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Faith Today, Canada's Christian magazine, publishes its reviews free online. Check out the "Reading the Bestsellers" section as well as reviews of material produced for Christians.

Netcasters Helps You Spread the Good News
NetCasters, an exciting new book, helps you share the Gospel from your living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, or local coffee shop.

Ontario Writer Gives One Thousand Gifts
An award-winning blogger’s one thousand reasons to thank God have become a book which is to be released January 17, 2011.

Book Focuses on the Faces Behind the Food
Fair Trade: A Human Journey is a beautiful book of photography documenting the author’s travels through 15 countries.

Resilient Book Seller Explores Cyber-market
Leland Morris is tapping into the discount Christian books market through an online bookstore——and a once-a-month church-sponsored book sale.

Whatever Happened To Dinner?
Kids need their parents. Eating together strengthens families and offers many benefits.

New Book Helps Christians Talk About Sexuality
Sexuality emphasizes the need for true intimacy in relationship, says the editor of Sexuality: God’s Gift.

Kingdom Culture: Growing the Missional Church
This is a book of reflections on how a church became involved in God’s work in the world. Readers will be challenged by the author’s passionate devotion to spreading Christ’s name.

Fires of Fury
All the elements of fiction: the love triangle, the villain and the suspense, in the end make this novel a satisfying read.

The Halcyon Dislocation
For an author’s first novel, it’s a good one! A scientist, he makes dimension and time travel seem plausible and comprehensible.

Shack Author Has Personal Ties to Canada
Paul Young has Canadian roots. His parents live in Vernon, B.C.; and he spent his teen and young adult years in western Canada.

Is Christianity Dying in the West?
It is true that many are rejecting Christianity, the Bible reveals that the teaching concerning Christ and God's kingdom will prevail. <</span>

Meat for the Soul
N.T. Wright's book, After You Believe, addresses the all-important issue of how followers of Jesus are to live once they believe.

A Crash Course in Soccer
A timely book on soccer: As the World Cup approaches, Jerrad Peter's book provides soccer fans with a wealth of information on the game.

New Book Offers Fresh Voice about Men's Spirituality
Under Construction: This book reframes men’s spirituality and explores new images that go beyond warriors and monks.

New Book Aims to Help People Avoid Contagious Virus
A Calgary couple wants to help people deal with a North American affliction called “Affluenza.”

'Guerilla Publishers' are Happy in Their Chosen Niche 
Bill Reimer and Rob Clements specialize in out-of-print Christian academic books on a print-on-demand basis.

Surviving the Bookstore Tsunami
Fifty Christian bookstores have closed their doors in the past 16 months. Are Christian bookstores finished now that the Internet and large discount chains are here?

Peering Through Dark Days in Search of a Little Light
We are creatures of light. We lament the season when we live in darkness. Brighter days make many of us feel so much better about life in general.

We Are Not Alone
We read to know we are not alone. That is something a number of great writers have been trying to tell us at different stages of our lives.

Inside the Revolution
Joel Rosenberg examines how “the followers of jihad, Jefferson and Jesus are battling to dominate the Middle East and transform the world.”

Blue Like Jazz Author Enjoys 'Editing' His Own Life
This is the story of a man who decided to make a good story out his life. The book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years recounts how this journey unfolded.

Still Waters and Green Pastures
The book, Reflections of a Wyoming Shepherd on the 23rd Psalm, looks through fresh eyes at one of the most famous passages in the Bible.

Ethics, Like Law and Science, Evolves Over Time
A ghostwriting scandal which seems bad now, might not have posed an ethical concern in the year 2000.

From Romania with Faith-and a New Song
They escaped Romania for freedom to worship, and arrived in Canada as illegal aliens. Today they are honourable citizens, but their freedom had a price.

Canada's Literary Community Gets Religion All Wrong
The derision toward anyone who believes is swift and non-negotiable among many writers today, writes author David Adams Richards.

As We Forgive
"Can a country known for radical brutality become a country known for an even more radical forgiveness?" asks Catherine Larson in her new book, As We Forgive.

The Priest, er, Rabbi, er, Guru of Ecumenicism
Based on religious experience and without rejecting Christianity on which he was raised, interfaith scholar Huston Smith concludes non-Christians are not pagans.

Guard Us, Guide Us: Divine Leading in Life’s Decisions
A useful handbook on God’s guidance based on good biblical exegesis, solid reference points and examples from Christian classics.

The Emerging Millennials
Reginald Bibby’s new book reveals that traditional values such as honesty, integrity and hard work are all very important to our youth.

Telling Stories Out of Church
“One of the loveliest things human beings do is tell stories..." says author Rudy Wiebe. He will participate in a “storytelling” conference this month in Abbotsford, B.C.

The Return of God
Why did Maclean's choose to address the topic of religion now? Is it because the new book God Is Back argues that religion is making a major comeback?

A Friend of Muslims
Author Carl Medearis has earned a voice among Islamic leaders. Servant magazine interviewed him about Islam, religion and his new book Muslims, Christians and Jesus.

Cibou: A Novel
A fictional story with a beautiful feel set in a 17th–century Mi’kmaq community in eastern Canada – fresh and sometimes humorous.

Fictional Drivel
Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid's Tale “is drivel because it is a paranoiac fantasy whose principal purpose and effect is to stir up hatred of men” (Barbara Kay).

Faith in Fiction
Mainstream publishers are becoming less reluctant to publish Christian books because of the tremendous success of a number of Christian titles.

A Double Take on Early Christianity
Sociologist Rodney Stark’s study of the astonishing growth of the early Church now objectively confirms some of Christianity’s historic claims.

Noah’s Other Son
This book, by a United Church minister, attempts to bridge the gap between the Bible and the Qur’an, and between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

The Breakthrough Solution
Do the people at work drive you crazy? Why are some people so hard to manage? Take a humorous journey of corporate investigation and find out why a hi-tech company is failing.

A Flawed Father's Best-Seller Salvation
More on The Shack: "This may be the greatest publishing success story of this generation,” (Publishers’ Weekly).

Canada’s ‘Spiritual Geography’ Shifting
Should we celebrate the incredible variety of Canada’s spiritual landscape or worry that it’s leading to fragmentation?

Local Author Finds Acceptance
Just like the 800 children she writes about, Emily knows what it means to experience a Father’s love. Her novel is about the love of a father who fostered them.

Save My Children: The Story of a Father’s Love
The novel chronicles a couple’s 50 years of army-barrack service, kissing boo-boos and breaking bread, planting gardens and training young boys in farm work.

This Old Life
A new theory posits that after death you’re back where you started. Charles Lewis ponders N.T. Wright’s latest book, Surprised By Hope.

Just Getting Over It Is Not Quite as Simple as it Sounds
It's important to talk about mental illness the same way we talk about physical ailments. We can learn from Sharon Fawcett who made her story of depression public.




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