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Spiritual Growth Archive - 2004


At Petra and Facing Fear
The paralyzing power of fear can be broken by God's power even on a petrifying horseback ride to the site of the ancient ruins of Petra.

Freedom from the Prison of Perfectionism
Make a break from the performance trap and become all that God wants you to be. The Bible sets out principles that lead to freedom.

Discipling from the Heart
New believers need prayer and mentoring to grow in their faith. One who disciples, fills that role by taking initiative in the relationship to interact, listen and encourage.

Freedom Through Discernment
You will be better equipped to identify your calling and destiny in ministry if you understand these biblical principles for discerning God's direction and purpose for the Church.

Establishing God's Direction for Your Life
Do you want to know God's will for your life with more certainty? Test choices you make against these simple Scriptural principles.

Getting the Most out of Your Failures
Failure can lead to deep discouragement, but if we don't allow it to embitter us, it can help us grow and give us a platform from which to minister to others.

On the Hunger for Certainty
In these times of constant change, we are reminded that only God provides the knowledge, protection, principles and values we need to make informed decisions.

Wanting Jesus but Not the Cross
Do we embrace salvation but shy away from the sacrifice that accompanies the cross?

Behold Your Brothers and Sisters
As Christians face the assault of an ungodly Canadian culture, more churches are reaching beyond their walls to partner with others – locally, regionally and nationally.

Defining Moments
Difficult circumstances often present us with a choice between the eternal and the mundane. The way we choose to respond can shape and define our lives.

What the Cross Means to Me
The cross is inclusive. Jesus died for the Jews as well as for us. The cross provides access to God for us as much as for the Jews.

Steve Bell Offers a Signpost of the Times
While calling on the Church to recognize the soul-sharpening power of good art, this Canadian recording artist encourages Christian faith through artful word and song.

Breaking the Chains
All of us enter the Kingdom with an ox-cart of emotional wounds, pains, and bondages, but God wants us to be free. He'll send His Spirit with power to do it, if we let Him.

Christian Life
The fundamental principles outlined here are the foundation upon which a solid relationship with God, strong Christian character and spiritual maturity are built.

A New Definition
Through a simple spelling error, a young child learn how salvation isn't just about theology but also about love in action.




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