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"How Do You Know He's Real?" Gets to the Heart of Celebs
A book for young people who want to know if God is real. In a compilation of stories, celebs they know share accounts of their miraculous encounters with a God who cares.

Faith May be Banished, but Underlying Truth Remains
A search for "a shared ethics" apart from religion can be frightening for those who think that morality is relative and that religion has been banished from the public square.

Against Judicial Activism: The Decline of Freedom and Democracy in Canada
In his book, Against Judicial Activism, columnist Rory Leishman describes in detail the destructive effects of the Charter-driven court decisions on everyday life in Canada.

Author and Pastor Shows 'The Prayer Path'
Can You Hear Me? a tremendously successful Canadian book, on the theme "tuning in to the God who speaks," is now being picked up overseas.

Naturally Supernatural: Joining God in His Work
The refreshing mix of real-life stories and sound theology makes the book Naturally Supernatural immediately accessible. This "must read" will revive your hope!

When the Church Stops Caring
This is a book about helping the Church learn how to care for needy people without "shooting their own wounded."

A Profound Weakness: Christians & Kitsch
This is a one-of-a-kind book on an important subject, but whether it will truly help Christians with kitschig tastes understand them as a "profound weakness" is an open question.

Lyndas Second Annual Summer Reading List
Waiting for a new book to arrive in the mail is just about as happy a contemplation as reading it! Pull up a deck chair, and enjoy!

Three-Step Program to Controlling Anger
Contrary to popular "myth," that we should "let it all out," the author of Getting Control of Your Anger teaches that we can and should restrain this negative passion.

Giving Canada's Christian Writers a Voice
The Word Guild's leadership hopes that the names of writers honoured at the Canadian Writing Awards Gala will become as common as household words among Canadian Christians.

Weird Christians I Have Met
The author does not treat faith lightly, or trivialize denominational positions. He points out that the Christian Church is a marvelous collection of colourful personalities.

Wonders Never Cease
A warm and humorous novel that tells the story of forsaking faith yet finding grace. A great read!

Dorothy L. Sayers: Woman for all Ages
Remembered for being one of the greatest writers of detective novels, she was also a timeless Christian author.

Celebrating Biblical Feasts in Your Home or Church
Christians need not be holiday-starved. The author invites us to rediscover the richness of the seven biblical holidays that the Lord Jesus Himself observed.

Dinner with a Perfect Stranger
The story unfolds when a young businessman receives a very unusual dinner invitation to a posh restaurant. It's signed, Jesus Christ. A great novel!

Talking about Good and Bad Without Getting Ugly
How to talk about controversial issues humbly and persuasively in "serene" social settings without seeming intolerant and bigoted.

Finally Feminist
A book that represents a thoughtful examination of gender from a Christian perspective.




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