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Social Issue News Archive

Reforming Canada’s Prostitution Laws: EFC Responds to Proposed New Laws
In June 2014, Canada's government proposed new prostitution laws in Bill C-36, adapting the Nordic model in certain ways. Read the EFC’s initial reponse (June 10, 2014) and presentation to the House of Commons committee public hearings (July 7, 2014).

Ontario Prostitution Ruling: What’s That Mean?
It is still against the law to operate a house of prostitution, to live off of the proceeds of prostitution or to communicate for the purpose of prostitution.

Women Support Roxanne's Law Against Coerced Abortion
Does abortion coercion really take place in Canada?

Anti-abortion Students Force Us to Look at Our Commitment to Free Speech 
In October Carleton University had five students from Carleton Lifeline arrested by Ottawa police for attempting to put up graphic anti-abortion posters.

An Abortion Law We Can All Choose to Support  
Women facing unplanned pregnancy feel pressure to choose abortion. We need to empower them with the ability to choose not to abort. Bill C-510 (Roxanne's Law) would help.

A Small Patch on a Big Problem
One blanket can help, but the passing of Bill C-304 would go a much greater distance toward paving the way for a fair and equitable solution to homelessness.

Manning Preaches Three-Cornered Gospel 
The former Opposition leader is now delivering message of reconciliation with God, each other and environment.

New Poll Show Most Canadians Don’t Know Nation Has No Abortion Laws 
Only 21 percent of Canadians are aware that in Canada a woman can have an abortion any time during her pregnancy with no restrictions of any kind.

Malarek Speaks out Against Prostitution  
Without never-ending platoons of men prowling side streets in search of purchased sex, there would be no demand for prostitution.

Specialized Science Requires Christian Engagement
Voices of faith are more important than ever as scientists "play God."

Child Trafficking Bill Overcomes Final Hurdle to Become Law
The new law will provide a minimum sentence of five years imprisonment for anyone convicted of trafficking a minor in Canada.

Busting the Abortion Myths
There are two such myths in Canada: One is that there is a general consensus on the issue and the other is that late-term abortions are rare. Both are wrong.

Linda Gibbons Now Serving Indeterminate Sentence for Life
Canada's most often imprisoned pro-life sidewalk counsellor is being incarcerated indefinitely, as opposed to her more common six month terms.

Court to Rule if Marriage Commissioners Have Right to Refuse Same-Sex Ceremonies
This will be the first time such an evaluation takes place. It could have ramifications for the rest of the country.

Euthanasia Bill Goes Down to Defeat in House of Commons
Bloc Quebecois MP Francine Lalonde's private member's Bill C-384 went down to a resounding defeat by a vote of 228 to 59.

“Does God Care if I’m Gay?” Ads Pulled from TTC 
The Christian group that initiated Toronto’s Bus Stop Bible Studies, has taken down this ad and its corresponding online response due to complaints.

Social Advocates Rise to the G8 Challenge 
Christian organizations preparing to attend the G-8 Summit in June, believe it’s a "great moment" to advocate for the poor and the vulnerable.

Sex for Sale is Hardly Sporting
 Human trafficking is a moral and social-policy issue that requires tough laws to deal with those who purchase sex. When something as wholesome as the Olympics can be violated by it, we must not remain silent.

Abortions Higher Among Religious School Students
 Conservative evangelicals are least likely to report having abortions.

Quebec Government Declares "War" Against Homophobia
 A document released in December sets out the government’s goal of “removing all the obstacles” to full recognition of LGBT interests and modes of life.

What Scientists Don't Tell You about Abortion
A leading cancer researcher has admitted (sort-of) a connection between abortion and a higher risk for breast cancer.

The Effects of Pornography on Individuals, Marriage, Family and Community
Scientists, psychologists, biologists and neurologists are beginning to clarify the powerfully negative social and psychological effects of pornography.




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