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Faith Profiles


The Life of Peter Penner (1929-2011)
Alberta pastor, teacher, farmer and counsellor escaped Stalin in Ukraine and Hitler in Germany.

Accident for Popular Speaker Puts Life in Perspective
Author Philip Yancey was put to the faith test when a serious car accident left him with a broken neck. Since then he has challenged Christians to demonstrate God's love to others.

Fisher's Faith
Hockey star credits his family's witness to their Christian faith for his own commitment to God and his attitude to the game.

Is It Worth It?
Beaten, humiliated and violated, Helen watched the manuscript of her life's work go up in smoke. Then God said quietly, "The question is, am I worthy of this sacrifice?"

Taking a Stand
Charles McVety is Canada’s most quoted evangelical, but his “theological position is at one end of the spectrum of Canadian evangelicalism,” says the EFC’s Don Hutchinson.

A New Direction for Clark Pinnock
The eminent evangelical theologian explored the edges of Christian faith.

World Cup Puts Spotlight on Athletes of Faith
As the World Cup continues, Christian soccer fans are keeping an eye on some high profile players. They have one thing in common – their faith, which they’ve made a matter of public record.

Soccer-great Lúcio Looks to God
Brazilian team member Lucimar da Silva Ferreira – also known as Lúcio – is an inspirational leader, both on and off the field.

Five Canadians Making a Difference
All across Canada there are Christians who have heard and responded to God’s call to pursue justice and mercy. Here five of them share their stories.

The Man Next Door
Billy Graham preached several times in Canada in 13 cities. Always taking time to understand local cultures, he leaves a significant mark on Canadian evangelicalism.

From Army Padre to Devoted Parish Priest
Cited for bravery during the Second World War, Father Dalton, who was Ontario’s oldest Catholic priest, often urged Ontarians to pray for world peace.

Faith and Suffering of a Former Prostitute
"They look at you and think you don't love God."

More Than Gold
For David Wells, Olympic competition takes second place to serving God.

Model of Christian Discipline Mourned
Father Richard John Neuhaus was a “model Christian disciple, an inspiration in the Catholic priesthood, and a trailbrazer in his apostolate as a public intellectual.” He was also a friend.

Rooted in Relationship
Coming back to what really matters. An interview with David Wells, recently appointed general superintendent of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

Bernice Gerard of Vancouver, a Pentecostal minister and social conservative whose life focused on Jesus, leaves a legacy as a well-recognized public figure.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn: A Prophet to the World
His life’s work of witness against communist dictatorship lives on in his voluminous and soul-stirring writings.

Hans Vanderwerff: Calling and Comfort
The Toronto’s newspapers debated Messianic Judaism. Protestors demonstrated. There were bomb threats. Nevertheless, their congregation nearly doubled.

Standing On Solid Ground 
An interview with J.I. Packer, one of the most important evangelical theologians of the 20th century.

Extraordinarily Blessed 
On his way to an academic and political career, Raymond de Souza, made a right turn into religion, journalism ... and chaplaincy of the football Golden Gaels.

From Struggling Artist to Foremost Civil Rights Lawyer 
Calev Myers is having a profound effect in Israel.

A New Kind of Power 
Eleanor Clitheroe, former CEO of Hydro One, shares her story and her faith in an interview with Faith Today magazine.

Jezebel Still Making Trouble 
An artefact potentially belonging to the biblical Queen Jezebel is the subject of controversy.

The Original Dixie Chick 
Dixie Carter’s strong Christian faith and her admiration for The Salvation Army make her a standout on and off camera.

Two Diplomats Serving Christ in Ottawa 
Among the many ambassadors who come to Ottawa to represent their countries, there are those whose faith shines clearly. Here are two examples.

From Newsman to Lieutenant-Governor 
David Onley, Ontario’s new lieutenant-governor, is an evangelical Christian and an activist on disability issues.

The Winding Road of Faith 
Dismissed as the CEO of Hydro One, Rev. Eleanor Clitheroe finds fulfilment at Oakville's St. Cuthbert's Anglican Church.

Samuel M. Zwemer: A Man to Remember 
Not many have had the talent and drive of Samuel Zwemer. He exerted great influence on the advance of the Gospel.





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