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Life-saving Call Shows We Have Compassion
When a Toronto church pastor saw a young woman standing on the Leaside bridge, he thought she looked suspicious. Fearing she might jump, he called 911 - just in case.

Honest Ottawa Mail Carrier Returned With Christmas Money?
A mail carrier saves Christmas for an Ottawa resident. She didn’t even think of keeping the money, she says.

An Old-Fashioned Christmas?
A return to a more traditional Christmas seems to be where our recession-weary minds are wandering. It's time to remember and relive the good old days.

Christians Force Cancellation of Séance in Moose Jaw
Christian leaders immediately expressed concern when a local museum wanted to “try something different for Halloween.”

Do They Play Baseball in Heaven?
“My view of baseball is mystical, although I'm not among those who believe the Book of Genesis really begins: ‘In the Big Inning…’”

Leading Christian Theologian Says Yoga Should be Avoided
The physical is the spiritual in yoga, and the exercises and disciplines of yoga are meant to connect with the divine.

Husband Lays Down His Life to Save Pregnant Wife
Her husband made a quick decision. She says no one who knew him would be surprised that he would do such a thing.

Are You on Standard Time or God’s Time?
Why does my time never line up with God’s time? Perhaps it’s time to be transformed and set our watches to God’s time.

Reconnect With the Real World
Beat the addiction to cyber-communications. Take a break from the virtual and get back to the vital.

The Sound of Water
While to Don Buckingham’s family the sound of water is a defect that needs fixing, to others it’s like the sound of music.

Urban Garden Reminds People Where Food Comes From
A Regent College student is trying to overcome what he calls the "great disconnect" surrounding the food we eat and three urban gardens in East Vancouver.

Churches Gather to Help a Family in Need
When a family’s home was destroyed by fire, the community was quick to respond.

Teen Who Stared Down a Bear Comes Home a Hero
Using his instincts, Jupi Angootealuk survived a hunting trip that went horribly wrong. Now his community is celebrating, and his family wants to sell his story.

Thirty Years that Changed the World
A decision to make a positive impact on the world resulted in a 30-year journey that shaped Lynda MacGibbon’s life in ways she couldn’t imagine.

Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men
Here are some ideas on celebrating the real meaning of Christmas this year.

Busy and Ineffective
Rather than trying to reach our goals, maybe it’s time to ask Jesus what He wants us to do, and by when.

Trick or Treat? That is the Question
Evangelicals have various opinions about Halloween. Should we avoid this occult-tinged holiday or seize it as an opportunity to reach out?

The Jews of Cuba
Flying to Cuba this winter? Consider bringing along some necessary items that improve the living conditions of the small Jewish population there.

Never Too Old to be an Orphan
“I feel rich in the friends, family and heritage departments. But I still miss my parents and who I was around them.”

The Stuttering Servant
Does fear hold you back? God will work in your weakness.

Love to Live, Live to Love
How we treat each other is important. God is not a “respecter of persons,” but we are. We choose one over another, or one group over another. It isn’t God’s way.

Final Sermon: A Pastor Leaves His Flock a Message of Love
He wasn’t feeling well that day, but no one suspected the seriousness of the illness.

Who Built the Ark? Wasn’t Noah This Time!
The replica, at two thirds the length of a football field, is only half the size of the original.

Leisure – We Need It!
“…We need to see leisure and recreation as under the grace of God and, therefore, as contributing an essential element to spirituality.”

Obesity - the Taboo Subject
The rapid increase of obesity in our North American culture is epidemic in proportion. Christians are not exempt.

Julie's Journey
While being a cheerful believer, “Julie” has some core issues with being overweight – issues that undermine her self esteem.

Accessible Asceticism
With the age of indulgence almost at its peak, disillusioned consumers need gentle instruction on embarking upon retreat. Here are some suggestions for new religious rules for today.

Evangelical Hockey Fights Hard to Keep it Clean
Among evangelical teams competition is tough, but the league is aiming for a “new sort of game.”

How to Rise Above the Economic Crisis
Here is some sound biblical wisdom on money management in tough times.

Face to Face with Conflict: A Christian Perspective
Here are a few tips on how to embrace conflict.

Loving When We Don't Feel Like It
Choosing to show love despite our feelings is the right response every time. It can yield surprising results.

Good Riddance to January and Pass the Chocolate
“Sometimes I just can’t face this month…. Bears and other hibernating creatures know how to handle January. They sleep through her tantrums.”

In a Recession, It Helps to Remember the Sweet Jobs
In worrisome times memories bring joy and comfort, but even though the world as we’ve known it has come to an end, it isn’t the end of the world.

Speakers Address Economy and Ecology
According to Preston Manning, Christians could serve as peacemakers between those with competing visions on energy and the environment.

Eating My Way Through the Emergency Kit
Being prepared is critical. Emergency kits are the norm since 1500 people became stranded for 15 hours on the Cobequid mountain pass one cold winter’s night.

A Journalist's Pilgrimage Through the Holy Land
Overcome with wonder at the land of Israel, David Dawes writes of his experiences and impressions on a trip sponsored by the Israeli government.

Why I Wear a Poppy
"Courage is knowing what lies ahead, but going on anyway." Remembrance Day is a time to honour that courage…

Who’s Afraid of Halloween?
Is dressing up as ghosts and goblins harmless fun or a celebration of evil?

The Funnybone Quiz
How is your sense of humour? To figure out your FQ (Funnybone Quotient) please answer the questions in this article honestly.




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