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Sharing Your Faith


Christian Faith Still a Large Part of NASCAR Lifestyle
The sport calls specifically on the Christian faith and no one takes NASCAR officials to task nor do drivers take offense.

Women Sharing Jesus with Canadian Muslims
Community is key to Muslim women. They appreciate friendship and fellowship in a foreign land. As the Church we have the opportunity to love and welcome them

If they've never heard of Jesus, how do you get them to investigate the legitimacy of the Gospel? Invite them to be detectives! Paul Johnson shares clues that lead to compelling conclusions.

Gold and Silver, Salt and Light: Olympic Snapshots 
Vancouver and surrounding area Christians are finding many ways of being “salt and light” and they are pleased with people’s responses.

Speaking Your Audience’s Language
How to avoid ‘Christianese’ and speak about Christ in a way that unbelievers understand.

Ron Nikkel a Gentle Advocate for the Damned
To improve conditions in prisons, this man is traveling the world.

Racetrack Chaplain Ministers to a "Lost City"
Chaplain Shawn Kennedy describes Woodbine, in north Toronto as a “lost city.” He helps bring order and peace where there is anxiety and fear.

God's Love Incarnate In a Jail Cell
If, as the Church we feel compelled to curb violence and crime, we must courageously enter into the lives of those who are socially disadvantaged and do our part, one by one.

Beer and the Bible
Even if people had interest in learning about God, they have no palatable places to do so. A university student overcame that problem.

Reaching Out to New Canadians
Immigrants need people to come alongside them and help them learn about the country and our culture. Invite them over.

Getting to “Yes”
An encounter in a café taught me that sharing my faith is more like a negotiation than an argument April 27, 2009

Former Gangster Offers Help to all the "Young Thugs"
Author Michael Chettleburgh and former thug Rick Osborne are collaborating to offer a seminar on youth crime and to write a follow-up on Osborne’s story.

Evangelism Not Only a Verb, but Also a Noun!
We are to tell as much as to do when it comes to sharing the Gospel. Good deeds without words can’t lead others to salvation.

Walk With Me
It’s always difficult to know how to “share” the Gospel, but perhaps it isn’t as hard as it seems. Sharing and caring have a lot in common.

Missing Words
As we struggle to be relevant in our culture, Carol Shield’s book reminds us that if we speak the same language as our culture, we won’t influence it for God.

Jesus Takes Transit 
He thought faith was for “nuts” like Aunt Barbara, until he needed God to bail him out.  Now he is sharing his faith with the world.

Living Christian Convictions Not Easy 
Few people today understand the foundation of truth and morality on which the Christian faith is founded. It is our job as believers to demonstrate it to them.

Itinerant Miner Is “Rock Solid” in Witnessing 
Mining contractor Glen MacPherson says his Bible is as essential on the job as his oilskins, hard hat and lamp.

Bisi's 'Miracles'
A Nigerian couple moved to Canada and now minister to drug addicts and mentally disordered offenders in Saskatoon.

Thy Space 
We are living in a major sociological shift. To keep pace, we must become relevant to a world that has knowledge but little wisdom and power.





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