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International News Archive - 2005Archive

Worldwide Church of God Considers Name Change
Denominational leaders renounced the tenets of Armstrongism years ago and embraced the biblical Gospel message, but their name continues to bring misunderstanding and rejection.

Hostage-Taking Provokes International Outcry
The plight of four men kidnapped in Iraq has drawn concern and condemnation from around the world - and from surprising sources, in some cases.

WEA Looks to Expand; Extends Int'l Director Tenure to 2010
Seeking to expand the unity of Evangelicals worldwide, top leaders from the WEA decided to extend the tenure of WEA International Director Geoff Tunnicliffe for an additional three years.

CPTers Missing in Iraq
Two of the four human rights workers missing in Baghdad are Canadians associated with Christian Peacemakers Teams (CPT). Pray for their safety and release.

Christian Leaders Denounce Iranian President's Anti-Israel Speech
Several Canadian church leaders have written a letter condemning a speech by the Iranian president who called for the State of Israel to be "wiped of the map."

Control of Internet Being Taken Away From US For Questionable Reasons
Communist China, Communist Cuba, and Islamist Iran requested the change.

Canadians Send Aid to Earthquake-Rocked South Asia
More than 30 countries and many Canadian Christian organizations have sent supplies to aid earthquake victims in Pakistan. The Salvation Army recommends online giving.

National Porn Sunday October 9
American churches plan to participate in National Porn Sunday, an event designed to start the conversation among Christians about the issues surrounding pornography

Sharia Protesters Target Canada
European groups claim Ontario's Sharia law arbitration tribunals will be detrimental to women's rights internationally. They will oppose Ontario's decision.

Christians, Others Remember Peter Jennings
Known in the Christian community for his promotion of understanding faith and religion, Jennings was responsible for the first religion beat on a major TV network.

Canadian Evangelists Face Expulsion from India
Two Canadian church administrators may face expulsion from India after a high court ordered police to seize their travel documents.

Canada's Muslims Come to Grips with Terrorism
Recent terrorist attacks have spurred Canadian and British Muslim leaders to condemn acts of terror in hopes of reassuring their countries that Islam is a "peaceful faith."

Talisman Case to Proceed Despite Canadian Intervention
Survivors of ethnic cleansing in southern Sudan bear testimony against a Canadian oil company accused of complicity in the genocide with the Islamic government.

Pouring Official Aid into Africa Not the Answer - No longer available
Relatively wealthy people - like most Canadians - can afford to do more to help the desperately poor peoples of Africa.

Henry Blackaby's Prayer for First Nations Revival Heard
The First Nations people groups in Canada and the U.S. are on the verge of revival and spiritual awakening, according to Blackaby.

I'm a Rabbi and I Like Billy Graham
A rabbi explains why Billy Graham is a giant among preachers.

Canadians Encouraged to Embrace AIDS Relief
A Quebec conference on AIDS in Africa discussed Canada's role in addressing the pandemic through practical, effective involvement.

Conjoined Twins Bring Organizations Together
The Salvation Army Howard Hospital and a Jewish Canadian humanitarian agency collaborated to see two conjoined twins successfully separated at Toronto's Sick Children's Hospital.

A Natural Alliance
A Jewish writer observes, Christians are working hard: they help the poor, build megachurches, and sell 25 million copies of a book. They are doing something right.

Some Christians Unhappy With Foreign Aid Policy
Paul Martin's foreign aid policy attracted some high-profile criticism when U2 singer Bono took the prime minister to task on public airwaves.

"No Compromise" Pope
The leader of a group called Challenge The Church opined that the new Pope is a "nightmare." The genuine nightmare, says Coren, is the relativism of the Pope's critics.

Columnist to Cover Northern Neighbour
Alberta's Ted Byfield will keep Americans informed about developments in Canada. His column, 'Oh Canada,' was launched April 9, 2005 on the top Christian news site,

Days of Mourning
The final act of a scripted life.

Chicago Woman, Husband Killed In Guyana
Robbery was a possible motive for the murder of two Guyanese missionaries, one of whom was a Canadian citizen.

Young Beslan Survivors Enjoy Holiday in Canada
Seventeen teenagers who survived the three-day hostage stand-off between Muslims and police at their school in Belsan, Russia, are on a tour of eastern Canada.

Fragments of Light in a Dark Time - No longer available
We thank God for the stories of miracles that emerged as the world watched the horror of the tsunami aftermath unfold.

Christians "Adopt" Devastated Villages
Churches commit to rebuilding shattered lives of Tsunami victims.

When a Fetus Becomes a Child
In the Peterson case the media suddenly found it a disadvantage to use the usual euphemisms and dispassionate phrases that deny or disguise the humanity of an unborn child.

Suddenly, George Bush Is Looking Better - No longer available
Recently George Bush made two statements that landed him in trouble, but both reflect wisdom.

Christian Agencies Bring Relief to Tsunami Victims
The disaster poses an unprecedented challenge to relief agencies that have never had to spread emergency relief across 11 countries simultaneously before.

Offer Them Debt Relief - No longer available
Western nations owe so much to the countries now suffering from the tsunami disaster. Let's help them this time.

Tragedy Brings Out Our Very Best - No longer available
We're seeing an unprecedented global response to tragedy on a catastrophic scale. What happened? Has the global community experienced a conversion to peace and goodwill?

Why A Jew Supports Christian America
As a member of one of the most persecuted minorities in history, this Jewish man say he can relate to what Christians are experiencing in the first decade of the 21st century.

Celebration 2005—An Opportunity With a Deadline
Celebration 2005, under the umbrella of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, is a three-week effort of demonstrating the love of Christ to Canadians. Are you involved?

Missile Defense Revival Polarizes Christians
Critics fear weapons in space primed to shoot down missiles with no consideration of consequences, and supporters maintain they are essential to national security.




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