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Special Delivery
The delivery man, no doubt disappointed that a six-year-old knows nothing about tips, left me alone . . . with the Christmas boxes.

The Apprentice
When a college Bible teacher took on the adventure of learning construction, he had a revelation – a whole new understanding of what it means to be apprenticed by Jesus.

Leadership in Life's Dark Valleys
Things can happen that suddenly change our lives. Following Jesus during the tough times requires a shift in perspective.

Harvest Principles
We are co-labourers with the Lord of the Harvest, and what we do matters.

Guidance from God
Times of transition are uncomfortable. We wonder what directions to take. But if we pray, we can be confident that God is involved in our decisions.

My Journey to Reconciliation
Francine Lemay, sister of the corporal who was tragically killed during the Oka crisis, reflects on her journey to peace through reconciliation.

Daddy, Where’s the Gas Station?
Here are some suggestions what a dad can do when he’s running on empty.

The Curious Case of the Mislaid Lord
"Why are you weeping? Who are you looking for?"

Intentional – A Word with Hidden Power
The word intentional presents a challenge. Jesus was intentional about His acts of kindness. Applied intentionally, this word can change our lives.

All My Heart Rejoices
What a night! The night our Saviour was born. A night to rejoice with all our hearts.

An Undeserved Gift
A timeless lesson learned by one of history's great masters speaks just as powerfully to us today.

The Appeal of Fantasy
Our imaginations can contribute an increased awareness of abundance and blessedness to our lives, but they can also have the potential for negative outcomes.

A Little Higher than the Squirrels
The ability to choose is what makes us human and distinguishes us from animals. We sometimes need to check ourselves to see which way we lean.

Back to the Garden
Joy is our inheritance. Consider for a moment – how filled with joy are you?

Forgiving Bernie Madoff?
Could you forgive the multibillion dollar swindler if you were one of his victims?

Tony Blair’s God Thing
When Blair was British Prime Minister, his press secretary once explained to reporters, “We don't do God.”  Today, Blair promotes God and faith freely.

Brad, Britney, Bill and Jim
Wherein lies true nobility? Phil Callaway reflect s on those whose lives exhibit depth and honour.

Walking Through the Landscape of Conversation
A walk shared in good conversation with a good friend is good for the body and also the soul.

Scrooge Learns a Good Lesson
Two little words. Scrooge used them! They mend hearts, reconcile strained relationships and prove you are a sincere follower of Jesus.

Emmanuel, God with Us
Messiah has come to live among us. This age-old secret changed the lives of monks at a failing monastery, and it can change our lives too.

The Promise of Christmas
It might not look like it now, but it’ll all come together in the end, even if it takes a miracle.

‘A.C.T. On Your Priorities’
Life is fragile. We are here today, and soon gone. Let’s live as if there may not be a tomorrow and make every day and minute count.

GPS Adventure
Whose voice do we follow as we journey through life?

The Fruit of the Spirit is not Lemons
The world might laugh to forget, but what does laughter have to do with being a Christian?

Easter's Real Meaning 
When grief and pain overcome out hearts, Easter is the answer.

A Light that Must Shine 
Life is too short to live it by other people’s opinions.




  • Redeemer University - Christian university changes everything. Starting with you.

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