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Women Talk Three Times as Much as Men, Says Study
A feminist doctor admits that science trumps political correctness: girls actually come wired as girls before birth, and boys as boys.

Persecution Watchdogs Concerned as Pastor Goes on Trial in Cuba
A Protestant Cuban pastor imprisoned for four months earlier this year is very likely being targeted for his outspoken calls for increased religious liberty in Cuba.

U.S. Elections Affect Conservative Christians on Both Sides of the Border
"U.S. Evangelical Christians have taken a setback in the 2006 elections", said Canadian political scientist John Redekop.

Christian Population Falls in Holy Land
A steady flight of Palestinian Christians from Israel could lead to Christianity becoming extinct in its birthplace within a few generations.

Fight Extremist Islam: Activists
In a recent conference four Muslim women spoke out against extreme Islam saying adherents seek to dominate others and spread its influence globally.

Evangelical Alliance Calls on Prince Charles
The Alliance is calling for Prince Charles to swear the traditional coronation oath to be 'Defender of the Faith'—specifically of the Anglican Church.

Forgiveness In the News
Forgiveness has been in the news as the media try to understand what prompted the Amish to forgive the family of the man who murdered their children.

No Place Like Home
Record numbers of western Jews are moving to Israel despite tensions in the Middle East.

Pope 'Sincerely Regrets' Islam Remarks
According to the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI "sincerely regrets" that Muslims have been offended by some of his words in a recent speech in Germany.

"Vegetative" Patient Shows Conscious Awareness
Doctors believe they have confirmed beyond doubt that a patient in a "vegetative" state was consciously aware of herself and her surroundings.

Kilgour Urges Boycott of Beijing Olympics
Kilgour hopes a boycott might pressure Chinese communist authorities to cease alleged organ harvesting of Falun Gong followers in prison.

Church Groups on Front Lines of AIDS Battle
Delegates at the AIDS conference in Toronto say that faith-based groups have a significant part to play in eradicating the pandemic.

Altered War
Manipulated photos highlight untruths in the Mideast conflict.

Something New In Germany
Churches in Germany are getting a boost from the results of evangelism during the World Cup Soccer events.

Lunch with "Daughter of God"
Wife of Paraguayan president Nicanor Duarte, recently a guest with Campus Crusade for Christ Canada in Abbotsford, B.C., shared her story of passionate faith in Christ.

Canadian Clinics Help Ease Tensions in Afghanistan
When medical treatment facilitated through donations from an Edmonton church helped his family, a former mujahedeen warrior made peace with Canadian troops.

The Plight of Iraq Christians
Fadi has had it with Iraq. At his family's home in Baghdad, the Christian university student elaborates in fluent English. "There is no future for Christians here," he says.

Death Penalty Unlikely for Christian Convert, Says Afghan Official
Is Afghanistan quickly modernizing its legal system in response to Germany's challenge that it may have to "think over its help for Afghanistan"?

Afghan Man May Face Death Penalty for Converting to Christianity - No longer available
Mr. Abdul Rahman, a Christian, has been charged with rejecting Islam and may face the death penalty in two weeks, pending the judge's ruling.

Bono's Remarks at USA's National Prayer Breakfast
At a February 2, 2006 National Prayer Breakfast, U2's lead singer preached his best sermon yet and praised the U.S. for aid to the poor.

Hamas 'Quake' Sends Aftershocks Around the World
Many will say that their vote for Hamas was for good governance, and not for a renewed campaign of attacks against Israel.




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