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What Blair Should Have Said to Hitchens
Toronto glittered recently at the debate between Tony Blair and Christopher Hitchens on whether religion was a force for good in the world.

The Battle for Religious Freedom
Religious freedom has recently received unusual scrutiny due to some high profile activities. ListenUp looks at the implications on Christians in many countries.

Should Religion and Politics Mix?
Is it possible that voters have become disenchanted with our democratic system because churches have been increasingly marginalized from our public lives?

Sarfati Tour Challenges Evolution Champion Dawkins
As Sarfati toured the country he shared his beliefs with some secular professors and students, but his main target audience were Christians.

Youth Lines
Freedom to be…stupid! In the eyes of those in search for a regret-free life, that’s what the world needs.

Near Death Experiences: Evidence for an Afterlife?
Near death experiences argue for a supernatural reality beyond this life, and present serious challenges to naturalism.

Focus on Hunger This Thanksgiving
Food is a vital part of Canadian Thanksgiving celebrations, but maybe it's time to give our food some thought.

The New Atheists, Religion, and Violence?
According to the New Atheists, religion nearly single handedly accounts for the proliferation of human aggression in ages past. However ideology is not the source of violence.

Can the Church be Reinvented?
McLaren, Keller and Metaxas take the reader on a spiritual journey. One author confesses his belief system is in "shambles." The others maintain “a robust, orthodox Christianity.”

The Wandering Evangelical
We're counter-cultural, but not cool; faithful, but not at home in our tradition; Evangelical, still, but not sure what the word means.

Selling Both Atheists and the Religious Short
The believing brother of Christopher Hitchens does not think his elder brother, who is suffering from cancer, will turn to God at the last minute.

Discussing Our Faith Without Losing Our Minds
Though we may not be able to demonstrate rationally the existence of God, we must avoid going against reason. We must take our intellect seriously.

Where We Came From
Christians who study creation and evolution arrive at a wide variety of conclusions. Here’s an overview of ways that Canadian Christians approach these issues.

Monster Star Discovered that Challenges Stellar Evolution
The star shines with nearly ten million times the luminosity of the sun.

Creation and Evolution
It does not have to be an either/or argument. In fact, it does not have to be an argument at all.

Thought for Food
“We must develop an appreciation for the spiritual implications of food. Food is a gift, a mystery, a delight, and always an experience of the divine.”

Is There Sex in Heaven?
We can’t know what sex in Heaven is unless we know what sex is. We can’t know what in Heaven's name sex is unless we know what on earth sex is.

Justice and Freedom of Conscience
Here is a biblical perspective on justice and our freedom to act according to our faith.

Our Deep Debt to Jerusalem
Events in Israel demand that nations support either Israel or the Palestinian Authority. Must Christians choose which one to support as well?

Communicating Clearly
How do we deal with the reality that there will always be some people who don’t understand what we are saying?

Atheist's Musings on Morality Lightweight
“The use of moral language presumes a standard, another reality apart from the physical world. And it's not sufficient to offer the reply that morality evolved…” .

The Dangers of Believing in Fate
A new study suggests one third of responders believe in God in an unhealthy way.

Where is Home? 
"Home" is tragically precarious and fragile, and is not easily sustained. It requires diligent relationships, and a commitment to storytelling.

When Raising Children, I'm Going with God.
In a week-long series, National Post contributors assessed how parents teach children about faith. Here Matt Gurney explains why he's going with God.

Keeping the Faith in the Midst of the Disaster in Haiti
“It is really the most human question to ask why bad things happen…”

Objectifying People
You may have thought slavery was eradicated, but selling people is now a $30-billion world industry and exists even in Canada. The facts are difficult to hear.

Slavery in Canada
Reducing a person to an economic commodity violates the core Judeo-Christian affirmation of the dignity of being made in the image of God.

More Than One Way?
Shouldn’t Evangelicals get with the program and participate in the Parliament of the World‘s Religions? Is Jesus really the only way to God?

Fighting for a Glimpse of Honour and Glory
It’s difficult to fit words like honour and glory into descriptions of these wars. It sometime seems as if war has become even more brutal in our day.

Was Hitler a Christian?
Leading atheists are arguing that Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime were theist and specifically Christian.

Growing Population Is Not to be Feared
A new documentary highlights that the United Nations is predicting a global population decline by 2050 and questions why we never hear about it.

Getting Back to Basics
“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind,” and “Love your neighbour as yourself.”

'Faith on the Frontlines'
A conversation about faith with CBC foreign correspondent Brian Stewart.

Faith, Loneliness and Yearning
Reflections on psychology and religion, and the transformation that comes through individual and group experiences in a faith environment.

Welcoming the Rich and Powerful to Divest
We all know Jesus loves the poor. What about us who are rich? The author discovers a “welcoming love and alternative vision.”

Sun Myung Moon Still Around
The leader of the heterodox Unification Church who made headlines in the 1970s is leaving a troubling legacy.

Shack's Author Stokes Debate Over the Cross
The Shack has addressed a theological debate that asks whether God punishes sins or whether sin is its own punishment.

The Body Human: Its Wonder, Use and Abuse
Let’s take seriously the instructions God gave us regarding the use our bodies.

Author Says Secular World Not a Threat to Religion's Future
An important book for those interested in spiritual issues is Charles Taylor's, A Secular Age. He does not believe that religion will disappear as secularization increases.

This is Your Brain on Religion
Believers record lower levels of anxiety, which can boost performance but also hinder the ability to fix mistakes, a study finds.

Let’s Get Back to the Original Christmas Idea
As culture pushes religion out of public spaces, Christians need to reclaim Christmas.

Puzzling Over the Call of God
Like with a Rubik’s Cube, a secret unlocks the puzzle of the call of God on one’s life. There is a pattern and a purpose, and somehow it fits together in an integrated whole.

And Jesus Laughed?
Joy, love, and even laughter are some of the emotional responses we might have when the Gospel of Christ turns us on our head.

Albertans Are Right to Reject Darwinian Evolution
“The Theory of Evolution needs a paramedic, not more cheerleaders,” says science writer Denyse O’Leary in response to an Alberta radio commentator’s remarks

Speaking to a Secular Age 
Christians have a responsibility to speak words that communicate human dignity, and the essence of our humanness and our physical and metaphysical worlds.

The Nature of Nature 
The concept of nature is multi-dimensional. From a Christian perspective we can ask, What is our theology of nature?

Civilization Without Religion?
What ails modern civilization? Fundamentally, our society's affliction is the decay of religious belief.

Christianity without Christ
No creeds, no miracles, no Resurrection: Minister preaches faith without the symbolism

Darwin’s Disciples: Beyond Belief 
Parents need to be aware of efforts to discredit the creation perspective.  Here are suggestions for preparing children for classroom instruction about evolution.

Belief in Christ's Resurrection Not Optional 
A Toronto church chose to dispense of Jesus in reference to the Resurrection this past Easter.

Why Religions Must be Free to Determine How Doctrine Applies to Their Members 
Two incidents, both involving the Catholic Church and politicians, give an interesting angle on the misuse of the phrase “separation of Church and State.”

Macleans Propaganda Piece Exalts Fringe of Jesus Scholars
If Christians have evidence to support their faith, publications should make that evidence available so readers can examine the arguments from both sides.

Be Gone, Satan
The Catholic church believes deliverance (exorcism) can be necessary. A priest shares some of his experiences with the Ottawa Citizen’s writer Jennifer Green.

Living In-Between 
Palestinian Christians can teach us how the Incarnation can influence our daily lives.

The Big Picture 
Why are the “chosen people” chosen, and how do they fit into the drama as history plays out from Genesis to Revelation?

Courage is the Antidote to Fear
Even though the effects of fear are often debilitating, we need to realize that we cannot live without it.

A Primer on Climate Change 
The Earth won’t crumble and fall apart, but an increasing number of scientists are encouraging us to recognize that something fundamental is changing on the planet.

How Could I Be Happy in Heaven With a Loved One in Hell? 
This question, surely one of the most wrenching that a Christian faces, arises from two New Testament teachings.

Canadian Fossil Makes Waves in Huckabee's Presidential Run
An extinct Canadian fish with foot-like fins is set to make a serious splash in the U.S. presidential race. The fossilized "fishapod" is said to be 375 million years old.

How We Really Renew Faith During the Christmas Season 
We appear to have a form of religion, but we're losing its power.

Their Disbelief Is My Strength
"I suppose it's the greatest joke of all.. My Christian faith has been profoundly encouraged by those most eager to smother it."




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