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Adventures with God Archive - 2003


"McMission" Takes God to the Streets
When street gangs took over the parking lot of a McDonalds, a local pastor came up with an idea to help the beleaguered restaurant manager.

Christmas Miracles
Whether you believe in them or not, experience how God put the joy back in Christmas for families that otherwise wouldn't be able to celebrate the holiday.

All Things Can Work for Good
God is using one person's experience with cancer to heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free.

Trust Conquers Tragedy
I had to trust that no matter what happened God would not leave us abandoned.

Inside the 'Man in Black' - No longer available
A man of Christian faith, Johnny Cash knew the biblical world of angels and demons and the struggles of man to "walk the line."

God's Alchemy of Grace
God's grace turns evil to good.

Surprised by a Pilgrimage
Revisiting a place brimming with memories sparks reflection on God's faithfulness.

The Prize
An unwelcome interruption brings answers to the search for intimacy with God.

The love of God makes reconciliation possible between a murderer and his victim's family.

All Things Are Possible
The pastor asked them to raise their hands if they believed in miracles. She raised her hand high … Two weeks later, her miracle happened.

Angels In the Line of Fire
What does the Bible say about body piercing and tattoos?

Heart of the Home Hardware Handyman
Co-founder of Home Hardware turned a small-town store into a national success.

New Paths to Faith
Independent, self-assured, strong, convinced that belief in God represents childhood fantasy—yet hungry for truth. What entices the new generation to explore the faith of their fathers?

Putting God First
Sometimes it takes serious health problems to bring the realization that God always wants to come first in our lives; even ahead of ministry we do for Him.




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