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Spiritual Growth Archive - 2003


Joy In the Christian Journey
The New Year will be another milestone in our Christian journey. Can we open our hearts to God and trust Him that all things will work together for good in our lives as we do?

Light in the Darkness
The lights of Christmas are a reminder of the true light of the Spirit that dispels fear and lights the recesses of our hearts with God's transforming power.

In the Midst of the Mess, the Messiah
They waited then, in that first century, as we wait. They waited for Messiah to deliver them. Surely, it was time for Him to come. The darkness was everywhere.

Holey Ghost
The Holy Spirit, our source of life in Christ and our Helper, also carries out God's creative, caring and comforting work on earth.

Freedom for Effective Ministry
To fulfill our purpose in the Body of Christ, each of us needs to yield to God to correct us, heal us, drain away our pains and disappointments, and revitalize us.

Catch the Vision
The man was born blind so that God's glory could be displayed in him. Since God doesn't make mistakes, can He display His glory in me even in spite of my weaknesses?

Mr. I. Dunno
We have a tendency to overlook our shortcomings, but Jesus sent the Holy Spirit as the Helper who will point us to Him and help us in our weaknesses.

Finding Canada's Place in 'God's Global Purpose'
Because church planting remains the most effective evangelistic strategy, the National Church Planting Congress wrestles with what kind of churches will reach our rapidly changing culture.

Freedom Through Repentance
She forgave her mother again and again, but love didn't come until she learned God's secret of forgiveness that brings healing and restoration.

Choosing Forgiveness
God tells us to forgive our offenders, lest we find ourselves in debtors' prison. But how do we do it? The authors identify seven Scriptural steps that lead to true forgiveness.

Michael Cassidy Calls for Christian Unity and Transformation
African Enterprise founder suggests that coming together is the most effective, powerful and creative strategy for maximizing the resources available in the Canadian Christian community.

The Most Important Thing in Revival
What did the Church learn in the outpouring of the Spirit called the Toronto Blessing? John Arnott reflects on ten years of world-wide ministry.

Above All Else …
… Wait for the Lord. He will strengthen your heart, says the psalmist. His presence will refresh you. Desire Him.

The Day Night Ended
He had crossed the world for God, but something was still missing.

Dealing with Anger
Learning about the causes of anger and how to deal with it can help believers to "be angry but … not sin."

Feeding the Spirit
All scripture is God breathed and valuable for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness. 2 Timothy 3:16

Forgiveness is a Gift from God
Murder of a pastor's son left a "permanent hole" in his family. But relationship with the living God who heals the hurts gives freedom to forgive.

Jonathan: An Encourager in Tough Times
In a world of uncertainty and confusion it's important to take time to buoy one another's spirits. Are you an encourager?

Taking Time to Listen
"I received his reply. He had typed it himself, and it … changed my life." A word in season from someone who follows God's leading will transform a life.




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