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Prayer Articles Archive - 2003


Don't Say It, Pray It!
When we face problems and difficult situations, we often want to talk about them without going to God first. But if we did, the results might surprise us.

Praying the Bible—The Pathway to Spirituality
For results in prayer, we need to follow Jesus' example—the time-tested method of the Church throughout history—of praying the Bible out loud.

Taking the Panic Out of Prayer
Much of our praying is an outpouring of fear or self-pity, a frenzied petition for God to do something. A look at Jesus' prayers can give us strategies for calm.

Corporate Prayer Catches On
Christians across Canada are participating in record numbers in corporate prayer.

A Primer on Prayer Essentials
Is there a right way to pray? How do you get started? Here are instructions for individuals of all ages.

Divine Dreams
It is reassuring to believe that God is not only watching over us as we sleep but also guards our sleeping thoughts.

Gossip In the Name of Prayer
Is it right for us to discuss others at a prayer group under the guise of concern?

How Important Are Prayers?
As the world gets darker and human efforts fail, many are turning to prayer. Does God need our prayers in order to act?

Ignoring God's Presence
Busy with doing God's work, we often don't pray as much as we should. Sometimes we even do it just out of religious duty. But the truth is, only by prayer do we relate to God.

The Possibilities of Prayer
The power of prayer is limitless. Nothing is impossible to God. E.M. Bounds classic on prayer combines revelation with example and practical insight. A must-read for everyone hungering for a deeper intimacy with God.

Praying for Children
A unique ministry that welcomes the frantic calls of parents yearning for prayer for their children, and reassurance for themselves in life's toughest job.




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