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Social Issue News Archive - 2005Archive

Janet Epp-Buckingham on Euthanasia
Pro-life groups have voiced concern that Bill C-407 could facilitate future pro-euthanasia and assisted-suicide legislation to be considered by Parliament. Janet Epp Buckingham responds.

Canada's Silent Majority
An impressive majority of Canadians continues to profess beliefs at odds with both the legal status quo and with the tacit stances of the national parties on the issue of therapeutic abortion.

Has Definition of Insubordination Changed With the Times?
Eighteen years ago, a Roman Catholic cop refused to guard an abortion clinic. He was fired for insubordination. Today refusal of an assignment gets a slap on the wrist.

Politicians Playing God
Many problems accompany the concept of assisted suicide, and hearing about them is unsettling. Our only option is to choose to sustain life, however meagre.

Knock on the Door
The police paid a visit to a Christian commentator's home and "implied" he should stop writing at the prompting of a homosexual activist.

Parliament Hill "Celebration" of Embryonic Stem Cell Research to be Picketed
The Campaign Life Coalition will attend an October event to object to CIHR embryo research and to urge the government to draft guidelines that protect human embryos.

Further Betrayal of the Children
The environment in which children are reared is absolutely critical to their development. Science supports the concept that it is dangerous to change the prohibition against homosexual parenting.

Why Are Christians So Indifferent to Gambling?
Gambling has infiltrated our culture, but Christians are silent. There could be many reasons why that is so.

Marriage Commissioner Faces Human Rights Complaint
A Saskatchewan marriage commissioner believes he was set up for a human rights complaint because he had been publicly vocal in his opposition to same-sex marriage.

Growing Support for Alberta Pastor Facing Human Rights Hearing
A pastor facing the Alberta Human Rights tribunal because of letters he wrote on homosexuality is receiving a growing wave of support even from homosexuals.

Abortion: Where Do We Draw the Line?
The conferral of a degree on Dr. Henry Morgentaler raises questions. Specifically, if abortion is legal throughout pregnancy, should it always be made available?

C-38 Passes; Battle Lines Drawn - No longer available
Now that Christians have been awakened, it will be so much harder to accomplish the gay agenda says the editor of the homosexual paper, Capital Xtra. Winnipeg Sun's editor evaluates the article

Debating the Ethics of Stem Cell Research
There is much controversy in pro-life circles regarding the ethics of stem cell research. Here is a summary of the issues involved.

Hundreds Protest Morgentaler's Honorary Degree
The University of Western Ontario bestowed an honorary degree on Canada's leading abortionist, Henry Morgentaler. He believes he deserved it.

Petri Dish Marvels Create Ethical Bind
Therapeutic cloning treats the creation of embryos as a commodity manufacturing process. We must ask, what does respect for life require in the context of new technoscience?

Gay Advocates Fight Churches' Charity Status
Institutions fear losing tax breaks if they oppose same-sex unions; Rightly so, gay-rights group says.

A Redemptive Response to a Troubling Need
Is change possible for persons who want to leave gay or lesbian lifestyles? Love Won Out conferences are a bold foray by Focus on the Family into this debate.

Celebrating the National Evangelical Mind
A snapshot of contemporary Canadian Evangelical writers - successful reconcilers of reason and faith, and influencers of social, cultural, political and economic spheres.

Debating the Ethics of Stem Cell Research
Stem cell research could produce breakthroughs in curing many cancers and crippling diseases, but the ethics involved in research creates much controversy.

Poor Being Forced to Live on Scraps - No longer available
People can really love the Bible, yet completely miss some of its most central themes. The Scriptures repeatedly tell us how to treat the poor, but we just don't seem to get it.

We Should Lead Fight for Marriage - No longer available
For marriage to be anything other than a union between a man and woman is not even remotely analogous to God's plan for the family. It is an insurmountable biological impossibility.

The Movement Against Morgentaler
The movement against University of Western Ontario's decision to honour abortionist Morgentaler has taken on momentum. Even UWO's chairman of the board is sorely displeased.

Bountiful Polygamists Speak Up
Women of Bountiful, B.C. say that they like their polygamous lifestyle, and will use the Charter of Rights to argue that polygamy is covered under freedom of religion.

Ministry Breaks Abortion's Silence
Women are encouraged to tell their stories about negative abortion experiences and subsequently, influence public and political opinion.

What In the World is UWO Thinking? - No longer available
Does UWO have a surplus of students that they are willing to anger 70 percent of the population by giving Morgentaler an honorary degree?

Canada Abortion Practitioner Gets Degree from University of Western Ontario
Henry Morgentaler has been named to receive the University of Western Ontario's highest honour at its spring convocation in June.

15 Years On and Still the Children Suffer
Ed Broadbent supported a motion to Parliament in 1989 to end child poverty. A generation of children has grown up seeing that vow unfulfilled.

Never Say Die, or Right to Die
There is more to the euthanasia controversy than feelings, however deep they may be.

Cooking the Books on Child Poverty
A coalition reporting on child poverty possibly misused the Stats Canada low income cut-off to determine poverty rates, and thereby exaggerated them.

When a Fetus Becomes a Child
In the Peterson case the media suddenly found it a disadvantage to use the usual euphemisms and dispassionate phrases that deny or disguise the humanity of an unborn child.

The Kinsey Hollywood Ignores
The real story about Kinsey isn't what he did, it's how he did it. That's an important distinction, even if it was ignored by Hollywood.

Life Is Sacred for Joni - No longer available
If it were ethically possible, biotechnology could release Joni and others from decades of imprisonment in a wheelchair.




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