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Christian Music in Canada - Archive 2003Archive

Missionary Songs Inspired by Prayer
Translating her experiences from the mission field in Africa into a series of recordings on her CD album is the work of this multi-talented Vancouver artist.

Vibe Awards Moving On and Up
Two Canadian Christian artists are nominated for Grammy Awards while this country's gospel music awards show expands to capture more of the musical styles artists are using.

Handel's Greatest Hit
The Messiah remains the greatest of Handel's works to this day—an oratorio that was as popular then as the top ten are now.

A Canadian Tribute to Holocaust Children
The full length musical Oratorio Terezin mixes children's poetry with passages from Scripture and challenges people to reconsider the goodness of God in the midst of suffering.

Rap Artist MC Hammer Returns to Faith in God
After years as a "backslider," rap artist MC Hammer says he's rededicated his life to Jesus.

Doerksens Unite Young and Old in Worship
Canadian worship leader Brian Doerksen brings two generations of musicians together to sing for the hungry in the 'Hope of the Nations' cross Canada tour.

Inside the 'Man in Black' - No longer available
A man of Christian faith, Johnny Cash knew the biblical world of angels and demons and the struggles of man to "walk the line."

Poetry Set to Music on CD
Nod Me In, Shake Me Out takes the spoken word one step further.




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