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Christian Living Archive - 2006


It's the Season of Giving
What will we do to respond to needs that become ever more obvious as we head into the season of giving?

Beloved Inner-city Pastor Loved and Respected
An honour to the Christian faith, Baptist pastor, social activist and writer Harry Lehotsky of Winnipeg died of pancreatic cancer on November 11th 2006, at the age of 49.

How to Holiday with a Heart
Heading south this winter? Here are a few ideas to make it your best trip ever.

Finding Forgiveness in the Depths of Sorrow
"Two days after we discovered our daughter had been murdered, in answer to a reporter who asked 'What about the offender?' Cliff and I answered, 'We will forgive.'"

Gratitude for Life's Mysterious Blessings
Genuine thanksgiving comes from a place so deep in the soul and psyche that it humbles us and gives us pause, regardless of our immediate circumstances.

Creative Dispute Resolution Through Mediation
A method for finding more appropriate solutions to conflicts than court order.

When Can Christians Sue?
A number of conditions should be met before beginning any form of legal action.

Keeping the Sabbath Sacred
The Sabbath is very important because it guards against us saying we have no time for God.

Hockey No Longer the 'Last Frontier' of Sport Ministry
Increasingly more hockey players who take a stronger stand for their faith are coming up through the system.

Propelled to Action by the Good Things of Summer
Summer - a time to relax and reflect! Here are some wonderful summertime activities that are better than a nap in a hammock!

The Best-Seller of All Time
Shopping for a Bible can be tough with the many versions available. One has to match one's beliefs with the Bible's wording.

Couple Honoured for Adoption Work
A couple who run an adoption services in Abbotsford, B.C. are the recipients of the 2006 Helen Mark Excellence in Adoption Award from the Adoptive Families Association of B.C.

The Beauty and Beast of Christian Farming
Farming is both a business and a lifestyle. But for some it is also closely linked to a faith that sustains when business and lifestyle take a nosedive.

Tending the Soul
The fact that suffering can bring meaning is comforting because it is inevitable that at some point suffering will invade each of our lives.

God Has Given Me More Than I Deserved
The pain was unbearable, and the test results were grim. Pastor and Winnipeg Sun columnist Harry Lehotsky needs a miracle.

Financial Freedom
In today's uncertain times, how do we achieve financial independence? Success depends on strategy that is based on biblical wisdom and up-to-date financial guidance.

Give It Up
We all know there's a difference between needs and wants. Historically, during Lent people gave something up. It wouldn't hurt us to try to do some of the same.

Going to the Extreme
Extreme sports that offer speed, height, danger, or spectacular stunts are becoming increasingly popular. What keeps the aficionados—Christians included—coming back for more?

Why Showcase Politicians?
Faith Today gives national party leaders a fair hearing.




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