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Sharing Your Faith Archive - 2005


Be Not Afraid!
The vast majority of good, upright, citizens have a deep-seated fear that if they speak up for God and for good, they will be called names.

Changing Lives
… One car at a time! A group of men in Calgary have launched an amazing ministry to help families in need. The "MARS" guys fix old cars and give them away.

Sharing Some Moments with Strangers
We live in the midst of many people, and it behoves us to show respect to each one. We never know when our paths will cross.

Getting Our Bearings
Adapting and changing our way of sharing the Gospel is necessary in our culture comprised of several opposing world views.

Kids Do Time—With Someone Who Cares
Frustrated with too many young repeat offenders, an Edmonton policeman launched a program to help them.

The Great Commandment and Power Evangelism
God wants us to demonstrate the truths of His kingdom not just with love, but also with power. How simple is that? Read about one man's amazing experience.

Signs and Wonders
Since experiencing signs and wonders in their own lives, the Silversteins and Milnes have decided to do wonders with signs and billboards in the Edmonton area.

Don't Waste Your Life
The Great American Dream is nothing more than a great eternal tragedy. Don't waste your life on it. Ask instead how your life fits into the great purpose of God.

An Officer of the Sea
She grew up on a farm near Brantford, Ontario, but now travels the world as a deck officer on container ships.

QUEST Videos Transform Youth
How do you get a youth group excited about sharing Christ with their peers? Youth workers share their stories of how these videos bring salvation and lasting change to young people's lives.

The Right Place at the Right Time
The old man was alone and dying. But someone loved him and saw his need—the very Creator he rejected.

Life in the Streets of Canada
The death of a homeless man in Toronto's streets prompted students and a chaplain to do more than just to provide blankets.

Being an Advocate
Helping others is an art that involves awareness of certain stages and approaches. Here is how you can be a successful helper (advocate) to others.

Jewish Roots and the Fruits of Faith
When God's love through caring Christians lifted his mom out of deep depression, this young Jewish boy discovered the Messiah.

This Year, Give the Gift of Goat - No longer available       

If you're really stuck for a gift idea for a loved one this Christmas, get two hens and a rooster or a goat, some bunnies or a fruit tree in their name.




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