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Apologetics Archive - 2003


Astrophysics and Apologetics
According to a Christian minister and theoretical scientist, science can expand our vision of the majesty of creation. After all, what is science, but "thinking God's thoughts after Him"?

Evolution Under Fire?—Part 4
In this interview, scientist Laurence Tisdall explains why our schools encourage regurgitation of information instead of critical thinking when it comes to evolution.
| posted 12/9/2003

Evolution Under Fire?—Part 3
A born-again Christian, chemistry professor Ed Neeland suggests why scientists will continue to blindly believe in evolutionary theory until a better one comes along.

Evolution Under Fire? - Part 2
Because of its huge investment in Darwinism, author Denyse O'Leary discusses why the scientific community cannot afford to abandon its beliefs even when proven wrong.

Evolution Under Fire? - Part 1
Scholar Kirk Durston talks about how growing evidence that intelligent design was involved in the origin of organic life is having negative implications for Darwinism.

Creationist Extols Both Science and Scripture
This ministry asserts the Bible's creation account of human origin at a time when a majority of Christians have compromised on the book of Genesis.

Experience of the Holy Spirit: the Charismatic Movement and Our Founding Traditions
Believers can, and do, experience powerful encounters with God. A United Church theologian examines how members of traditional churches can understand and respond to them.

Encountering the Dalai Lama
The Dalai Lama was completely at ease with the argument for the truth and supremacy of Jesus, even laughing as he recognized the power of the logic. What kind of Christian witness could reach him?




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