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Christian Living Archive - 2005


Don't Be Afraid to Say "Merry Christmas!"
Christmas is wonderful, but there's a real effort afoot to undermine it, and its true meaning, laments a Jewish columnist.

Spirit of Giving Runs from Gift Pigs to Lexus G5
Want to buy your spouse a "fantasy gift" that costs enough to feed an entire village, or do you want to feed the village? The World Vision catalogue offers gifts of blessing.

Spiritual Abuse Destroys Faith
Knowing some of the characteristics of spiritual abuse and its effects can help in identifying and stopping it.

Would Jesus Give to Panhandlers?
Spare change is easiest, but other gifts can be a greater blessing.

Put the "Thanks" Back in Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is really about thankfulness to God. Here are some great creative ways to celebrate the holiday.

Strahl "Can't be Bitter" About Cancer
Comforted by a tide of well wishes, the MP is "peaceful" with his illness. He says he believes in divine healing, but is uncertain whether God wants him healed.

Making the Most of Burnout
If you feel like you're on an automated treadmill, take heart. There is a way to get off.

"Honey, does this make me look fat?"
Little white lies and why we tell them.

Living on the Edge: The Gift of Hospitality
More than a cozy group of friends gathered for a dinner party, hospitality is radical—it is the heart of the Gospel.

An Ode to Walking
Here you have it! Walking is the godly way to travel! You may wish you never had to drive again—and it has nothing to do with high gas prices.

What Is In a Name?
Someone gave you your name, but you can infuse that name with meaning that reflects your personality and the person you've become in Christ.

Finances—A Matter of Life and Debt
If the bank owns your life, you might want to consider some hard-earned advice.

The Slow Goodbye
Their lives filled with love and good memories, the two old lovers are saying a slow goodbye to this earth, surrounded by children who love them and nurses who care.

North Americans Paralyzed by Fear
Have we stopped to consider to what extent fear dominates our lives? "This is so antithetical to what the kingdom of God is all about," says a Trinity Western University philosophy prof.

Finding God in the Blogoshpere
Imagine then a new kind of website-part "dear diary," part link-laden commentary. It's a weblog, most often shortened to just "blog." And blogs are hot.

A Theology of the Bike
A bike enthusiast's perspective: riding a bike is like theology. It is exhilarating, but it can also be dangerous. You never know what might jump out at you.

Face to Face with Death; Louise Russo Chose Life
Louise Russo's thoughts turned immediately to her children when she was fighting for her life after her shooting last April.

Walking Where Jesus Walked
A special report on Israel by one of four Christian journalists who partook in a whirlwind tour of Israel as guests of the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

Dad Whips Kids in God's Name
"This is not a happy story, but it is one that must be told." A Vancouver stepfather was charged with assault causing bodily harm and sentenced to three months in prison.

Be Respectful and Sin Not
Should Christians participate in ceremonies with people of other faiths? Can we worship together? What about prayer?

Mystery Woman
A Markham, Ontario author well-known for books and articles about the Christian faith, explores the world of murder in her new book, Shaded Light.

Coping with Winter's Dark Days
The lack of sunshine and daylight hours in winter can trigger depression and negative mood swings. Here's how to counteract this condition.

Jesuits Lose Battle with Wal-Mart
The presence of the superstore and encroaching commercialism threatens the loss of solitude for the Jesuit retreat centre.

Why A Jew Supports Christian America
As a member of one of the most persecuted minorities in history, this Jewish man say he can relate to what Christians are experiencing in the first decade of the 21st century.

Christianity Rises Again In 2004
Contrary to John Lennon's predictions, Christianity hasn't disappeared. There is no question that Jesus was far, far more popular than any passing fancy.




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