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Controversial Book "Divisive," "Dangerous" for Messianic Judaism
Community leaders worry gentile Christians will be misinformed.

Bad News Religion
There is nothing you have to do for God to love you more. Get off the bad news bandwagon and rest in God's love. Let Him do His works through you. A video interview.

Hearing God
A must read book for everyone wrestling with spirituality. It explains the Evangelical and Reformed traditions.

No Tolerance for Intolerants
A struggle for free expression continues in Canada. Those who oppose homosexual marriage tend to be marginalized and often silenced, particularly in our universities.

Evangelicals Helping to Beat Back Secularism
The budding renaissance of religion in Canada has benefited enormously from the Evangelical emphasis on good ministry to people of all ages, says Reg Bibby.

Peter Jackson in Perspective: the Power Behind Cinema's The Lord of the Rings
Author Greg Wright provides an educational, entertaining and respectful look at the process of bringing a much-loved novel to the screen.

Boomers Aren't the Only Ones Finding Religion
Christianity presents "insurmountable difficulties for reasonable educated people today," says Tom Harpur. Perhaps one of those difficulties is the fact that prayer works.

Refined by Fire
Severely burned 9/11 Pentagon survivor, Lt-Colonel Brian Birdwell, and wife, Mel, share their remarkable story of hope.

Bassam Madany: a Steady Voice in an Unsteady World
A Canadian Christian pastor of Middle Eastern origin offers an excellent introduction to the core teachings of Islam as well as a refresher course in Christianity.

Christian Humorist Pens First Novel
Life in a Canadian small town turns into an adventure/mystery for young Terry Anderson and a cast of colourful characters.

Kids Books That Teach
Great books for kids or for parents who want to read with their kids. They're entertaining and educational at the same time, plus they're Canadian.

Courtship and Marriage, Joshua Harris-style
Dating is not a game. Dating can lead to romantic love prematurely without allowing young people to explore their compatibility. The author proposes an alternative to dating.

Alberta Author Janette Oke Receives Leslie K. Tarr Award - No longer available
A Canadian best-selling author who has sold more than 20 million of her books, was recognized and honoured at the Word Guild's 2004 Write Canada conference.

Chat Room
With very real characters and a network of clues, this mystery will keep you turning pages to the very end—an end that feels like it comes too quickly.

Recommended Fiction: A Faith Today Resource
Ahhh! The lazy days of summer with sand, sun and time to kick back with a favourite book! For your summer reading pleasure, here is a list of good titles.

Evangelism Through the Local Church
Michael Green's book presents a variety of proven strategies and resources for winning others to Christ and turning a congregation into an active evangelistic unit.

Pastor Bob: A Statesman of Prayer for Canada
From a century of experience, a Vancouver pastor and intercessor shares a lifetime of wisdom and revelation.

Was Christ's Life Based on Pagan Myths?
Using undocumented evidence, filled with questionable claims and abounding in errors, Tom Harpur's book, The Pagan Christ, is regarded as bogus by this leading scholar.

The Da Vinci Code Is Holy Blood Conspiracy Revisited
Because Christians know so little about how their faith got from the first century to the 21st century, they believe as truth the bogus claims of this best-selling work of fiction.

A Dangerous Code
A controversial piece of fiction containing some wild theories about Christian faith has become a bestseller.

Q & A on The Da Vinci Code
Useful bites of information to keep help a reader understand the framework of this novel.

The Holy Spirit Makes It Possible
When we step out in faith, the Holy Spirit is there to meet us and move us into the courage and boldness we need to share the message of Christ.

Living Before God
Wake up to God and to life, says the author. This book helps the reader rev a stalled spirituality and get it running smoothly again.

Healing Dysfunctional Families
A timeless manual written for families who want to see their relationships healed and stabilized.

To Love, Honor, and Vacuum
With humour, compassion and understanding of most women's desire to have a happy Christian home, Gregoire offers step-by-step homemaking plans and practical suggestions.

Leacock Much More Than Our National Court Jester
Although his reputation as a humorist has withstood the test of time, learn how Stephen Leacock was also an educator, political scientist and the best known Anglican in Canada.

Theology of Women Woven Into Personal Narrative
Sharing her story as a woman in ministry, this author discusses the role of women in church leadership.

Growing in The Prophetic: 'Safe' Reading
Here are two books that provide an informed apologetic and practical guide for those committed to following the prophetic leading of the Holy Spirit in today's church.

On the Lookout for Divas
This author, who feels called of God to help women through singleness in particular, and life in general, believes every woman is a potential Diva!

Squeeze the Day
Some events in life force us to consider eternity. One of them is birthdays. The other is the departure of a friend who leaves a legacy of memories filled with love, joy and encouragement.




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