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Social Issue News Archive - 2004Archive

Gay Rights Will Continue to Prevail
Judicial pronouncements can't change the meaning of marriage.

Immigration Minister Issues Permits to Church-Based Refugees
Immigration minister Judy Sgro issued temporary resident permits to two groups of refugees currently claiming sanctuary in Canadian churches.

Slapped by the Law - No longer available
Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette has introduced a bill that would make parental spanking of children a criminal offence.

Gay Widows Win Pension Case - No longer available
Court ruling: Denying millions of dollars of retroactive pension payments to widowed gays and lesbians is irrational and unconstitutional.

One Chance Left to Give MPs a Right to Vote on Definition of Marriage
Only pro-marriage bills have been rendered non-votable by a Commons committee in the past. A current private bill to define marriage traditionally can be appealed once more.

Life and Death Issues Take Centre Stage
Why, after we have prohibited euthanasia for thousands of years, are we now considering such a radically different response to human dying and death?

Christians Debate Federal Childcare Plan
Christian organizations are debating whether a new federal child care program will give them choice for the care and education of young children.

No Tolerance for Intolerants
A struggle for free expression continues in Canada. Those who oppose homosexual marriage tend to be marginalized and often silenced, particularly in our universities.

Canadian Conservative MP Introduces Bill on Definition of Marriage
This new bill reinforces the Conservative Party's position that the issue of defining marriage should be decided in Parliament rather than in the courts.

Canadians Want Controls on Abortion
Little attention has been paid to a new survey that shows a majority of Canadians want more legal controls on abortion which is currently available in Canada on demand.

Pastor Defies Same-sex Marriage Law
A Nova Scotia pastor's refusal to acknowledge the same-sex marriage law is deemed a "watershed moment in the history of marriage" and a "call to action" to others.

The Nagging Question of Religious Freedom
Legal concessions to lobby groups can create "slippery slopes." The claim that slippery slope arguments are not historically accurate might be difficult to prove.

The Sanitizing of Polygamy
Successive B.C. governments have seemingly determined that upholding the law against polygamy is not worth the effort.

Bank Cancels Rainbow Triangles in Workspaces
In response to a boycott, the Royal Bank has withdrawn their request that employees display rainbow triangles in their workspaces.

16 Years Later, Still No Abortion Law
Parliament can and must act. The unborn in Canada may be aborted at any stage of pregnancy, including during the very birth process itself.

Evangelist's Anti-gay Diatribe Brings Apology from TV Station
Jimmy Swaggart's public comments reflecting his attitude toward homosexuals are deemed shocking.

Theory of Evolution Viewed as Faith - No longer available
It's time to rescue the question of origins from the clutches of science and put it where it belongs - in the realm of history, philosophy and religion.

Triangle On Workdesks
Thousands of Royal Bank employees have been asked to display the rainbow symbol to let gays and lesbians know that the bank welcomes them.

Manitoba Court Legalizes Gay Marriage
A judge says he sees the traditional definition of marriage as no longer constitutionally valid in view of the provisions of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Ethics of Stem Cells
Disagreement about ethical issues surrounding embryo stem cells and cloning can be traced to whether or not we believe some things are inherently wrong to do.

Abortion/Fetal Rights Summary
Canada is the only country in the western world with no criminal laws regulating or prohibiting abortion. This study reveals the scope of this vile practice in Canada.

Stifling Debate on Gay Marriage
Political correctness is used as part of an intentional strategy to eliminate dissent against gay marriage and promote its acceptance.

Study Links TV to Teen Sexual Activity
According to the National Post, this study, originally published by Reuters, offers the strongest evidence yet that sexual content of TV programs encourages teens to engage in sexual activities.

Christian Social Entrepreneurs Helping Vancouver's Poor
Some have made a commitment not just to work, but also to live among Vancouver eastside's addicts, prostitutes and criminals, and in the process change some lives.

Gay Marriage and Polygamy, Hand in Hand
Abolishing the traditional definition of marriage creates a slippery slope whereby any manner of civil union could be legalized. An article and response letter reflect on this issue.

Wasted Lives—Post and Pre Born
Killer Angel, the biography of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, is shocking in its revelation of truth—especially so for abortion advocates.

Will Canada Introduce Sharia Law?
Canada is a country well-known for being committed to multiculturalism, but now this most accepting of countries is debating whether tolerance has its limits.

Abortion Debate
We don't know how many abortions over 20 weeks gestation are performed, for what reasons, or whether medical guidelines (when they exist) are strictly adhered to.

Church Leaders Criticize Sgro's Stance on "Sanctuary"
Whether churches provide "sanctuary" to refugees facing deportation is not the issue. The problem is that Canada does not currently have an appeal process for refugees.

So I'm a 'Homophobe,' Am I?
Name-calling with the appropriate dose of anguish can effectively silence any constructive discussion concerning gay marriage. The gay lobby depends on it.

Hate Speech, Broadly Defined
The broadening of the hate speech law to include sexual orientation will likely result in more prosecutions. Recent ones appear to be setting worrisome precedents.

The Transforming Power of Faith, Hope and Love
The recipient of the Templeton prize for advances in the research of spiritual realities, a world-renowned theoretical cosmologist believes that reason alone cannot solve the problems of daily life.

Sanctuary Under Fire
Although she acknowledges the system is flawed, the federal immigration minister still wants Canadian churches to stop their tradition of protecting people they consider unfairly at risk.

How to Cool a Hot Potato
Let's reframe the abortion question from an absolute to a nuanced form and admit that Stephen Harper and Paul Martin aren't so far apart.

Science is Immune to Political Trends
Scientific evidence for honouring marriage as a male/female union: studies indicate there is no equality between heterosexual and male homosexual intercourse.

Ontario Laments Reversal of Firings Over E-Mail Porn
Suggesting that pornographic content poisons the workplace and intimidates people, government minister is unhappy his department must rehire these worst offenders.

There's More to Life Than Choice
With 100,000 being performed each year in Canada, we need to get over the question of choice and begin to discuss the questions of social policy concerning abortion.

Parishes Will Fight Threatened Eviction
Calling the action unjust and immoral, two dissident Anglican parishes prepare to defend their church buildings and property as the turmoil over same-sex blessings continues.

Canada Breeds Religious Acrimony
With the memory of the French/English language issue fading, Canadians are identifying a much more volatile source of future social conflict in Canada—tension between religious faiths.

Christian Candidates Tiptoe Through the Political Minefields
Because much of central Canada is a bastion of secularism, being perceived as a religious person – especially "evangelical" – is a political handicap for candidates.

Mainse Rides a 'Steel Horse' for Charity and Marriage
While crossing the country by motorcycle to raise funds for a camp for physically and mentally challenged children, he is speaking out to defend traditional marriage.

The Election's Cross to Bear
The sooner we start getting comfortable with the fact that faith is a reality in our politics, the more honest we can be about the role it plays in shaping the future.

Bishop Lashes Martin for Abortion Stand
This Church leader calls the Prime Minister's position on abortion and same-sex marriage a source of scandal that reflects a fundamental moral incoherence.

Why Same-Sex "Blessing" Diminishes Christian Marriage
Because gender difference is the essence of the vision of marriage that the Bible offers, only this vision is rooted in creation, reflects our redemption and affirms life.

I am Canadian
Cultural and religious pluralism are not the same. Christian values are denounced as "American conservatism" and declared not to be "Canadian."

Mixing God and Politics
The reluctance of elected officials to engage in spiritual talk has not only stoked galloping secularism but also a decidedly anti-religious tone in Canadian politics.

Why Do We Keep This Grenade Armed?
Because getting an abortion is not just another medical procedure, this pro-choice writer sees nothing wrong with requiring that patients receive impartial third-party counselling.

Anglicans Affirm 'Sanctity' of Gay Unions at National Synod
Already deeply divided over homosexuality, this position taken by the Canadian church could drive a wedge into the global body of Anglicans.

Ethos Versus Ethics: Canada, the U.S., and Homosexuality
Why is Canada far more receptive to same-sex marriage than the United States? The answer lies with religious teachings and participation rather than different cultural emphases.

Same-sex Unions Are Not Marriages
Marriage involves a commitment same-sex couples do not desire. Same-sex marriage will force public policy and law to include as marriage other partnerships as well.

Anglicans Gear Up for Historic National Debate on Same-Sex Blessings
As the Anglican church prepares to deal with this issue for the first time on a national level, orthodox members feel they are being marginalized in their own church.

C-250: Now What?
This tactic could produce the largest act of civil disobedience in Canada's religious history or establish a precedent enabling Christians to freely proclaim Scriptures.

Devout Liberal MPs Ask Martin to Condemn Party Tactics on Religion
Demonizing opponents as religious zealots and scary extremists makes things awkward for government politicians who share evangelical Christians' socially conservative views on moral issues.

EFC and Focus Decry Bill C-250
At a time when issues of sexual morality and marriage are at the forefront of public debate, this legislation leaves ambiguous what statements will be considered criminal.

Hate Speech Is Best Fought with a Pen
It is not possible to legislate against "hate speech." Laws against "hate speech" could suppress discussion of facts and concerns surrounding issues. Legislation should confront "hate crime."

Pro-Gay Bill C-250 Will Now Become Law
Because the term 'sexual orientation' does not distinguish between the person and the sexual activity, expressing Christian views on homosexuality may now be deemed as promoting hatred.

Anglican Parishes Form New Orthodox Network
Having taken steps to resolve the ongoing crisis created by the blessing of homosexual couples, these churches now prepare for a battle over ownership of parish property.

Restorative Justice Resolves Conflicts in Alberta
By encouraging dialogue between the people involved, Calgary Community Conferencing is cutting crime and lowering incidents of violent conflict in area schools.

Same-sex Attitudes Called a Matter of Faith
A sociologist says Americans are less tolerant of gay marriage because they spend more time in church.

Pro-family Groups Still Hoping to Defeat Bill C-250
Because it would make it a criminal offence to oppose homosexual behaviour on religious grounds, this flawed and controversial legislation needs to be defeated.

Churches as Helping Partners
Unlike in the U.S., Canadian Christian charities have received government funding. Ottawa has long recognized the good work of the voluntary sector.

Put Gay Marriage to 'Covenant' Test
Although some form of gay marriage is inevitable, short of a miracle, here are three broad principles that most thoughtful people, including gays, should be able to accept.

Anglican Parishes Are "Leaving" Canadian Church, Says Rector
In an effort to stop the hemorrhaging in churches denied pastoral oversight as a result of the same-sex controversy these parishes and clergy accept this 'emergency' offer.

Christians Will Win the Culture War
After the homosexual lobby overrides the people and enshrines its unions in rights law, the mainstream will eventually return to the healthier world of Christian values and Scripture.

Where Do Candidates and Parties Stand on Issues?
Don't know who to vote for? Understand the issues, and ask your candidates these questions!

Church Sanctuary Violated by Quebec Police
For the first time in Canadian history the practice of taking refuge in churches, a tradition which began in the 4th century, has been called into question.

Primates' Offer 'Appalling' and 'Improper'
Disillusioned with the way their bishops have addressed the longstanding controversy over same-sex blessings, Canadian Anglicans are accepting alternative Episcopal oversight from other countries.

Let's Be Intelligent About Darwin
Preserving self-interest and blindly clinging to Darwinism, education and science struggle against intelligent design, a concept that is rapidly gaining credibility over the theory of evolution.

Decisions Weaken Religious Expression
Two recent decisions demonstrate there is good reason to be concerned about freedom of expression in Canada, particularly on the issue of homosexuality.

Church and State in the World
An insightful and comparative look at varying degrees of religious freedom among religious and secular regimes of more than 20 nations.

Ontario Introduces Institute to Uphold Shariah Law
Muslims and Christians eye the effort to introduce Shariah law in Ontario with caution.

HighRock Addresses Teen Suicide
Since only car accidents claim more young lives, the Mennonite Central Committee developed a new resource designed to encourage youth to talk about this subject.

Court Rejects Kempling's Appeal
When it comes to discussing homosexuality, statements of faith and fact opposing this choice of sexual behaviour are discriminatory according to this judge.

Bill C-250 Lives Again
Legislation adding sexual orientation to sections of the Criminal Code, making it a hate-crime to say publicly anything negative about homosexuality, is revived.

An Update on the Marriage Debate
As the public debate on the redefinition of marriage escalates and events unfold, this author traces the influences that fuel this debate.

Keeping Faith in the Public Square
Lives of many Canadians are guided by faith that can help resolve issues facing us, but disdain for faith-based perspectives pervades policy-making circles. It's time to stop dismissing believers.

Commissioners Must Perform Gay Weddings–or Else
B.C. government tells its employees who perform civil ceremonies that those unwilling to solemnize same-sex marriages for any reason must resign their appointments.

Peer Support Reduces Risk from Sex Offenders
New initiative seeks to build bridges between prisons and faith groups, while working with the kinds of people society would like to keep in jail indefinitely.

No Room Downtown for 'Jesus is Lord'?
Despite local support, this historic mission in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside is being pushed out by government-funded group that intends to administer heroin to drug addicts.

When Injustice Uses the Law: The Missing Logic of the Claim for Same-sex Marriage
Forcing Canadians to accept a legislated redefinition of marriage that is against their conscience is not a mark of democratic society, but of a totalitarian one.

Celebrating Marriage As God Designed It
As a national event, Marriage on the Rock encourages Canadian congregations to focus on the meaning and importance of biblical marriage in community.

There Is No Dignity in Our Death Culture
Medicine is changing from a system based on the sanctity of life into a model where the medically defenseless have not just the right but the duty to die.

What Place Does Religion Have in Politics?
Is the supposed "separation of Church and state" a valid Canadian political practice? How can elected officials who claim faith in God adhere to it in their decision-making?




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