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Business Life


Burger Chef Cooks for God
Shant Mardirosian combines passion for food and theology.

Sales: the Noble Profession
A thoughtful Christian response cannot decry sales in general and yet rely on it. We're all part of the sales food chain, one way or another.

New Computer Centre Trains Youth in Tech, Life Skills
GTA Faith Alliance has opened a centre to teach young people how to repair computers and prepare for job interviews.

Healthy or Toxic?
What kind of relationships do we have?

Connecting Businesses to a Greater Purpose
Luncheons provide a place where business people can bring a friend, hear a speaker talk about business and faith and enjoy fellowship with other business people.

You Don’t Say!
If you’re like me, you could use a good chuckle right now. After all, times are messy. Maybe this real-life humor will help cheer you up. Reflections on using the right word at the right time.

Interpreting the Signs of the Times
The Bible is a spiritual blueprint for governing the economies of our households, employment centres, cities and even nations!

The Key to Business Success
The foundation of all relationships is trust. It is is a priceless asset that can’t be bought or sold.

Corporate Chaplains Serve as 'Life Coaches'
A Christian-based service called Corporate Chaplains trains and sends chaplains to serve employees of corporations interested in the service.

How Critical Is an Emotionally Healthy Workplace? 
Strategies to help solve one of the greatest problems facing most organizations today.

After the Faith Decision 
Here are some insights into what it means to become managers in God's kingdom.

Walking with God is Good for Business 
Scripture reveals that business people can be supernaturally empowered to achieve God’s will. Business is one of God’s tools to bless and provide for His kingdom.

The Faith Factor in Planning the Future 
Our thoughts form our future. Both fear and faith plan what will happen and envision an outcome. Which one will it be? Here’s how you overcome fear and replace it with faith.

Your Work Is Your Ministry 
Here are some principles to live by.  Understanding them will help you achieve all that God has for you.





  • Redeemer University - Christian university changes everything. Starting with you.

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