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EFC Blog Addresses Current Issues
Thought leaders on Canadian social issues post at

Reforming Canada’s Prostitution Laws: EFC Responds to Proposed New Laws
In June 2014, Canada's government proposed new prostitution laws in Bill C-36, adapting the Nordic model in certain ways. Read the EFC’s initial reponse (June 10, 2014) and presentation to the House of Commons committee public hearings (July 7, 2014).

Every Woman Every Child
EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger reflects on the Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Summit held by Federal Government in June.

The Profound Complexities of Informed Consent to Abortion
After her own abortion researcher digs deeper.

MCC Thrift Shop Sales Continue to Boom
Business was brisk at the 56 Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) thrift shops in Canada this past year as local boards and volunteers continue to explore new ways to increase sales.

Ontario Prostitution Ruling Fails to Protect Women
The EFC is deeply concerned the Ontario Court ruling fails to protect women and could lead to a situation where the most vulnerable are put at greater risk.

The EFC Comments on Gay-Straight Alliances
In the National Post EFC Legal Counsel Faye Sonier comments on the Ontario Government’s controversial proposal to amend the Education Act.

Evangelicals & the US Election: A View From the Outside
How is it that Evangelicals figure so prominently in the current Republican race for its presidential candidate?

Seven Things Christians Can Do During a Majority Government
Now that Canada has made the switch from a governing party ruling with a minority of seats to one with a majority, should Christian citizens be thinking or acting differently?

Wiki-Leaks, Wiki-Leakers, and Wiki-Ethics
WikiLeaks delivers a warning that the power of one person using the new technoscience can have enormous impact, whether for good or evil.

Syrian Patriarch Calls on Iraq to Guarantee Safety of Christians
It is the responsibility of the Iraqi government to carry out proper and investigations to uncover the terrorist groups who have planned and financed attacks.

Malled All Over
Last week was Black Friday, and not only across the U.S. The “kickoff of the Christmas shopping season has grown dark wings.”

Don't Overlook Spirituality When Debating Euthanasia
Eighty-three percent of Quebecers feel that euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide should be legal under certain conditions.

Iraqi Religious Freedom Highlighted in Parliament: Hear, Hear!
It is encouraging when Members of Parliament speak up to challenge Iraq to respect the rights of its citizens.

The Slave Trade Makes a Comeback in Canada
Information on human trafficking is not easy to find, but stories of greed and human suffering are now documented in Invisible Chains – a new book on slavery in Canada.

Bill C-389: The EFC Opposes Proposed "Gender Identity" Amendment to Human Rights Act
The EFC opposes the passage of this bill which is intended to add “gender identity” and “gender expression” as prohibited grounds of discrimination.

His Wrath Upon Their Heads
An assault against Christians – "The blood of Baghdad screams out to heaven and earth."

Cigarettes, Foreign Aid and Canadian Corporate Accountability Overseas
Our government not only plays a role in setting the moral climate of our nation, but its decisions also impact the moral climate of other nations.

Closer Than You Know
The movie Never Let Me Go holds a searing lesson in bioethics we must heed today.

Harmonious Community: Considering Canada Justly
We can look to the Aboriginal culture of our country to help us find ways of restoring a sense of justice that fosters community.

Let the Healing Begin
The truth and reconciliation process over the next five years is aimed at helping the victims move beyond the pain.

On a Personal Note with Faye Sonier
Faye Sonier, legal counsel for the EFC, speaks about Life Issues and her personal life experiences with respect to them.

Author Gets ‘Religious Right’ Wrong
There’s a spectrum of belief in evangelical circles theologically. McDonald’s book could be improved if she spent more time defining those differences.

Israeli Commandos Were Brutally Attacked as they Boarded Flotilla
Should citizens of a country not be allowed to defend themselves?

Atheists Getting a Free Ride - MP
No one questions whether they have undue influence in the public square.

Why Preston Manning Should Be the Next Governor General
“…Stephen Harper should choose someone with a record of service that helped place Canada in its current, enviable position … in stark contrast to the rest of the world.”

The Pill Turns 50: Medicine That Makes You Sick
Recently three major health stories appeared in the Washington press in less than two weeks that were an occasion to pause and reflect.

Shake Rattle and Roll
Pondering the mystery of earthquakes and volcanoes.

The Price of Free Speech in Canada
Silence is not golden. It emboldens action against free speech. The next generation will assess whether they really felt protected by our silence.

Roxanne’s Law Deemed Votable!
This is an important step in criminalizing the act of coercing or attempting to coerce a woman into having an unwanted abortion.

Naïveté on Crack: Legalized Prostitution
Bad social policy, no matter how freedom-loving on paper, actually increases state coercion. Is this the direction Canada will choose? It’s important to protest complete decriminalization.

Canada's Lessons for Europe
Canada has been rarely noticed among countries of the world, but economically Canada is now in a better position that even the U.S.A. What did we do right?

Are Municipal Elections Sexy Enough to Get Your Attention?
Ignoring them could be a critical mistake.

Doctor Death at Our Door
A medical doctor from Australia is on a speaking tour in Canada to teach people how to commit suicide and to sell pre-packaged, easy-to-use suicide kits.

Rolling the Dice: The Proposal to Change the Criminal Code from “Child Pornography” to “Child Sex Abuse Materials”
It would be a legal gamble to amend the law with children at risk.

Cuba is No Island Paradise for its Citizens
Facts indicate that Castro’s communist regime in Cuba is one of the most repressive in the world.

Strict Laws Protect Women
Sweden simultaneously helps women out of the industry, with shelter, counselling and job training.

Canada's Connection to 420 Million
Geoff Tunnicliffe, a Canadian Christian leader, said his organization felt a responsibility to intervene with the pastor who planned the Koran-burning.

Democracy Can Make No Compromises with Theocracy
Religious freedom requires that people of different faiths live and let live.

Ground Zero Remembered, But It's Real Message Was Hijacked
This year discussions on Sept. 11 moved openly into religious polarization and Islamophobia, when it should have been a day to remind the heroism and love for our neighbour.

Too Many Suffer in Pain
We must ensure that access to pain management is considered a fundamental human right.

Preserving Humanity
The idea that humans are to be considered special is more vulnerable than you would think.

"If You Want to be an Ethical Consumer of Porn...Pay For It"
That line is the conclusion of an article in the Life section of the Globe and Mail, titled, “How to Revel in Porn and Feel Good About It.”

Even God Ordered a Census
Like Moses’s nemesis the Pharaoh, the federal government has turned a deaf ear.

The Curse of the Anonymous Commenter
Vancouver Sun’s religion editor comments on the vitriolic nature with which some anonymous commentators respond to posted articles.

Is One Woman’s 16-year Protest a Case of Harassment or Free Speech?
One of Canada’s longest-serving anti-abortion protesters no longer thinks of being locked up as anything out of the ordinary.

Is the Census Really an Evangelical Issue?
The census causes marginalized groups to be visible to governments who might otherwise ignore them because they aren’t powerful.

Palestinian Christian Models Peaceful Approach
The leader of a Catholic organization that provides resources to Palestinians says, “We don’t succeed all the time, but we have a very good rate of success.”

The Queen’s Spiritual Adventure
The meaning of the monarch’s visit to Toronto’s St. James Cathedral.

Video highlights of the Forgiven Summit where the Aboriginal people forgave the Church and the government for the injustices of the residential schools.

Abandoned Baby Drop-Off Misguided, Say Critics
A Vancouver hospital came up with the idea to offer a place where moms who don’t want their babies can drop them off – no questions asked.

Along with Ash, Eyjafjallajokull Spread Silence
Quiet is to the soul almost like food and drink is to the body..

It's Not All Good
If multisexualism was such a great idea, we should know it by its outcomes.

Too Little Balance Shown in Reporting on Catholic Church
Bad news and disaster always finds its way into mainstream media. Good-news stories, on the other hand, seemed easier to overlook and ignore.

Cry Not My Sister
Out of the ashes and devastation of war that wreaked havoc on Rwanda came a small movement of hope for women. A support group among the survivors of rape.

Bus Stop Bible Studies Show Canadians' Faith
”It is time for Canadian believers to focus their efforts on working together to build as just a society as can exist in our times.”

Harper's Report Card after Four Years
The Harper record is strong enough to warrant a majority win. If that is denied by the voters in an early election, then the Tories will have no one to blame but themselves.

Pulling the Plug Isn't Euthanasia
There is confusion with respect to the ethical and legal differences between withdrawal of treatment that result in death, and euthanasia.

Are We the World? 
Who in the world are we focusing on? When we want to help someone, shouldn’t we be focusing on them?

Our Duty to the Public Square 
ChristianWeek comments on three issues that have profound moral implication for Canadians in general and Christians in particular.

Is Going for Gold un-Christian?
After all, Canadians are supposed to be quiet, humble, polite and unassuming. Winning doesn’t convey that picture. Are Christians judged similarly to Canadians?

Should Companies be Allowed to Patent Higher Life Forms Like Lab Mice?
Many people in many faith traditions view live subject research as repugnant.

20 Questions for Parliament
A list of 20 key policy questions that Members of Parliament should debate to set direction for Canada for 2010 and beyond.

The Dangers of False Certainty
We all – physicians and patients – must face up to our unavoidable ignorance on medical issues, and still try to make wise decisions.

Lessons On "Reproductive Health" from Europe
“If Mr. Ignatieff really cares about maternal and infant health, maybe he should take a look at how Poland and Ireland have achieved their astonishing success.”

Why We Must Protect Humans' Special Status
If certain animals become persons, as some philosophers argue, human persons become animals, which has consequences for how we treat each other.

Global Warming's Glacial Blunder
What caused a major UN climate change panel to backtrack and admit a serious mistake in its prediction and what are the implications?

Earthquakes Have a Way of Crumbling My Complaints
Complaints about our wants fall silent as we watch news reports of Haiti.

Is Obama Greater than Jesus?
It might be helpful to pose some questions to the Danish editorialist who believes this to be true.

Notes From a Scandal: What Tiger Teaches
“The facts of the case are not nearly as important as what the public reaction says about the state of our culture” (John Seel).

Those Who Envy the Jews Risk Doing So to Their Own Detriment
Collectively, Jews have been outstandingly successful as entrepreneurs and financiers, more so than any other nation. Those who envy them, hate them for that reason.

Ask Not How the Government Will Fix the Economy
The solution to current economic challenges depends more on the behaviour of the market's participants and on integrity rather than on more government control.

"To Get People Interested in the Paralympics is a Stretch"
Churches seemingly uninterested in less-favoured games


























































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