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Business Life Archive - 2005


Think Small; Work Hard; Get Good
You can succeed and make a difference in the marketplace. Here are some suggestions from someone who did.

The Role of Trust and Truth in the Marketplace
Ethics in business: Misleading consumers is a small thing but, if done often enough, it adds up.

Working Hard in the Name of God
Faith is finding expression in the marketplace. Some Canadian companies consider faith, stewardship and helping others to be vital cornerstones of their businesses.

The Politically Correct Office Party
The terms "holiday" or "festive" are politically correct for describing office parties over the Christmas season as companies strive to become more sensitive to a diverse workforce.

Demanding Employers Are Hurting Families - No longer available
A study shows many of Canada's employers are placing such unreasonable demands on their workers that it is damaging their health and their families.

The Beginning and End of Routine
What will our future hold if we lose our routine, rules-based jobs to automation and off-shoring? It will mean bad economic news for those with limited skills and education.

Making Room for God in the Workplace
As people spend more time working, it's natural for them to bridge their professional lives with their faith. But to what degree should faith influence the workplace?

Designer Depicts Scripture on the Runway
"Clothing real women can wear!" An internationally acclaimed designer's Scripturally-themed collections are finding acceptance in Toronto, Los Angeles and New York.

Alpha at Work
From downtown Toronto Stock Exchange, to Harrods in London, England, Alpha in the Workplace courses are leaving a mark on CEOs and executives of corporations internationally.

Selling Out Canada's NGOs
As the federal government applauds itself for (finally) producing a new foreign policy review, hundreds of Canadian non-governmental organizations are reeling from the truth behind the spin.

A Sharing of Pain
There are times when the professional thing to do is to bypass professional guidelines and share humanity from the heart.

Being A Christian In The Workplace
How many in your workplace know you are a Christian? Here are nine biblically sound ways to let your light shine for Christ where you work.

Versatile Writer Leaves His Mark
An author makes a name for himself writing books for others.




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