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Spiritual Growth Archive - 2006


Three Steps to Peace
When we've been unjustly treated, we can become hurt, angry and confused. We need a plan that helps us address the injustice and work through it in a way that honours God.

Finishing Well!
A courageous marathon swimmer offers a metaphor for the life of a follower of Jesus Christ.

What's So Real About Reality TV?
As Christians we can do serious damage to our cause when we pretend to have it all together.

Three-Step Program to Controlling Anger
Contrary to popular "myth," that we should "let it all out," the author of Getting Control of Your Anger teaches that we can and should restrain this negative passion.

Grace and Forgiveness: Cardinal Virtues in a Hostile World
Though it costs much to forgive, the costs will never outweigh the dividends of a restored relationship.

Keys to the Kingdom: Hearing and Obeying
To see God's power released in the Church of our nation, we need to be radically committed to obey whatever God says, even when it's hard and we don't understand.

The Underrated Gift of Protection: Discernment
Scripture warns us about false teachers. Do we think false teachers are easily detected by the horns they wear?

What Does Your Tongue Say About You?
Words have power. Our tongues have the power to bless or to curse those around usto encourage and build up, or to hurt and destroy.

Paying Attention to Suffering
Victims and offenders so often find themselves in the same place at the same time that it almost seems as if they are being supernaturally drawn together for reconciliation.

Formulas for Life
All of us have patterns in our lives. Some of those patterns have the ability to hurt us, and the people around us, deeply. There is a way to break these patterns.

Encountering God at the Change Table
In our day and age, finding time for God can present more of a challenge than driving to work as we down a large double-double while surfing the Net on our Blackberries.




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