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Harps in One Accord
The sounds of a Davidic harp ensemble – a component of the Tabernacle of David – have not been heard in Jerusalem for 2000 years. A Canadian composer is bringing them back. A video message.

Christians Harvest Jewish Grapes
The prophet Isaiah’s words are coming to pass. Sons of foreigners are now vinedressers in Israeli fields.

Missionary Pilot Drowns Trying Save Indonesian Teen
“We are profoundly saddened by the loss of our friend and fellow worker in Christ…” (John Boyd, president, Mission Aviation Fellowship).

Hurricane Tomas Slams St. Lucia
The World Evangelical Alliance reports that all is not well in St. Lucia, as the media would have the world believe. Lucians need assistance.

Padilla Decries "Superficial" Evangelism
The key contributor to the Lausanne Covenant keeps pushing buttons.

Lausanne Evangelism Event Opens in South Africa
Canadians, along with thousands of other Christians, are attending the Cape Town meeting to discuss how to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. A video message.

Miners Give the Glory to God for the Miracle in Chile
“Their survival, many will say, was born of the strength, patience and resilience God instilled in them” (CNN).

Holy Highway: Israel's Highway 60, Heartland of the Nation
If the West Bank, where this highway runs, becomes a Palestinian state, Israel will be just nine miles wide and indefensible. Such a deal-for-peace could lead to more conflict. A video message.

For Some Megachurch Leaders Like Accused Georgia Pastor, There's Little Accountability
"The more powerful a Christian leader becomes, the fewer restraints that other people can put on them" (Winnipeg Free Press).

U Vic Prof Offers Insights on Ugandan Anti-Gay Law
Among other measures, the bill called for the death penalty for homosexuals who had sex with minors or those with handicaps.

President of India Under Pressure to Protect Christian Minority
Two dozen died because a small number of American Christians protested Islam and ripped pages out of a Koran in front of the White House.

The World Cup’s Ugly Side
Human trafficking is always an issue, but grows even more prevalent at worldwide events like soccer's biggest stage.

Maryam & Marzieh Acquitted and Free!
Two Christian women imprisoned 14 months in Iran for their faith have been acquitted and freed.

Jerusalem: Stumbling Block to Peace?
Does Israel have a legal right to its capital? East Jerusalem has emerged as a significant factor in the current US-mediated peace negotiations.

According to Critics, Israel's Only Option – Lie Down and Die
”Tragically, innocent Palestinians suffer the most given Hamas's refusal to stop agitating for Israel's destruction” (Mark Milke).

Brain Can't Know God Exists: Expert
"We can research the neuromechanism into belief, but we cannot say anything about God. That's where we have to go to philosophy."

The Silent Crises: Status of the Millennium Development Goals in 2010
It's not surprising that the urgent priorities the world agreed to at the turn of the century have slipped off the priority list.




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