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Spiritual Growth Archive - 2005


God's Loving Lessons
When a person is faced with unrelenting pain every minute of every day, it is very difficult to think positively. But even in the worst situations, God will intervene.

Avoiding Extremes
How dead pagans helped me understand Christian virtue.

When Christians Hurt You
We are not alone in the pain we feel when others hurt and betray us. Jesus shares that experience and the emotions with us. Through Him we overcome.

Afraid? Of What?
Fear is not the problem. At issue is who or what we fear.

The Purpose of Solitude
We don't allow silence into our frantic, overscheduled lives. It seems uncomfortable and unproductive. How do we cope with lives that hinder us from spending time with God?

Come Up Higher in Faith
Has your faith plateaued at a level where you are now comfortable? Whatever you are contending for in your life, God invites you to take hold of all that his kingdom has for you.

Hungry for His Glory
There is more to attaining His glory than we understand at first. At the heart of it, a desire to pursue relationship with God must be our priority.

Don't Be a Skunk with a Nose Plug!
We are growing up in Christ when we willingly stop blaming others and choose to be accountable for our thoughts, words and actions.

Merciful Judgment
Appreciate God's mercy, don't abuse it. His longsuffering and compassion can sometimes be expressed through the mercy of judgment and the ministry of discipline.

Imagine the Possibilities
"Allah is not God, Brahma is not God, but Jesus is God," and in Him nothing is impossible! Miracles still happen today.




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