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Don't Be Afraid of George Bush's Religion
Contrary to the recent unmerciful attacks against Evangelicals, Bush has a faith that contributes positively to his leadership and Evangelicals are upstanding citizens.

Believe It: Canada Is In al-Qaida Gunsights - No longer available
Al-Qaida has ranked Canada as "the fifth most important Christian country to be targeted, following the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain and Australia."

Israel Advised to 'Transfer' Palestinians - No longer available
Joseph Farah outlines controversial roadmap for peace plan to Canadian audience

Iraqi Christians Living in Danger - No longer available
The possibility that safety and freedom from religious persecution will prevail in the near future, is highly unlikely. Canada should consider accepting a higher number of Iraqi Christians as refugees.

Critics Wrong to Paint Bush as Religious Fanatic 
Why do so many disparage U.S. President George W. Bush as a dangerous Christian fanatic, while lauding Kerry who espouses faith if it suits his agenda?

Purging God from the Eurocracy
If the new European Commission denies leading Italian philosopher Rocco Buttiglione freedom of theological opinion, what hope is there for anyone else?

Critics Wrong to Paint Bush as Religious Fanatic
Note that Bush does not propose to impose his Christian faith on anybody, but only to bring reasonable people together to enact good laws.

Avian Influenza - The Next Gobal Pandemic? - No longer available
It's tempting to adopt an attitude of fear, but it's better to fix our eyes on God and anticipate His intervention.

Christians and Jews rally against Muslim anti-Semitism
Recent expressions of anti-Semitism prompted a public expression of solidarity among Vancouver's Christians and Jews.

Implantable Identification Tags Given Green Light for U.S. Market
The biblical "Mark of the beast" is now a conceptual, technical possibility.

Canadians Launch Micah Challenge
Canadian Evangelicals have joined an ambitious project to halve world poverty. Organizers hope Christians will work together internationally to be an influential voice.

Ending Persecution of Christians and Other Faith Communities in the New Century
More Christians were killed in the last century than in the previous 19 centuries combined. Many lives could have been saved if we stand together.

Hospital Equipment on Way to Ethiopia
A Canadian ministry recycles and ships medical equipment that's obsolete in Canadian to countries like Ethiopia where it is practically state of the art.

Canadians Contribute to Major Thailand Forum
Forum participants demonstrated a desire to transform their cities, regions and cultures, through both proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel.

"The Beast" Movie: Jesus Didn't Exist
Former Christian director's secretive film scheduled to open on 06-06-06.

Faith Sustained Iraqi-Canadian's Family
Kidnapped and imprisoned by terrorists in Iraq, a Christian woman escaped to freedom after promising a guard she would help him get to Canada.

They're Terrorists—Not "Activists" or "Victims"
To be politically correct, you play by the rules: find as many ways you can to say "terrorist," but if you use that word, you lose.

Canadian Helps Hope Survive in South Pacific Nation
A Canadian who took an interest in sharing the Gospel with citizens of Vanuatu is delivering hundreds of Bibles in the Bislama language to locals.

Israel Pushes for Christian Pilgrims
While travel to Israel is still awkward, Israeli tourism encourages Christian groups to visit Israel because threats of terror have diminished.

Conservative Anglicans Find a Way Forward
Anglicans in Canada and the United States who have endorsed same-sex unions may be disciplined by the worldwide Anglican church.

Cleansing the Mideast of Christians
The recent bombings and persecution of Christians have escalated into a mass exodus of Christians from Middle East Arab countries.

"Agents of Hope" Wanted
True Christian witness integrates providing for the needs of the poor along with sharing the Gospel with them. Canadian churches are now embracing this vision.

Agencies and Protestors Mobilize on Behalf of Darfur Refugees
Christian aid agencies are scrambling to provide and deliver supplies in what the UN has declared as the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet.

No More Appeasement - No longer available
The war on terror did not begin with 9/11. This war is a continuation of the longest conflict in human history. It's time we learned from history, and did not repeat its mistakes.

Like Thy Neighbour?
Canadians often look to the U.S. for models of effective ministry, but given faith differences, Canadians need to develop their own ministry models.

It Has To Be Said - No longer available
There are things we are not supposed to say. Mostly, we're not supposed to say that the Muslim world is often a source of conflict in the world.

Kids Games to Draw on Many Christian Talents
It's VBS on steroids, says an organizer of Kids Games, an event that will coincide with the Olympics worldwide. It is expected to draw three million participants this year.

In God, Americans Are Trusting More
Unlike in Canada, religious belief features prominently in politics. Americans approve of politicians talking publicly about their religious beliefs.

The Transforming Power of Faith, Hope and Love
The recipient of the Templeton prize for advances in the research of spiritual realities, a world-renowned theoretical cosmologist believes that reason alone cannot solve the problems of daily life.

World Vision Responds to Sudan Crisis
The Christian community is involved in trying to get aid relief into an area that the United Nations has declared as the largest humanitarian crisis in the world today.

Prayer Vigil Held for Persecuted Vietnamese
These recent arrests have caused people to remember that not everyone is allowed to be a Christian and that many people are tortured for things we take for granted.

Ethos Versus Ethics: Canada, the U.S., and Homosexuality
Why is Canada far more receptive to same-sex marriage than the United States? The answer lies with religious teachings and participation rather than different cultural emphases.

'Church of Fools' Set for Exhibition Launch
The world's first 3-D online church aims to make Christian worship accessible to web surfers who may never darken the doors of their local church.

Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up?
This thoughtful look at the cultural depictions of Jesus around the world can help stimulate a careful re-thinking of ideas about Christ and His mission.

Food Aid Sought for Baghdad Churches
With God working around them, a verse of Scripture convinces this Canadian mission team visiting Iraq of how to build bridges with local evangelical Christians.

Canadian MD Delivers Compassionate Care
While teaching community leaders about the importance of good maternal care, Dr. Jean Chamberlain devotes her life to saving mothers and babies in developing countries.

Same-sex Attitudes Called a Matter of Faith
A sociologist says Americans are less tolerant of gay marriage because they spend more time in church.

Watch Out—the Chinese Are coming!
A hundred million strong, the underground Church in China has a vision to evangelize the world and take the Good News back to Jerusalem.

The Spirit of Saint Patrick: Freedom from Slavery and Forgiveness of Injustice
Learn how the life of this Christian exemplified the message of forgiveness, reconciliation and service—a message much in need today on this emerald isle.

Passion Gone from the Streets Where Jesus Suffered
Although everyone knows about The Passion of The Christ nobody at Christianity's ground zero has seen the film because no Israeli distributor has signed on.

Canadian's Asian Experiences Preserved in Vivid Images
Through his powerful paintings, Canadian artist and storyteller Chris Rollins shares his experiences of living among the suffering and abused people of Thailand and Myanmar.

Canadian Ministry Opening Up Once Atheistic Albania
Read how God's provision has supplied the needs of His people as this couple provides Christian leadership in one of the poorest nations in Europe.

Desire for Reconciliation of Heresy Accusations Spreading
A growing number of Christian denominations around the world are preparing to acknowledge and seek reconciliation for condemning early Anabaptists and Mennonites.

Watch Out—The Chinese Are Coming
Believing China is the furthest point West the Gospel traveled from Jerusalem, the exploding Chinese church is preparing to complete the circle eastward around the world.

China Arrests Writer and Church Leaders
Christians around the world are called to pray urgently as Chinese officials continue to arrest and repress believers in house churches in that country.

Rehabilitating Peruvian Street Children
When faced with a chance to live in Canada, this family turned down their dream because they sensed God had something else in mind for them.

Canadian Musicians Breaking into U.S.
Based on talent, creativity, original expressions of faith and quality of album, two Canadian musical acts are in selected group with strongest potential to affect and entertain.

Mel Gibson Still Tweaking His Death-of-Jesus Movie
Set to be the most controversial release of 2004, both it and its outspoken director have already aroused a predictably vitriolic storm in the U.S.




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