglican Church of Canada and are seeking to be recognized as a new Anglican “province.” Faith Today interviewed Charlie Masters, their general secretary.

Renewing the Church as a Healing Community
The church has a mandate to be a healing community in the midst of a broken world. We need a clear and compelling vision of how this mandate is to be carried out.

Face-saving Models of Conflict Resolution
There are ways to resolve conflict without direct confrontation. These indirect approaches can be critical to "preserving the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace."

The Pastoral Life
Rest, repose and relaxation in a tranquil setting is not the picture “pastoral” brings to mind to a great number of our church leaders.

How to Build a Great Church Library
If you’re passionate about books but your church owns only some dusty commentaries, you may want to consider starting a church library. Here’s how.

Religious Beliefs and Devotion Linked to Sense of Personal Control
The findings of this University of Toronto study are particularly important in the light of the current economic climate.

Win a Laptop!
To qualify for a draw for a laptop computer, be sure to join your voice in these national surveys by The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada before November 20, 2008.

The Haircut
“It looked like a cow might have mistaken my head for an ice cream cone and taken one mighty lick, rasping all the hair off with her rough tongue.”

Connecting Canada to Christ and the Church
The hope of Confederation was for one Canada under the dominion of Jesus Christ. How does Canada today compare to that vision?





















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