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Christian Living Archive - 2004


Dream of Green, Not White, This Christmas
Don't know what to buy? Here are some creative, practical, environmentally friendly gift alternatives that bring cheer and encourage good values.

Yuletide Memory Still Burns - No longer available
Smoke detectors saved my family from an unimaginable fate.

Joy to the World, the Christmas Chill has Thawed!
Is Christmas on its way back in? "Merry Christmas" is noticeably replacing "Happy Holidays" in some prominent venues.

Avian Influenza - The Next Gobal Pandemic? - No longer available
It's tempting to adopt an attitude of fear, but it's better to fix our eyes on God and anticipate His intervention.

A Grief So Profound It Hurts Our Souls
They couldn't really be gone.

Thank the Lord, Anyway! - No longer available
When you can't get your e-mail; when you can't do your work; when things are not going the way you planned -- it's time to let God handle it and thank Him for the many blessings He sends our way.

Pain and a Calling - No longer available
The most personal moments of bereavement come immediately upon the departure of a loved one. How can one share them with a stranger?

Eau de Toilet
It's amazing what good things you can learn when your life is in the toilet.

What About Bob?
Thanksgiving weekend started without a hitch, but by the time it was over, they had a story to tell that they would remember for a lifetime.

Don't Turn Away From the Sad Stuff
The life you change may be your own.

Blending Faith and Work
Here is how the CEO of LensCrafters reconciled the Christian value of putting God and people first with the one that makes the bottom line king.

Halloween Alternatives - No longer available
Do you choose to opt out of trick-and-treating? Make Halloween an opportunity to share God's love with your neighbours.

Love Your City: An Epidemic of Random Acts
Random acts of kindness by individuals or neighbourhood churches can have a powerful impact on lives of unbelievers.

Good Samaritan's Action a Testimony to God's Love
Beaten, and left for dead, a Richmond, B.C. man who intervened in an attack against a woman to save her says he would do it again.

Art of Thankfulness
Thanksgiving! True thankfulness isn't about counting your blessings when times are good; it's about appreciating them when times are tough.

Atheist Parents Lose Child but Find Faith
In the wake of their daughter's abduction and murder, Cecilia Zhang's parents meet God.

Donation Surplus Overwhelms Thrift Store
Second-hand donations are good, as long as they're good donations. But when a charity has to pay to have garbage trucked away, it's not so good.

A Continual Feast: Christian Humour Online
Online humour pokes fun at familiar topics and events in the Evangelical Christian community, but it sometimes takes discernment to see it's a spoof.

Art Prof's Brush-Strokes Make Their Mark on Catwoman
In a novel opportunity, a Trinity Western University professor's art work will be featured in the movie Catwoman filmed in Vancouver. She was selected as the movie's art consultant.

Weighing Christian Diets
A growing number of Christian weight loss programs are attracting thousands of Evangelicals.

In God, Americans Are Trusting More
Unlike in Canada, religious belief features prominently in politics. Americans approve of politicians talking publicly about their religious beliefs.

A Is for Adult Authority
There is a lesson for all Canadian parents in a Quebec town's attempt to rein in its restless youth with a controversial curfew.

On Time
With all the money spent on time management techniques, it can still be a problem. When you really get down to it, it's a spiritual issue.

Alberta Author Janette Oke Receives Leslie K. Tarr Award
A Canadian best-selling author who has sold more than 20 million of her books, was recognized and honoured at the Word Guild's 2004 Write Canada conference.

Ontario Laments Reversal of Firings Over E-Mail Porn
Suggesting that pornographic content poisons the workplace and intimidates people, government minister is unhappy his department must rehire these worst offenders.

Christian Climber Takes on Everest
Wanting to take the Word of God to the top of the world, this Canadian buried a small Bible on the earth's highest summit while helping a local charity raise money.

Don't Sacrifice Substance for Technique
Because the substance of the Gospel is so inherently worthwhile, an over-reliance on tools, programs and methodology will undercut the truth rather than enhance it.

B.C. Urged to Charge Polygamists
Because politicians refuse to support the laying of charges, seven women are taking their fight against polygamy, incest and pedophilia to the provincial Human Rights Tribunal.

Call To Be a Snail
This creature can teach Christians how we can work with the Lord in changing and transforming our environment into what it was supposed to be.

Be Steadfast, Not Stupid
We are reminded to think before committing ourselves to acting with intensity because blind devotion is not devotion at all but rather a form of idolatry.

Pride of the Prairies
Fleeing Vietnam as boat people, this frightened and penniless family was sponsored by a small group of Saskatoon Mennonites and started on their road to prosperity in Canada.

Diversion from Work Feeds the Soul
Because responsibility can be wearing, these Christian leaders recognize that taking time to recharge, physically, emotionally and spiritually, is vital to any person's health.

Hang In There - No longer available
Although there are many reasons for leaders to quit, this writer believes God rewards the faithfulness of those who persevere to achieve greater things.

How and Why Evangelicals Vote
Evangelicals represent a diversity of interests and opinions reflecting both Liberal and Conservative perspectives. Elections provide an opportunity for conversation on these issues.

What is Thy Neighbour's, Do Not Covet
We must aspire to higher goals. Problems arise when those goals collide with a larger-than-life image of someone who we imagine has the thing we want but can't get.

Why Do Reason and Civility Disappear at Decision Time?
Because election campaigns and church meetings have a way of bringing out the worst in human nature, a better way to conduct this business is badly needed.

Christian Candidates Tiptoe Through the Political Minefields
Because much of central Canada is a bastion of secularism, being perceived as a religious person – especially "evangelical" – is a political handicap for candidates.

Mainse Rides a 'Steel Horse' for Charity and Marriage
While crossing the country by motorcycle to raise funds for a camp for physically and mentally challenged children, he is speaking out to defend traditional marriage.

Where Is the Best Christian Workplace?
A professional analysis of their "people practices" is just one benefit to those Canadian ministry organizations that participate in this recently announced competition.

The Election's Cross to Bear
The sooner we start getting comfortable with the fact that faith is a reality in our politics, the more honest we can be about the role it plays in shaping the future.

Bishop Lashes Martin for Abortion Stand
This Church leader calls the Prime Minister's position on abortion and same-sex marriage a source of scandal that reflects a fundamental moral incoherence.

Dinosaur or Dynamo?
Unions that persist in adversarial and dictatorial methods will go the way of the dinosaur. Others that honour biblical principles are thriving.

Mixing God and Politics - No longer available
The reluctance of elected officials to engage in spiritual talk has not only stoked galloping secularism but also a decidedly anti-religious tone in Canadian politics.

Why Do We Keep This Grenade Armed?
Because getting an abortion is not just another medical procedure, this pro-choice writer sees nothing wrong with requiring that patients receive impartial third-party counselling.

Anglicans Affirm 'Sanctity' of Gay Unions at National Synod
Already deeply divided over homosexuality, this position taken by the Canadian church could drive a wedge into the global body of Anglicans.

'Big Tree' Iginla Towers Over Hockey Scene
As a devout Christian, he is the first black captain, the first black league-leading scorer, the first black superstar and the NHL's most charismatic player since Wayne Gretzky.

Anglicans Gear Up for Historic National Debate on Same-Sex Blessings
As the Anglican church prepares to deal with this issue for the first time on a national level, orthodox members feel they are being marginalized in their own church.

Bishops and the Ethnic Vote
As one of the most multicultural institutions in Canada, the overall impact on the current election of the Catholic church's stance on issues cannot be underestimated.

How Then Shall We Vote?
People of faith and the issues that matter most to them need to be given a fair hearing during this federal election campaign.

Lessons from the Dalai Lama
Christians have much to learn from this vibrant 69-year-old who so often seems to giggle.

My Life at Camp
A camper turns counsellor, and experiences the pains of the job along with the overriding pleasures of seeing young hearts touched by God.

C-250: Now What?
This tactic could produce the largest act of civil disobedience in Canada's religious history or establish a precedent enabling Christians to freely proclaim Scriptures.

Warning Light for Leaders - No longer available
Consider these eight warning signs of leadership failure and take the corrective action necessary to sustain healthy and fulfilling performance at optimum efficiency.

School Shuts Down Christian Group
Calling it a violation of their freedoms, these Hamilton, ON students seek the restoration of their rights to the level enjoyed by students of other faiths at their school.

Devout Liberal MPs Ask Martin to Condemn Party Tactics on Religion - No longer available
Demonizing opponents as religious zealots and scary extremists makes things awkward for government politicians who share evangelical Christians' socially conservative views on moral issues.

EFC and Focus Decry Bill C-250
At a time when issues of sexual morality and marriage are at the forefront of public debate, this legislation leaves ambiguous what statements will be considered criminal.

Pro-Gay Bill C-250 Will Now Become Law
Because the term 'sexual orientation' does not distinguish between the person and the sexual activity, expressing Christian views on homosexuality may now be deemed as promoting hatred.

Anglican Parishes Form New Orthodox Network
Having taken steps to resolve the ongoing crisis created by the blessing of homosexual couples, these churches now prepare for a battle over ownership of parish property.

The Pride of Nova Scotia Tackles Music City
Singer-songwriter George Canyon, a strongly Christian man, has made it as a top four finalist in Nashville Star, the American Idol type contest for country musicians.

What If the Church Was More Like Friends?
In a culture where a sense of belonging is desperately sought and not easily found, the family of God is called to build bonds in an otherwise disconnected world.

Inexplicable Act Merits Irrational Response
Canadians are asked to pray for Svend Robinson, the loudest and most vociferous opponent of traditional Christian perspectives, in his time of personal calamity.

Key Martin Aides Debate June Election
The federal Liberal party tests a campaign strategy intended to make religion a divisive election issue and to paint evangelical Christians as scary people.

Pro-family Groups Still Hoping to Defeat Bill C-250
Because it would make it a criminal offence to oppose homosexual behaviour on religious grounds, this flawed and controversial legislation needs to be defeated.

Leacock Much More Than Our National Court Jester
Although his reputation as a humorist has withstood the test of time, learn how Stephen Leacock was also an educator, political scientist and the best known Anglican in Canada.

Contemporary Without Compromise
Calling it an act of God, leaders of this growing conservative church tell of how they were given a building and land in Oakville, ON worth $10 million.

TWU Student One-in-a-Million
Grateful for her academic experience, this student's family makes a one million dollar donation to the university department where she studied.

Hospital Chaplaincy Program Threatened
Appreciating the spiritual dimension of healthcare, residents of Kamloops, BC scramble to raise enough money to keep funding a full-time hospital chaplain.

Anglican Parishes Are "Leaving" Canadian Church, Says Rector
In an effort to stop the hemorrhaging in churches denied pastoral oversight as a result of the same-sex controversy these parishes and clergy accept this 'emergency' offer.

Why Vote?
Participating in an election is an important opportunity to express your vision for Canada—a nation that seeks to uphold virtue, decency, and care for every person.

Are You a Cheap Christian?
Some gratuitous tips on tipping and gratuities.

Primates' Offer 'Appalling' and 'Improper'
Disillusioned with the way their bishops have addressed the longstanding controversy over same-sex blessings, Canadian Anglicans are accepting alternative Episcopal oversight from other countries.

Interview with Rick Warren
The life of a purpose-driven church parallels that of a purpose-driven individual. Both are founded on five simple Scriptural principles that bring meaning and fulfillment.

Letting Jesus Lead
Our lives, like dance steps directed by the Lord, are filled with grace, beauty and purpose if we let Jesus lead.

Court Rejects Kempling's Appeal
When it comes to discussing homosexuality, statements of faith and fact opposing this choice of sexual behaviour are discriminatory according to this judge.

Bill C-250 Lives Again
Legislation adding sexual orientation to sections of the Criminal Code, making it a hate-crime to say publicly anything negative about homosexuality, is revived.

Spirituality in the Marketplace
This business trend creates an opportunity for Christians to recover a sense of both serving God full-time and of the internal value of work.

Incorporating Truth: Distinguishing Faith from 'Spirituality'
According to this author, the ability to speak truth into the corporate world is the only way to maintain one's faith with integrity in the marketplace.

Lord, He's Hot
Where is it headed? A somewhat astonished, tongue-in-cheek admission from a secular perspective that Jesus' popularity in the arts has surged in the secular market.

Spirituality Beyond the Jesus-and-Business Fad
This international advisor challenges Christians to articulate how their faith relates to the whole of life and create solutions out of a deeper Christian understanding.

Commissioners Must Perform Gay Weddings–or Else
B.C. government tells its employees who perform civil ceremonies that those unwilling to solemnize same-sex marriages for any reason must resign their appointments.

Peer Support Reduces Risk from Sex Offenders
New initiative seeks to build bridges between prisons and faith groups, while working with the kinds of people society would like to keep in jail indefinitely.

Rehabilitating Peruvian Street Children
When faced with a chance to live in Canada, this family turned down their dream because they sensed God had something else in mind for them.

Anti-Semitic Rant Triggers B.C. Furore
In light of its alarming increase, evangelical Christians are admonished to become more active in systematically combating anti-Semitism across Canada in both word and deed.

Reflections on the Year of Our Lord 2003
Identifying current government policies as a form of extended cruelty, Christian Canadians are urged to call for just laws to deal with refugee claimants.

Never Again
As anti-Semitism in Canada surges upward at an alarming rate, Christians find creative ways to express their solidarity with Israel.

Rites of the Final Passage
Amongst changing funeral practices in Canada, having a faith and a church home gives grieving families hope, support and a sense of community.

A New Definition
Through a simple spelling error, a young child learn how salvation isn't just about theology but also about love in action.

Healing Rooms: 'Digging a Well for God's Presence'
With faith in the genuine supernatural healing power of God, this ministry is reclaiming the gift of healing for a new generation.




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