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New Narnia Movie Opens Dec 10th
The new Narnia movie gets back to heart of C S Lewis’ books. An awesome family Christmas treat!

Perseverance, Inspiration and “Bromance” themes of The King's Speech
When this film premiered at TIFF this year, the buzz was immediate. Audiences will love it and critics already do. A must see.

Narnia is Back This Christmas
Narnia, the Voyage of the Dawntreader opens December 10th! The World Evangelical Alliance encourages you “to see the film and use it as a resource for your church or community.”

Proud Father, Prodigal Father
The music from Brian Doerksen’s theatrical production, Prodigal God, has just been released on CD, but the project is about to become a movie.

The New Releases Go Post-Apocalypse Now
Movie-goers can experience many end-of-world scenarios.

Toy Story 3 Characters Put Away Childish Things
Not quite as good as its predecessors, but it's still very entertaining; in its closing moments it is rather touching.

Documentaries Find Their Niche
Well-crafted documentaries possess the means to influence public opinion in significant ways.

Infant Awe: A Review of Babies!
A movie about four babies from birth to one year of age: 80 glorious minutes of the delightful, inspiring and funny activities of babies

Clash of the Titans Heroes Defy the Gods
What drives films of mythology and the supernatural? Is it a growing belief that religion itself is to blame for the world’s problems?

The Most Dangerous Man in America
A suspense thriller, this documentary follows Daniel Ellsberg and events preceding the Pentagon Papers (1971) that exposed the U.S. top-secret military operations in Vietnam.

Room for Humility in Our Awards-Saturated Culture? 
Academy Awards, the Nobel prizes, sports awards, and a legion of new ones recently invented! “We’ve become almost obsessed with awards” says Douglas Todd.

The movie not only elevates tribal customs and rituals, it blurs the boundaries between God and the environment. The creator and her creation are indistinguishable.

Vancouver Film Festival Touches on Spiritual, Religious Themes
Among 350 movies on the roster, a number of noteworthy films reflect themes based on Christian and Islamic faiths.

"River" Documentary Chronicles Canada's Destiny
A film that opened recently in 220 venues across Canada is available for purchase through the Acts News Network. The documentary explores views of Christian leaders concerning Canada's calling and destiny.

The Just Us Project
We might wear different clothes and have difference customs, but inside we are all the same. That’s the insight behind the film, The Just Us Project, filmed in Rwanda.

We Shall Remain: Getting Indian History Right
In an effort to accurately represent Indian history, a U.S. filmmaker took five years to complete a docu-drama that chronicles 300 years of events.

May the Franchise be with You
What’s new at the movies? Peter Chattaway reviews blockbusters that are already released and others still to come this summer.

Fireproof Hits Canada
The movie became the fourth bestseller in the United States its first weekend and had the largest box office takes of films released on 1,000 screens or less.

Identity Crisis
In Hannah Montana: The Movie, Miley Cyrus tires of living a double life and yearns for something simpler.

Kings Sets Biblical Soap Opera in the Present Day – Sort Of
The story of David and Saul is so full of drama and intrigue, it's a wonder no one has ever turned it into a long-running TV series before.

The Flying Man
A story of honour, bravery and self-sacrifice. Few know that Eric Liddell, the Olympic champion whose story is told in the film, Chariots of Fire, gave his life as a missionary to China.

2008 a Mediocre Year for Films – and Oscar Nominations
The 2008 season may have been disappointing to film buffs, but the Oscar nominations provided a new set of reasons to complain.

Filmmaker Releases DVD on Satire
When Murray Stiller got the idea of doing a documentary about why religious satire is cynical and mean, the project was born.

Thoughts on Passchendaele
Passchendaele is about love, war and sacrifice. It is the largest Canadian war movie ever made with a powerfully spiritual theme portrayed in the ending scenes of the battle.

Film Reviews: Standard Operating Procedure and Changeling
These two documentaries bring moral complexity into focus and tell the story of a search for truth.

BC Church Produces Full-length Movie
Produced by Kyle Lawernce, a veteran TV producer at 21, the movie could be released before Christmas for television distribution.

Religulous a Ridiculous Look at Religion
A documentary in which comedian Bill Maher visits and talks to Jews, Muslims and Christians to prove that religious belief is foolish, childish and basically dangerous.

Mama Mia! Why isn’t anyone singing along?
Why do we need controlled substances to unleash uncontrolled fun?

The Intersection of Faith and Film
This year’s Toronto Film Festival is hosting a discussion on the relationship of faith and film on September 9, 10, and 11, 2008. All are invited.

Saint Batman?
The Dark Knight, the latest Batman film, asks deep questions: What is evil? Is there a moral order built into our world, or is to speak of such a moral design delusional?

Dark Knight Raises Profound Questions
"The Dark Knight is easily one of the best superhero movies ever made, and it is one that you may want to talk about for quite some time after the credits have rolled" (Peter Chattaway).

Expelled Brings Intelligent Design Controversy Back Home to Canada
The documentary on the battle between Darwinian evolutionists and the Intelligent Design movement made waves even before it opened in theatres.

Skull Recycles Past Glories, Caspian Strays from Lewis
The new Indiana Jones movie moved beyond religion and lost it’s thrill, while Prince Caspian moved beyond Lewis to be more entertaining (Canadian Christianity).

Oversexed, Underloved
The Sex and the City movie has opened. The popular TV show of the same name was an unwitting but searing indictment of the sexual revolution.

Aslan on the Move Again 
Quicker paced than the first Narnia movie, Prince Caspian delivers some special effects thrills that rival Lord of the Rings.

Michael Coren on the Christian story of C.S. Lewis 
C.S. Lewis was considered one of the finest academic minds of his generation. He reversed the equation offered by the secular world, that it is the thoughtless who become Christians.

Expelled Generates More Heat than Light in Evolution Debate
The latest Christian film to crack the top-ten list at the box office in the U.S. is Expelled: but even though the writer is a Canadian, there are no plans to release it in Canada.

Updated List of Canadian Theatres Showing Bella Weekend of April 11-13
The distributor of the movie Bella says ticket sales on the first weekend of showing will determine additional screenings.

Movie's Pro-Life Message Connects With Viewers 
A huge success in the U.S., Bella, a movie with a positive message, will be opening in Canada at the end of March.

Award-Winning Films Look for Meaning in a Dysfunctional World
The world, according to Hollywood, doesn’t make sense anymore. Has Hollywood exhausted itself with death and violence to where it seeks to know whether there is a God?

There Is a Way to be Good Again 
How do we find "goodness"? We do wrong, commit evil, and find ourselves consumed with guilt and remorse.  Is there a way to be good again?





























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