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Social Issue News Archive - 2003Archive

Goodness of Marriage Anchors Society
Statistics demonstrate that not only do the children benefit, but those who are married are happier, healthier, live longer, and fare much better in relationships than those who live common-law.

Homeless in the Church?
Read how one church is helping care for the homeless and why evangelicals need to challenge society and its leaders to be part of that care.

The Marriage Issue: Taking Stock
In the style of C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters, Beelzebub's attaché reports that the plan is working. Society is buying the attack on marriage and family, and the Church is reacting predictably.

Individual Rights and Gay Sex
Because government has not yet reached the pinnacle of truth, the possibility of differing views makes mandatory the protection of individual rights, free speech and institutional freedoms.

Christian Judges Imperiled in Canada
According to the draft bill submitted to the Supreme Court, judges who choose to follow their Christian convictions are not exempt from performing same-sex marriage ceremonies and could be punishable by law.

The State as Pastor? Not Likely
A unique twist in this same-sex marriage ruling exposes a new role courts want governments to play—a burden they seem reluctant to accept.

Room at the Inn for Vancouver's Poor
By living and working in the mission field of the Downtown Eastside, this couple is reaching out to shine God's love into people's lives.

School Credit Was Good Benefit
Has the new Ontario Liberal government sold its soul to the devil in exchange for the support of powerful teachers unions?

Learn to Speak the Language
The concerns may be valid, but no one will listen in a post-Christian world unless we learn to critique in a way others can understand.

Is Porn Beginning to Beat a Retreat?
Can outspoken proponents of "liberated" sex, who have discovered that porn ruins sex lives and women don't like it, stop the rising assault of the appalling perversion on the airwaves and in cyberspace?

The Homeless You Have With You Always
Although the issues are complex, learn how evangelical Christians are becoming more active and creative in helping those whose lives are marked by poverty and homelessness.

Christians and Civil Disobedience
Courageous and principled citizens may find that God's law compels them to practice civil disobedience, but they must know its limits, discern when it is appropriate, and understand how to enact it.

Anglican Truce Threatened By War of Words
Accusing each other of failing to act in good faith, the controversy between the bishop and the congregations protesting his blessing of homosexual unions is far from being resolved.

Poverty Is Not a 'Left-Wing' Issue
Overtaking poverty will require all of our best values and insights to find solutions that will move us to new places of commitment and responsibility.

Anglicans Try New Approach to Same-Sex Dispute
In a new effort to resolve the controversy over homosexual blessings, the Canadian House of Bishops lays the groundwork for an outside mediator to be appointed.

Pray for the Persecuted Church
November has been designated as the month in which Christians worldwide are called to pray for fellow believers around the world who suffer and die for Jesus' sake.

How to Pray for the Persecuted Church
As believers, whether free or in prison, we are one. It is our responsibility to remember those persecuted for their faith in prayer especially on The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.

Christian Persecution Expected—Prayer Needed
This call is to pray for persecuted Christians, their persecutors, ourselves and for the sharp truth of the cross to cut through our culture's false ideologies.

Canadian Anglican Troubles Intensify
Despite passing some last-minute resolutions, the House of Bishops is unlikely to be able to prevent the imminent break-up of the Anglican Church of Canada.

UBC Prolifers Subjected to Verbal Harassment
Seen as an anarchistic reaction to the exercise of free speech on campus, the verbal abuse from pro-abortion students epitomizes intolerance and hatred.

Hospital Bible Ban Raises Ire in Calgary
The proposal to ban the distribution and display of any printed religious materials in hospitals is viewed as one more step in the secularization of society.

Ministry to Homeless Shut Down
His outreach to east Vancouver's homeless people rankles neighbours and results in a suspension and performance review of this Grace Memorial United Church pastor.

B.C. Anglicans: 'Anger, Distrust and Sadness'
Congregations are torn apart within this Anglican diocese by the long-standing and increasingly bitter dispute over the right of blessing of homosexual couples.

Can Euthanasia Safeguards Protect Interests of Vulnerable Persons?
Philosophical support for legalizing assisted death, societal attitudes toward disabilities and experiences from other jurisdictions should cause alarm within the Canadian disabled community.

They Disappeared Around the Bend
To change the Native American situation for the better will require soul-searching and heart-changing actions by members of the dominant society.

Orthodox Anglicans Prepare Defence
Because they maintain that the approval of a rite of blessing for homosexual couples was illegal, conservative church members are pondering legal action.

Being a Christian in Politics
Being a Christian in politics is not easy, says Member of Parliament, Tom Wappel, particularly when one's Christian beliefs are diametrically opposed to what seems popular.

Every Child Deserves One Mom, One Dad
Same-sex marriage would radically change the societal norm that children have a right to know and be brought up by their biological parents.

Politics Without Principle
A Christian politician who does not obey his conscience, compromises his integrity and fails both his constituents to whom he owes honesty and himself.

Christianity at a Crossroads - No longer available
The juxtaposition of the Pope's 25th anniversary and the emergency meeting of Anglican primates highlights a fundamental divergence between the churches on moral questions.

Supreme Court Rejects Same-Sex Initiative
The highest court in Canada decides against allowing two faith-based groups to appeal the recent judicial decision which redefined marriage to include homosexual unions.

Anglican Same-Sex Debate Remains Unresolved After Primates Meeting
After 37 national church leaders from around the world issued their statement, both sides of the debate over homosexual unions claim a measure of victory.

Our Gay Future - No longer available
Recognizing homosexual marriage goes decisively beyond toleration to encouragement and wantonly creates a new social order in which both men and women will become less human.

The Marriage Debate Is Not a Human Rights Debate - No longer available
To seek public legitimacy of homosexual behaviour, a disguised debate based on a dishonest argument has been used to gain leverage in the courts.

Marriage Goes to the Highest Court
Because the federal government has abdicated its responsibility and ignored the will of the public, faith-based groups are seeking to appeal the judicial redefinition of marriage.

Anglican Minority Defends Faith Against Same-Sex Blessings
Nine Vancouver-area churches are trying to be "faithful rebels." Here are their profiles.

MPs Okay Same-Sex Legislation
Rallies supporting the traditional definition of marriage appeared futile as parliamentarians, by a vote of 137-132, narrowly endorsed the idea of same-sex marriage.

Hands Off My Bible!
As Parliament reconvened on September 15, 2003, MPs faced a bill that could redefine biblical teachings on homosexuality as hate literature.

Anglican Bishop Faces Disciplinary Measures in Same-Sex Debate
Turmoil further increases as Anglican Church hierarchy identifies reasons to exert its authority on those who oppose the blessing of homosexual unions.

Clash of Social Values at the Doors of Grace
Parishioners and police move to destroy the belongings and dignity of the poor and broken people this small East Vancouver United Church is trying to help.

MPs Extend Hate-Crime Protection
Voting 141 to 110, Parliament approved Bill C-250, which adds sexual orientation to the hate propaganda section of the Criminal Code.

Same-Sex Marriage Issue Advances Under False Pretenses
Should homosexual behaviour, which is unacceptable to God, be approved and legally sanctioned by man?

Marriage Rocked by Politics, Protest and Prayer
The assault on marriage is causing the diverse Christian community in Canada to unite together to boldly and publicly take a stand for the Gospel.

Keep Marriage Heterosexual
The EFC's president explains why the redefinition of marriage must be challenged in the public square.

Bishop Dismisses Parish's Wardens Over Same-Sex Debate
The rift in the Anglican Church escalates as the diocesan leader clamps down on Vancouver parish by removing elected leadership and trying to change locks on church doors.

MPs Want Quick Vote on Same-Sex Marriage - No longer available
The government sends mixed messages as it contemplates a vote on gay marriage while simultaneously asking the Supreme Court for constitutional direction.

Canadians Back Legalized Euthanasia - No longer available
As they re-evaluate their attitudes, almost 50 percent of adults in this country believe the practice of doctor-assisted suicide should be made legal.

Hate Bill Puts Chill on Public Discussion of Sexual Morality
Imprecise language in this legislation could silence public discussion of the immorality of sexual practices and position the Bible as hate literature.

Free Speech Falls Prey to 'Human Rights'
As this well respected law professor points out, Canadians who speak out against homosexual behaviour are threatened with harassment, vilification and even prosecution.

Culture Wars Are Killing Marriage
The proposed neutered definition of marriage will destroy all this institution provides society, replacing it with a legal fiction that is doomed to fail.

Is Legalizing Gay Marriage Progress?
Amending marriage legislation to include same-sex partnerships opens the door to additional categories of domestic relationships.

Emotions are running high as opposition to pending legislation designed to redefine marriage appears to be growing, albeit along generational lines.

Feds Seek to Stop Gay Marriage Appeal - No longer available
The federal government has asked Canada's Supreme Court to throw out an application by the Interfaith Coalition to appeal same-sex marriage ruling.

Marriage and the State
The legalization of same-sex marriage is forcing Canadian Christians to reconcile their understanding of marriage with that of the broader culture.

A Turn in the Road for the Coon Comes
Matthew Coon Come's former position as First Nations Chief springboards his ability to communicate his faith among Aboriginals.

'Who Is My Neighbour?'
By opening its doors to help the poor and broken people around it, a small East Vancouver church draws anger from the surrounding community.

Dancing Across Two Solitudes
By stepping gracefully across Canada's historic French-English rift, a dance troupe of Christians from Quebec contributes to the process of healing wounds between people groups.

Clergy Consider Surrendering Marriage Licences
In the face of an emerging dilemma, maybe it is time for ministers to stop being agents for the government when it comes to the civil part of marriage ceremonies.

Marriage Headed for the Supreme Court?
With the federal government abdicating its responsibilities, faith groups are forced to appeal lower court decisions on same-sex marriage.

Interfaith Coalition Appeals Marriage Decision
Coalition asks the Supreme Court, can a pre-existing social, cultural and religious institution be deemed unconstitutional?

The Genuine Meaning of Marriage is Lost
When an ancient, important and holy institution is labelled "unconstitutional" and its meaning exploded, we have to take a stand.

Not a Man to Mess With
Dr. Gregor Wolbring defies the 'inducements to euthanasia' society presents to the disabled and Dr. Gregor Wolbring is not a man to mess with. The bushy bearded professor of biochemistry is an academic with a wickedly sarcastic edge. His forceful presence can be disarming. With a thick German accent and deep booming voice, he is not what you envision when you think thalidomide victim.

"Almost" Christians Almost Effect Social Change
"Almost" Christians live by a respectable code of morality, and have made significant advances socially, medically, legally, and in every other field. Why then is society plagued with the proliferation of the immorality and lawlessness it has sought so hard to contain?

Last Wishes
What do we do when a terminally ill loved one wants to die? Some say, grant their wishes. Why are we willing to fight for some lives and not for others?

Marriage and Family Status in Canada
Recently political and legal initiatives are attempting to expand our definition of marriage and family to include a variety of living arrangements. The EFC addresses this concern.

New Medical Advances Challenge Christians
Six stories. Six decisions. In time Christians may no longer have to consider the option of undertaking life-giving fertility treatments based on the destruction of another human life in its earliest stages.

A Sanctuary of Life
As we argue about abortion, a woman's reproductive rights, the father's rights in the decision-making, and the right of government to intervene, there is one who waits silently.

Sounding a Death Knell to Marriage
Canada could follow Holland's lead and become the second nation in the world to legitimize same-sex marriages. How did we get there?




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