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Adventures with God Archive - 2004


Faith Sustained Iraqi-Canadian's Family
Kidnapped and imprisoned by terrorists in Iraq, a Christian woman escaped to freedom after promising a guard she would help him get to Canada.

We All Need an Angel
We make choices not realizing they can be motivated and driven by God. Thus called, we find ourselves serving almost reluctantly but always with profound satisfaction.

Let it Rain
Fires licked the edges of Kelowna threatening massive destruction when suddenly they disappeared. What happened? the TV announcer asked. Was it a miracle?

Cowboy Artist Gets Paid to Do What He Loves
Work is fun for a cowboy who has allowed his God-given talents and abilities to determine his occupation.

Broken Bodies, Shattered Lives
Paul Beckingham describes his family's rocky road to physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery from a near-fatal accident in Kenya.

God at Camp
Christian camps provide children with a safe place to discover God.

Bayrakdarian's Star Blazing
With a faith rooted deeply in her Armenian Orthodox background, this Canadian soprano has established herself as a presence to be reckoned with on the world stage.

Contemporary Without Compromise
Calling it an act of God, leaders of this growing conservative church tell of how they were given a building and land in Oakville, ON worth $10 million.

Mom & Dad Ryan: Dealers of Love
From the bondage of cocaine to the power of God, this drug-dealing couple were transformed and called into His service in less than ten months.

Music of the Soul
Struck by cancer at an early age, she not only experienced God's healing power, but also His ability to meet all her needs. But she didn't know what He had in store for her!

That's Gonna Leave a Mark
His arm hung limply from the attack. He didn't think he would ever use it again. But that didn't prevent him from forgiving the attacker like Christ forgave him.

A Beacon in the Darkness
When he fell off his boat into the frigid waters of Georgia Strait, God's voice kept telling him 'Keep swimming.' God, he says, saved him from death.

Burdens Too Heavy to Bear
Although we've all had days, times and events that were beyond our ability to handle, we can be assured that God's everlasting arms are always there.

The Special Gift
God rewards this 12-year-old, her pastor and her church for her faithfulness to His promise of multiplication—a promise of much greater effect.

Samuel de Champlain a Model of Persistence
The most versatile of Canadian pioneers, this courageous French Protestant showed dedication against impossible odds as he daily faced his God-given tasks.

New Paths to Walk for Grey and Kilgour
Although their life journeys have taken them down different roads, as serious Christian believers, these two political veterans have both walked with diligence and integrity.

Canadian Musicians Breaking into U.S.
Based on talent, creativity, original expressions of faith and quality of album, two Canadian musical acts are in selected group with strongest potential to affect and entertain.




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