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Spiritual Growth


Need a Spiritual Retreat? Here's How
We must be deliberate about spiritual renewal the way Mary was when she chose "the good portion."

Why is Depression More Painful for Christians?
Christians suffer more pain from depression than others. Why is that? Here are some answers that offer hope. A video message.

Your Words Have Power
Would you like to increase blessings and remove the curses from your life? Find out the shocking truth about your tongue. A video message.

Insights From "Be In Health"
There’s a reason God said, “Take every thought captive.” Eighty percent of diseases have spiritual roots. They are linked to negative thoughts and emotions.

The Promise of God's Guidance
Divine guidance can be a troublesome reality to live out. We can either quench the Spirit or become undiscerning. How then, do we receive God’s guidance for our lives?

You Will Never Be a Loser!
Learn why you sometimes feel like a loser, how it messes you up and how God is waiting to reveal your true identity.

Does God Speak Today?
God spoke through His children throughout history. He is still the same today. He speaks not only to us, but through us.

Do You Have Self Confidence?
Your ability to accept yourself is the most fundamental building block of your personality. It gives you the ability to relate well to others. A video message.

The Pain and the Promise
The basic choice we face in life is deciding if our own experience and understanding are more trustworthy than the Word of God.

Have You Ever Felt Rejected?
Why is rejection so painful and how does it begin? Jesus wants you released from the prison of rejection. This is a video message.

Overcoming the Fear of Making Mistakes
If you want to make a difference, then don’t fear mistakes.

Grant Me Patience, Now!
What is patience? It’s the ability to wait for God’s timing.

Everybody Needs Them … Do You Have Them?
We all need mentors. Paul, Barnabas and Timothy give us a biblical example of how the divine strategy of mentoring helps us finish victoriously.

Ancient Spiritual Disciplines 
We are familiar with spiritual disciplines such as prayer and fasting, but there are others. Here is one that undergirds everything else we do as God’s kingdom citizens.

Hungry for God 
Spiritual formation is not new but it has been rediscovered, and it is attracting Evangelicals.

Reserving a Day to Hear God 
There is a way of carving out a place and time in our busy lives where we can attune our spirits to the living God and hear His voice.

Have You Found God’s Prescription? 
We all carry emotional baggage, but everyone recovers at a different pace. God has an individualized plan for each person’s recovery.

Something Supernatural 
There seems to be a great deal of confusion regarding the person and role of the Holy Spirit. Here’s how He works in our lives.

Spiritual Disciplines 101 
How does faith get formed so that our lives take on Christlikeness? In spiritual growth grace and effort go hand in hand.





  • Redeemer University - Christian university changes everything. Starting with you.

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