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Christian Living Archive - 2003


YMCA: Still Christian After All These Years?
The present-day organization shows only faint imprints of its soul-stirring past as it takes a lowest common denominator approach to spiritual issues.

A Theology of Social Action
Understanding God's view of society can help Canadians apply principles that will carry our land into a future that honours both the Creator and His creation.

Business Initiative Helping Cape Breton Town
With the help of faith-based groups, people here are replacing a history of division and strained relationships with a process of working together.

A Charity of Grace
Although a miserable failure as a panhandler, valuable insights were gained from this flirtation with destitution while living on the streets of eastside Vancouver.

African Anglicans Mark World AIDS Day
Understand the rationale supporting the shift in focus to deal with the AIDS epidemic, not as a health problem, but rather as a human rights issue.

Gala Raises $1 Million for AIDS
Prayer, government advocacy and financial support were themes running through presentations made at this World Vision dinner held to raise money and awareness.

The Eclipse of Christmas
The secular has overtaken the spiritual in Christmas celebration, but we can confidently remember the day as one that Christians have chosen to honour the birth of our Saviour.

How to Make More Time
Time is a precious commodity. How do we use our time? If we follow Jesus' example in the way we allocate time, we can live our lives effectively.

Homeless in the Church?
Read how one church is helping care for the homeless and why evangelicals need to challenge society and its leaders to be part of that care.

Major Survey Shows More Evangelicals, Weaker Discipleship
With fewer Canadians now regular church attendees begs the question of whether or not churches are providing the kind of community that nurtures the faith.
| posted 12/16/2003

Room at the Inn for Vancouver's Poor
By living and working in the mission field of the Downtown Eastside, this couple is reaching out to shine God's love into people's lives.

Martin Raises Hopes of So-Con Leaders
Some social conservative Christian leaders are optimistic that a government headed by the new prime minister will at least listen to their concerns.

The Homeless You Have With You Always
Although the issues are complex, learn how evangelical Christians are becoming more active and creative in helping those whose lives are marked by poverty and homelessness.

Canadian Religious Beliefs and Practices—Part 3
These results of the October 2003 Ipsos-Reid Survey include remarkable data on marriage, family and divorce but are very disturbing concerning assistance to HIV/AIDS victims.

The Faith That Does Not Speak Its Name
The Bible may be the management manual of choice for much of corporate Canada, but only a handful of CEO's publicly pronounce their Christian beliefs.

Love My Neighbour?
Through obedience to God's Word, she resolved a painful and troubling situation and opened the door for a new and loving relationship with her neighbour.

Anglican Truce Threatened By War of Words
Accusing each other of failing to act in good faith, the controversy between the bishop and the congregations protesting his blessing of homosexual unions is far from being resolved.

Catholics Cry Fowl Over Quebec TV Ad
Although people abandoned church pews and turned their backs on organized religion, a barbecue-chicken chain takes a licking after unholy campaign ruffles feathers.

Canadian Religious Beliefs and Practices — Part 2
A fall 2003 Ipsos-Reid national poll indicates that many contemporary Christians lack both a zeal for their faith and a sense of urgency in spreading the Gospel.

In Search of the Spiritual
According to a new poll, Canadians are not losing their faith but are becoming believers who are more likely to follow their own script than Scripture.

Anglicans Try New Approach to Same-Sex Dispute
In a new effort to resolve the controversy over homosexual blessings, the Canadian House of Bishops lays the groundwork for an outside mediator to be appointed.

Canadian Religious Beliefs and Practices—Part 1
A fall 2003 Ipsos-Reid national poll shows some surprises but gives evangelicals reason to look to the future with optimistic anticipation.

Why Should I Forgive? She's the Offender!
When everything within screams, 'Get back … get even … punish,' escape the torture chamber of an unforgiving heart and overcome the tendency to want to take revenge.

Beyond Burnout
When motivation and enthusiasm are destroyed and feeling mentally, physically and spiritually drained is an everyday reality, intervention is necessary to get life back on track.

Canadian Anglican Troubles Intensify
Despite passing some last-minute resolutions, the House of Bishops is unlikely to be able to prevent the imminent break-up of the Anglican Church of Canada.

UBC Prolifers Subjected to Verbal Harassment
Seen as an anarchistic reaction to the exercise of free speech on campus, the verbal abuse from pro-abortion students epitomizes intolerance and hatred.

Hospital Bible Ban Raises Ire in Calgary
The proposal to ban the distribution and display of any printed religious materials in hospitals is viewed as one more step in the secularization of society.

Some Things Money Can't Buy
Attending Bible college offers students these unique benefits which they may not experience at other types of Christian post-secondary schools.

Defining "Spiritual" Activity
Rather than experience God's presence as a unifying whole, he segmented his life into a false dualism and suffered the consequences.

Splitting Sacred and Secular
Believing there is no aspect of life where God is irrelevant, this ethicist wrestles with his tendency to eliminate the G-word from conversations with non-Christian professionals.

Waiting for God
This believer faces a quandary. How does one define spirituality if it encompasses the core of one's being?

Supernatural Mediation
Although human reasoning suggests revenge against those who hurt us, God calls us to choose mercy, show love, and trust Him with the outcome.

Atlantic Churches Rally in Wake of Hurricane Juan
With a heart to help and a plan of action, the Christian community mobilizes to assist in the midst of the devastation caused by this vicious storm.

A Rocha Opens Field Study Centre
This international Christian conservation organization gives believers tangible opportunities to walk out their biblical call to be good stewards of God's creation.

They Disappeared Around the Bend
To change the Native American situation for the better will require soul-searching and heart-changing actions by members of the dominant society.

Orthodox Anglicans Prepare Defence
Because they maintain that the approval of a rite of blessing for homosexual couples was illegal, conservative church members are pondering legal action.

Rooted and Built up in Christ
Many in the Church are inadvertently drawn into occult New Age practices. The author outlines some such practices and offers guidelines for discernment.

Christianity at a Crossroads - No longer available
The juxtaposition of the Pope's 25th anniversary and the emergency meeting of Anglican primates highlights a fundamental divergence between the churches on moral questions.

Supreme Court Rejects Same-Sex Initiative
The highest court in Canada decides against allowing two faith-based groups to appeal the recent judicial decision which redefined marriage to include homosexual unions.

Anglican Same-Sex Debate Remains Unresolved After Primates Meeting
After 37 national church leaders from around the world issued their statement, both sides of the debate over homosexual unions claim a measure of victory.

Intolerance Marks Furore Over Church, Credit Union - No longer available
A decision to severe ties with a business that supported homosexual causes has resulted in virulent threats to the leader of the Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver.

The Marriage Debate Is Not a Human Rights Debate - No longer available
To seek public legitimacy of homosexual behaviour, a disguised debate based on a dishonest argument has been used to gain leverage in the courts.

Marriage Goes to the Highest Court
Because the federal government has abdicated its responsibility and ignored the will of the public, faith-based groups are seeking to appeal the judicial redefinition of marriage.

Can God Heal?
When we are weak, God is strong on our behalf. In His love, He brings strength and healing, spirit, soul and body.

MPs Okay Same-Sex Legislation
Rallies supporting the traditional definition of marriage appeared futile as parliamentarians, by a vote of 137-132, narrowly endorsed the idea of same-sex marriage.

The Pestilential Summer
With mad cow disease, West Nile virus, unprecedented forest fires and an unreported infestation of grasshoppers this summer, was God trying to tell us something?

Youth Go Global
As increasing numbers of young Christians give vacation time to mission, their understanding of developing countries and their relationship with God are being radically altered.

The Braid
Relationships are of prime concern to everyone. Like a braid, a relationship has a special attribute that gives it endurance.

MPs Extend Hate-Crime Protection
Voting 141 to 110, Parliament approved Bill C-250, which adds sexual orientation to the hate propaganda section of the Criminal Code.

Marriage Rocked by Politics, Protest and Prayer
The assault on marriage is causing the diverse Christian community in Canada to unite together to boldly and publicly take a stand for the Gospel.

Thousands Celebrate Marriage Day
Coming from across Canada, people of various faiths gathered on Parliament Hill to celebrate the sanctity of marriage and express their opposition to its redefinition.

Kelowna Blaze Sparks Massive Church Response
Christians of every denomination were in the forefront as volunteers to help in the midst of the devastation cause by the fierce forest fire.

MPs Want Quick Vote on Same-Sex Marriage - No longer available
The government sends mixed messages as it contemplates a vote on gay marriage while simultaneously asking the Supreme Court for constitutional direction.

Canadians Back Legalized Euthanasia - No longer available
As they re-evaluate their attitudes, almost 50 percent of adults in this country believe the practice of doctor-assisted suicide should be made legal.

Students Colliding—and Conversing—on Campus
Living out their faith at secular universities presents Christian students with many challenges, plus the opportunity to learn from Daniel's Babylonian education.

What Goes into the Mind, Comes Out in the Life
By combining their faith, ministry calling and business acumen, Christian bookstore owners in Canada look to boost their community profile.

Free Speech Falls Prey to 'Human Rights'
As this well respected law professor points out, Canadians who speak out against homosexual behaviour are threatened with harassment, vilification and even prosecution.

Contentment Is a Choice
When problems come, you can either be overcome by them, or overcome them by trusting in God.

Cec Hacker and the Sally Ann Prophets
A tribute to members of The Salvation Army who made the way easier for the Gospel to reach Parliament Hill.

Time for a Holiday
Take a "holy-day." Take time to be refreshed and renewed.

Celebration and Healing in Family Life
It is not just bad times that are formative in family life. Good times have profound impact. Let's celebrate!

Christian Ethics in Business — Asset or Liability
Some go to church but don't connect the Christian values taught on Sunday with the way they handle business the rest of the week. Is the sacrifice of Christians ethics the price of success?

Christians and International Adoption
By adopting children from other countries, Christians prove that parental love is stronger than the bonds of flesh and blood.

Conflict Resolution
It is possible to resolve conflict in the workplace, or elsewhere, in a healthy manner. Kearsley outlines steps in conflict resolution that increase job satisfaction in the workplace, improve relationships and reduce stress.

Helping Someone Fatally Ill
What do you say to a fatally ill friend who asks, why me?

Longing for a Healing Touch
Christians offer varied answers when life-threatening illness or incapacitating ailments pose some of the deepest questions of faith.

Love Among the Ruins
Canadian educator and literary critic Northrop Frye taught that the Bible's primary language "is love, which is likely to outlast most forms of communication." Love communicated in the aftermath the great September 11th tragedy through the work and the prayers of those committed to helping the families of victims recover their lives.

Prayer—an Answer for Alcoholism and Abuse Among Innu
The Innu trust the Creator to heal them and free them from a history of alcoholism, substance abuse and sexual abuse.

Support Groups Are Marvellous Tools
Are you overwhelmed with the responsibilities of caregiving? You are not alone. There are many who share your anguish—and there is God, who understands it.

There Is a Christ in Christmas
This is the story of a world realizing that there are times to connect with a reality we see with the eyes of our heart.




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