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Social Issue News Archive - 2006Archive

Marriage Activists Call for Referendum and Royal Commission
Some Christian groups will uphold the traditional definition of marriage even though Parliament voted against a motion that could have allowed it to be enshrined as law.

A Day Care Plan that Deserves to Die
Polls consistently show that Canadian families do not want the type of child care that Mr. Dion and his party are promising.

Catholics and Evangelicals Say Marriage Battle Not Over
"True democracy does not exist without a foundation of real marriage and the natural family"

EFC Reaffirms Marriage as One Man and Woman
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada will continue to maintain that marriage is the public covenanting of a man and a woman in a loving, enduring and exclusive relationship.

Canada's Lost Daughters
We've heard of couples overseas aborting female fetuses for want of a boy. Western Standard magazine's investigative report found it's happening in Canada too.

Canadian University Set to Prohibit Club Status for Any Group Opposed to Abortion
The student association at Carleton in Ottawa is targeting pro-life students, but the proposed policy may ban Catholic, Evangelical, Jewish and Muslim clubs as well.

Canada to Vote on Reopening Gay Marriage Debate
Ottawa will press ahead before December 15th with a vote on whether to revisit a law that made gay marriage legal in Canada.

The Hidden Cost of "Choice"
A New Zealand study indicates that women who have had abortions exhibit twice the level of mental health problems, and three times the risk of depression.

Religious Leaders Urge PM to Reinstate the Traditional Definition of Marriage
The leaders of 43 major Canadian religious groups recently disclosed a joint Declaration on Marriage to express their agreement to protect the traditional definition of marriage.

Canadians Back Gay Marriage Review
In a recent survey 64 percent were in favour of MPs revisiting the law, and 72 percent felt the religious convictions of clergy not to marry same-sex couples should be protected.

Millions Stand Up for the Poor
Millions across the world physically stood up on October 15th to demonstrate that they care about the poor. The initiative was endorsed by Micah Challenge, a ministry linked to the EFC.

It's All About the Children
Dr. Margaret Somerville's apparently controversial position on same-sex marriage is that a child's right to know his or her biological parents should be protected.

New Website Offers Support for Adult Children of Homosexuals
A woman who grew up with a same-sex-attracted father has launched an effort to help similar people deal with the pain they experience.

Precise Ethical Analysis is Not Splitting Hairs
When is a human cell a human embryo?

Prof Suspended for "Anti-Gay" Opinions
A Cape Breton University (CBU) professor is under a two-week suspension for publicly stating that "homosexuality is a repudiation of nature and the apotheosis of unbridled desire."

Theologians Hear About Homelessness
Christians have become spiritually sterile, according to a theological conference speaker. They complain more about gas prices than people dying in the streets.

Pedophilia, Adultery Top Immorality Poll
A recent morality survey indicates that 65 percent of Canadians agree with the Conservative government that sex under age 16 is wrong.

Canada Unborn Victims of Violence Bill to be Resurrected in Coming Months Says MP
Bill C-291 would make injuring or killing an unborn child while committing or attempting to commit an offence against the mother a separate crime under law.

Polygamy Quietly Recognized by Federal Government
Censored documents obtained by Sun Media show that multiple-wife marriages have been given limited legal recognition by the federal government.

Two Views on Euthanasia
Even those who do not take a biblical perspective on euthanasia can make a good case against, says Dr. Margaret Somerville.

Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Encourages Pro-Life Action—March for Life
EFC's president Bruce Clemenger calls on Christians "to stand with the vulnerable" as parliament resumes debate on a bill to legalize euthanasia.

Evangelicals Call for Social Justice
Evangelicals representing street missions across the country are urging Canadians and the new federal government to remember the poor.

Canadian Broadcast Regulators: Gay Toronto Radio OK, Catholic Radio No Way
"Evidence of homosexual activism at the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is present in the decision rendered…"

When I Was a Fetus, I Loved Dill Pickle Ice Cream
Abortion? It is important that you form your own opinion on this issue … and that it be exactly the same as this writer's!

Community Working to Combat Pornography
Lincoln, Ontario is seriously considering taking action against child pornography after they received an appeal from the Family Action Coalition.

Canada Too Permissive on Abortion
Each of us should be obliged to analyze our position on this life-and-death issue.

Government Study Affirms Marriage
A French parliamentary report concluded that marriage should not be extended to include same-sex couples for the sake of the children involved.

System, Heal Thyself
Before embracing private health care, ask yourself what Jesus would do, says Rev. Thomas Rosica.

Harper Urged to Delay Marriage Vote
"We might win the battle…but end up losing the war," says former MP Reed Elley.

Choose Life
The problem with the "assisted suicide" movement is that it discriminates against the weak and infirm.

Government Vows to Raise Age of Consent
Raising the age of sexual consent from 14 to 16 will be a priority for Vic Toews, Canada's new Conservative Justice Minister.

"Legal" Addictions Need More Attention
Not enough attention is being focused on addressing addictions caused by those vices deemed to be socially acceptable, a conference in Saskatoon was told recently.

Pornography's Corrosive Growth
Pornography's corrupting influences are confirmed by recent studies. Children and marriage are at risk in a connected world.

Faith and the "Values" Debate
Ask political party leaders what they mean by the terms "freedom" and "equality." All will affirm these values, but they will define and apply them differently in law and public policy.

We Need a "Toronto Miracle"
The principal action in combating the gang culture must come from within the communities from which men are drawn to gangs.




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