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African Anglicans Mark World AIDS Day
Understand the rationale supporting the shift in focus to deal with the AIDS epidemic, not as a health problem, but rather as a human rights issue.

Youth Go Global
As increasing numbers of young Christians give vacation time to mission, their understanding of developing countries and their relationship with God are being radically altered.

Canadian Students Equipping the Congo
Their first step in converting a medical school's decrepit facility into a fully functioning science lab offers encouragement to a university half way around the world.

Balfour Acquitted of Spying for Israel
A Lebanese military court found this Canadian evangelical guilty of "spreading dangerous ideas" but innocent of the more serious charge of collaborating with the enemy.

Canadian Aid Worker Mourned
Christian Children's Fund employee Gillian Clark was one of several Canadians killed in the bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad.

Canadian Missionary Arrested in Lebanon
Canadian Missionary Arrested in Lebanon Bruce Balfour, a Calgary-based missionary with The Cedars of Lebanon Reforestation Project is to appear before a Lebanese military tribunal on charges of "collaborating with the enemy."

Canadians Caught in Liberia's Crossfire
As the situation worsens in this embattled country, the ever-increasing humanitarian crisis weighs heavily on the minds of Christians in Canada.

Sudanese Christians burned to death
CHRISTIAN Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has just reported that at least 59 people were killed, 15 were injured, and ten children and six women abducted when armed Sudanese government forces simultaneously attacked ten villages in Southern Sudan on May 22.

Anti-Semitism in France
Nathalie Soussansays she is afraid to return to France because of the pervasive anti-Semitism and violence against Jews in her country.

Sierra Leone: Murderers In Power
"Rebels tore children's parents, innocence and limbs from them. Now, they sit in government. Canada must push to bring them to trial," says filmmaker Loma Dueck.




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