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Adventures with God


Holy Lace
Like life, lace is full of holes that can’t be filled. But in God, the final product is beautiful. This is the story of one woman’s quest to hear her earthly father say, I love you.

I Believe in Angels
Do you? Just talk to someone – anyone! Angel stories abound. Here are some real-life experiences from among the hundreds floating around!

Does God Listen to Drunk Prayers?
Angel unawares? A chance street meeting becomes an adventure in God.

A Gentle, Warm Pull
Graham crusades leave an eternal legacy.

Faith is What Allows You to Keep Pedalling
Motivated by Quebec’s 1995 referendum to separate from Canada, Chris undertook an expedition to “save” national unity. The result: a cycling adventure to the “top” of Canada!

Thirsk Carries Faith with Him in Space
Eva Thrisk’s son calls her routinely to check up on her. But it’s not your usual call. He keeps an eye on her from space.

Treasures of Darkness
They loved their son, but his behaviour was out of control. What would it take to turn Jonathan's life around?

A Whole New Level of Personal Giving
David Leung, church planter at Lighthouse Church, Newcastle, Ontario, discovers first hand that "generosity without cost is not generous."

Persevering for the Promise 
A new believer’s decision to follow Jesus cost her dearly. Severely persecuted in her own home, she chose to pursue God, trust Him for protection and persevere.

Be Still...
Don’t just do something!  Stand there!

Searching for Grace
Separated from her birth mother when she was just a baby, Julie Hann tried to piece together the missing parts of her past.

Philip Yancey Alive and Well
Popular author and public speaker Philip Yancey put his latest book to the test in the wake of a potentially life-threatening accident.

No Longer Barren but Fruitful
They believed God could heal them if He wanted to, but ten years of prayer that yielded no results crushed their faith and expectation. That's where the story begins.

Obeying God—Whatever the Cost
God's plans are not always our plans. Nor are His ways our ways. What would you do if God told you to run for mayor?




  • Redeemer University - Christian university changes everything. Starting with you.

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