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Prayer Articles Archive - 2004


Why Revival Tarries
It's been said that with the nature and extent of the sin of God's people today, God would have to apologize to the cities He destroyed if He did not deal with us.

The Priesthood of All Believers Manifested by Prayer
How many blessings have we missed through lack of prayer? We'll never know what might have been. But let's take it from here. Now is the time to get close to God in prayer.

Canadian Politics—Does Anyone Care?
Our country is quickly sliding the slippery slope into an anti-Christian environment. Our freedoms, and even our lives, could be threatened. We can do something about it!

Thank the Lord, Anyway! - No longer available
When you can't get your e-mail; when you can't do your work; when things are not going the way you planned -- it's time to let God handle it and thank Him for the many blessings He sends our way.

Persecuting Christians
From the time you eat breakfast till your bedtime, 171 disciples of Jesus will have been killed for their faith. Saving persecuted Christians demands both prayer and action.

Praying for the Government
God expects the Church to exercise her influence. The fact that our land needs healing indicates that God's people have yet to do what God told them to do.

Don't Turn Away From the Sad Stuff
The life you change may be your own.

Hope Springs Up
A sign from God for revival? A creek buried for a century near Toronto's historic birthplace resurfaced while unprecedented numbers of Christians prayed for the city.

The "Mulligan": A Second Chance
The greatest word in the golf is "Mulligan." It means you get a second chance on a bad shot, and your bad score is erased. Wouldn't it be great if life were like that? It can be.

Natives Call on God for Peace and Healing
During a multicultural, multi-faith prayer walk around the Mohawk community of Kanehsatake, Quebec, leaders seek God's intervention in this time of violent turmoil.

31 Ways to Praise
Have you ever experienced a lack of words when you turn to prayer? Here are some suggestions to energize your prayer life.

A Prayerful Attitude
We should approach prayer as a conversation with God born of relationship, not like an opportunity to present a shopping list at a fast-food outlet.

Destiny of Canada: Powerful Move of God Coming
Although credible prophetic voices see an unprecedented revival coming to this country, there is also a serious warning of negative repercussions if Canadians fail to pray.

Atomic Power Through Fasting & Prayer
Fires of revival ignited the land and powerful ministries were launched as thousands, inspired by Franklin Hall's book written in 1946, committed to fasting and prayer.

Prayer for Our Government
The Scriptures teach us to pray first for our government and its leaders. Here are prayers we can pray for the three levels of government: federal, provincial, and local.

Prayer and the Making of Disciples
Follow-up on evangelism must include prayer. Prayer support of new believers is vitally important, whether at home or abroad.

Inexplicable Act Merits Irrational Response
Canadians are asked to pray for Svend Robinson, the loudest and most vociferous opponent of traditional Christian perspectives, in his time of personal calamity.

The Power of Prophetic Decrees—Part One: Activating Your Destiny Through Revelation
Are you waiting for promises that you received from the Lord to come to pass? Learn what you have to do for that to happen.

The Power of Prophetic Decrees—Part Two: Seeing God's Promises Come to Pass
For God's will to come to pass in our lives, we need to resist the enemy that opposes our destiny.

The Power of Prophetic Decrees—Part Three: Learning to Speak God's Word for Results
Breakthrough in our lives comes as we learn to speak the promises that God has revealed to us through His word.

The Power of Prophetic Decrees—Part Four: Scriptural Truths to Decree
The Bible tells us who we are in Christ, and what our inheritance is in Him. We can tap into that inheritance by believing and speaking what God says about us.

Lifting Up the Neighbours
Believing God gave him both the authority and the responsibility to pray for his community, join this Christian as he shares his experiences prayer walking.

Mary or Martha: Which One Am I?
You are very busy. You read your Bible, pray, and do many things for Him. But do you spend time with God—just sitting in His presence and listening to wonders He wants to reveal?

China Arrests Writer and Church Leaders
Christians around the world are called to pray urgently as Chinese officials continue to arrest and repress believers in house churches in that country.




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