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Bible Studies


Our world is laden with conflict of various forms, on a variety of levels. We can do something about it.

The Way Forward for Fathers
Fathers have the privilege of guiding and influencing the development of their children. Their greatest role-model is our own Father God, but what’s He like as a Father?

Be Perfect!
What kind of perfection does Jesus expect from us? Are we doomed to failure and frustration?

Understanding Jesus: Looking Through the Lens of God's Ordinances
Are the Feasts in the Old Testament only for the Jews or are they intended for believers to keep as well?

Behold Yeshua – the Passover Lamb of God
“Behold, the Lamb of God!” A survey of the Lamb’s identity in Scripture and the Jewish world may bring us a deeper understanding of Christ’s fulfillment of these words.

Ordinary, Extraordinary, Mary 
The most famous woman in history! More than 80 titles are used for her, and there are more than 11 million internet sites on her. Who is this young girl?

Christians and the Government
Paul wrote that we should please God and do His will. He then says God wants us to obey civil authorities. How do we respond if the authorities are corrupt?

Bible 101: Loving the Living Language of Scripture
How do we acquire the kind of love for God's Word that the writer of Psalm 119 experienced? The author explores four questions that help us appreciate the Bible.

Reaching Unbelievers Through Bible Numerics
Does a mathematical design exist in the text of the Bible, and if so, would it convince unbelievers that the Bible is divinely inspired? An early 20th century mathematician believed it could.

The Mind of Man or the Mind of God?
How does God view the severe persecution that comes against Christians who defend their faith in many countries around the world?

Joy from Behind Bars
How could a man in jail write such an uplifting letter of encouragement to others experiencing freedom? What can we learn from his message?




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