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Christian Music in Canada - Archive 2004Archive

"Canadian Idol" Honours God - No longer available
When Kalan Porter was crowned "Canadian Idol," newspapers reported his dream of stardom had been fulfilled. Not so.

Christian Teens Take Moral High Road on Music Piracy—NOT!
The Christian music industry is suffering. A study reveals Christian teens pirate music at about the same rate as non-Christians.

Gospel Choir Participates in International Jazz Festivals
A world-class quality performance opens doors for a top Toronto Gospel choir to share the message of salvation with secular audiences internationally.

'Africa's Heartbeat' Strong After Two Decades
In two gala Vancouver events, the African Children's Choir, established by a Canadian ministry as a means of helping needy children from Africa, is celebrating 20 years of outreach.

Soulsville: Souled Out 'N' Sanctified
A proclamation of his new life in Christ, Danny Brook's new album, in what he calls a "hard Gospel" style, is dedicated to spreading the good news.

The Pride of Nova Scotia Tackles Music City
Singer-songwriter George Canyon, a strongly Christian man, has made it as a top four finalist in Nashville Star, the American Idol type contest for country musicians.

From Hard Rock Stardom to an Unlikely Surrender
With over two decades of international success in the music industry, Canadian Lee Aaron offers this account of how God turned her life around.

Bayrakdarian's Star Blazing
With a faith rooted deeply in her Armenian Orthodox background, this Canadian soprano has established herself as a presence to be reckoned with on the world stage.

2004 Vibe Award Nominees Announced
British Columbia singer-songwriter Jill Paquette leads the list of 80 Christian artists nominated for the third annual Canadian gospel people's choice awards.

Canadian Dixie Debuts Down South
These six student instrumentalists are a big hit as the first Canadian group to participate in the Christian Instrumentalists and Directors Association's 10th Annual Conference.

Steve Bell Offers a Signpost of the Times
While calling on the Church to recognize the soul-sharpening power of good art, this Canadian recording artist encourages Christian faith through artful word and song.

No Room for Compromise
A vivacious 18-year-old who loves the Lord, she is a leading Canadian country music phenomenon whose first single made it to number seven on the charts.

Canadian Musicians Breaking into U.S.
Based on talent, creativity, original expressions of faith and quality of album, two Canadian musical acts are in selected group with strongest potential to affect and entertain.




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