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Rivers of Blessing: Bruce Balfour Tells His Story
This is a true story of one Canadian Christian's faith, his harrowing experience in the Lebanese prison system and of answered prayers with his acquittal and release.

A Song for Nettie and a Stretch for Some
Compelling and captivating, Gloria Sawai's first book set in Alberta and Saskatchewan offers readers an opportunity to reflect and ponder.

Discover Fiction!
Learn how this genre of writing allows you to better express the dreams, thoughts and ideas that would otherwise be trapped inside your head.

Soaking in the Sonshine
Waiting on God brings many blessings. As you let God's light shine into your heart, it dispels darkness, and brings you into close fellowship with your Father.

Welcome to our gathering of Canadian authors who are Christians.

Douglas Coupland's Masterful Nostradamus Flawed by Stereotypes
Centred around an invented Columbine-like high school massacre, this novel follows the spiritual journey of his Christian characters whose lives were forever changed by the horrific event.

Finding Jesus
Who is Jesus? A troubling question to unbelievers. Douglas Groothuis' book examines presentations of Jesus (from ancient to contemporary).

What Goes into the Mind, Comes Out in the Life
By combining their faith, ministry calling and business acumen, Christian bookstore owners in Canada look to boost their community profile.

Changed in His Presence
Rick Joyner's book, The Surpassing Greatness of His Power is recommended to anyone who ministers to others.

Should We Change Our Minds?
Two books dealing with the latest research confirm that from the scientific view, homosexual practice is treatable.

Soul Friends
Philip Yancy's book "Soul Survivor" is a boon for those who have experienced pain and disillusionment in the church.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Prayer
Reading the book is like conversing with a pal about prayer, and prayer is about having a conversation with God.

Helping Men Live from the Heart
Men's hearts have been lost, claims the author of Wild at Heart. But dreams God has placed in the heart of every boy can be regained.

How to Recognize Good Christian Fiction
When you turn the last page of your novel, how will you feel? Why? What is the purpose of Christian fiction, and how is it achieved?

In the Public Square
A look at Brian Stiller's new book:Jesus and Caesar: Christians in the Public Square.

Pastor Argues for Women Leaders
The Biblical Case for Equality: An Appeal for Gender Justness in the Church by Arden Thiessen wages war against "male supremacy"

Sharing the Faith with Humility
How Christians communicate their beliefs is critical. John Stackhouse devotes nearly half of Humble Apologetics to exploring this theme.




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