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Canadian National and Regional News


A Key Step in Preventing 4,000 Deaths by Suicide
Suicide is the second leading cause of death among Canadian youth ages 10 to 24.

Denver Broncos’ Tim Tebow Inspires Toronto Pastor
Even some Canadian Christians, generally less publically “loud and proud” about their faith than Americans, are cheering for a popular American football quarterback who bends a knee in prayer after every touchdown.

Parents Forgive Their Child’s Abductor
The September kidnapping – and then amazing return – of Kienan Hebert shocked Canadians. The ability of his evangelical parents to forgive their son’s abductor may provide yet another surprise.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper Votes Against Bill Banning Coerced Abortion
The bill failed 97-178 in a second reading vote on December 15th.

Newest Version of NIV Bible Drops Gender-Neutral Language
Publishers have produced a more accurate version using words like “mankind” and “man” instead of “human beings” and “people.”

Abortion Coercion Bill Due for Second Vote
The Bill called “Roxanne’s Law” is intended to prevent women from being coerced into having an abortion. It is supported by numerous religious and pro-life groups.

Craigslist Crackdown: Government Moves Against Human Trafficking
Craigslist had refused to shutdown their erotic services listings in Canada because they had received no request from Canadian authorities. Now they have one.

Remembrance Day: The New Veteran
More than 25,000 soldiers have served in Afghanistan in the last decade. This ListenUp episode looks at the care needed for these new veterans and asks, "is it enough?" A video message.

Babies Can be Saved from Death by Abandonment
Federal legislation that allows for the safe relinquishing of infants without repercussion or fear of criminal charges, is needed.

Hazel McCallion Wins 12th Term
Woman of faith, Hazel McCallion has won her 12th term as mayor of Mississauga, Ontario. The 89-year-old says she has more work to do for the city. A video message.

Fingerprinting May Be Required for Church Volunteers
Fingerprinting is part of a vulnerable sector search which includes a police check for pardoned sex offenders and a check for recent offenses.

Arrest of Pro-life Students Raises Questions
Four students wanted to unveil graphic four- by eight-foot posters that show images of aborted fetuses along with images from the Holocaust and Rwandan genocide.

Human Trafficking: An Uncomfortable Truth in Canada
Human trafficking is the second most profitable crime in the world after the drug trade. It is linked to sexual exploitation of women and children and is a concern in Canada.

Prostitution Laws Struck Down by Ontario Court
An Ontario court ruled September 28 that Criminal Code provisions relating to prostitution contribute to the danger faced by sex-trade workers.

Cardus Celebrates 10 Years with Preston Manning
Preston Manning spoke at Cardus’ 10th anniversary celebration on public policy trends and issues in Canada and the role of think tanks in fashioning responses. Hear an audio of his message.

Bibles Return to Canadian Citizenship Courts
Canadian immigration will again allow the distribution of Bibles to new immigrants who wish to use them for the swearing of allegiance ceremony.

Christians Should Respect and Love Muslims and Share the Good News
And loving them is not to burn copies of the Koran, as a Florida pastor threatened to do.

Christians May be Fine with the Rapture, but What About Their Pets?
Rapture insurance? And a quick profit.

My Phone Conversation with Terry Jones
Some may have disagreed, but Geoff Tunnicliffe felt it critical to talk with Jones about the impact of Koran burning, about the future, and about the fallout.

Koran Burning Fundamentally Wrong: World Evangelical Alliance
WEA chief asks international community to share same concern for acts of aggression against all faiths.

Popping Pills
Birth control pills have side effects -- they should be prescribed less, not made available over the counter.

Harper's Report Card After Four and a Half Years
Not Bad!

Heaven Tops Hell in Canadian Belief Poll
More than half of Canadians believe there is a heaven, but less than a third believe hell awaits sinners.

Holy Books Regain Their Place
Holy books of various religions will again be available to new Canadians pledging allegiance in Canada’s Citizenship Court.

Crossroads Learns Hard Lessons from Fraud Case
Christians are vulnerable to deception because they value trust. "We need to make sure we are diligent…” says Crossroad’s CEO, Don Simmonds.

World Vision Challenges Quebecers to Take up the Cause of Women and Girls
The fair treatment of women and girls in the developing world is everybody’s concern.

A Righteous Disturbance or a Democratic Right?
Parishioners of a Toronto church say it’s their Charter right to practice street preaching, but their preaching is not well-received in their neighbourhood.

Human-Trafficking 'Coyotes' Are the Problem, Not Refugees
A recent story from the Mexico-U.S. border illustrates why some processes for getting newcomers into the country will always be necessary.

Clark Pinnock Dies at 73
From biblical inerrancy to open theism, the systematic theologian was not afraid to change his mind.

Micah Challenge Coordinates Worldwide Day of Prayer and Action
The October 10, 2010 event aims to involve 100 million Christians.

Atheist Says “Turning to Christ” on Deathbed Would be “Pathetic”
Christopher Hitchens has esophageal cancer. Christians are praying for him to “come to Christ,” but he says it won’t happen.

Damaged Church Back in Action 
The floor of an Abbotsford church collapsed during a concert two years ago. Repairing the damage has taken a long time.

B.C.'s Proposed New Family Laws Get Mixed Reviews 
Dave Quist, executive director of the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada, offers his observations.

Top Jewish, Evangelical Organizations Oppose Conservative Census Change 
The Canadian Jewish Congress and The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada rely heavily on the data from the census.

EFC Helping Churches Zone in on Local Bylaws 
Many congregations are struggling to obtain zoning permits.

Ditching Census Upsets Faith Groups
Both the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada have written to the Conservative government to voice their concerns.

40 Years of Happy Feet
World renowned shoe designer John Fluevog marks a milestone.

Evangelicals on the Interfaith Frontier
Something is changing in the way Evangelicals interpret the calling to evangelize. Fear of compromise is fading as proper confidence grows.

World Religions Advise the G8/G20 Summits
The religious leaders called for united action to pursue three goals: to end poverty, care for the earth and invest in peace.

Religious Freedom Under Attack, Suggests New Agency
The Faith and Freedom Alliance was established "to ensure that the Christian Faith can be advanced freely in our country."

Donations Fall Short
As the Salvation Army’s national Red Shield Campaign entered its final week, donations to help Canada’s homeless were down $1.15 million.

Some Canadian Charities Still Reeling in Wake of Recession
Almost one quarter of registered charities expressed concern about their abilities to continue functioning and delivering their missions. Parenting Tips – a web page where parents can share and exchange innovative ideas.

Huge Anti-Abortion Rally Hails Canada’s New Foreign-Aid Stand
A huge pro-life rally recently put the abortion debate on Stephen Harper’s doorstep.

Author Brings Paranoia, Intolerance to Fight Against Social Conservatives
The author of The Armageddon Factor believes there is a dangerous rise in the religious right in Canada and that Canadians are sleepwalking into a political nightmare.

Flawed Poll Distorts Scope of Sexual Abuse
The results are hardly 'shocking' when you look at how the questions were framed..

Horizon Decision Sends Mixed Message
Is religious freedom in Canada secure? Court interpretations of the Charter of Rights leave the matter open.

Church Sanctuary Could be Violated by Federal Agency 
A policy addition to the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) enforcement manual might lead to the violation of sanctuary for people like Mikhail Lennikov.

MP’s Bill Takes Aim at ‘Coerced Abortions’
The bill would protect pregnant women from forms of intimidation such as taking away their homes or putting them into undue financial distress.

Holiday Shopping Ban is Outdated
On most statutory holidays in Ontario, like Christmas Day, Good Friday, Thanksgiving, shopping opportunities are limited. That’s about to change.

Peter Youngren Making Waves
The evangelist's ministry is expanding, but it is shadowed by conflict and infidelity.

Christian Groups Gear up to Impact G8 Talks  
The Canadian Council of Churches recommends that MPs listen to concerns of Christian groups that commitments made in 2000 to the developing world be honoured.

Navigating a Christian Religious Nation 
Changing demographics are presenting challenges and opportunities to Canadian Christians.

Helping Canadians to Give More 
Cardus recommends an increase in the federal charitable tax credit so that Canadians donating to charity can get a higher tax refund.

The EFC Intervenes in Marriage Commissioners' Case
Should marriage commissioners (non-clergy licensed to perform marriages) be allowed to decline requests to perform same-sex marriages if contrary to their religious beliefs?

2010 Paralympics: The Sustaining Power to Overcome Adversity
For the past two decades, the Paralympics, the second largest sporting event in the world, are held after the Olympics in the same city.

Casket-maker Builds Unadorned, Biodegradable Coffins
An affordable burial alternative: when you go, go green.

Budget Includes Help for Single Parents
The federal government “is going in the right direction” on family income-splitting.

Cardus' Analysis of 2010 Canadian Federal Budget
Long-term talk masks short-term thinking: Cardus urges more attention to imminent deficits in elder care, charitable service and broad social architecture.

Olympic Outreach Leaders Reflect Back, and Look Ahead
The initiative brought together 15 denominations and 31 parachurch organizations in the "finest example of Christian unity" in more than 30 years of ministry.

City Approves Youth for Christ Centre Despite Opposition
Fierce debate exposes deep divide in community

For Canada’s Faithful, a Gold That Means Most
Canada won! The New York Times contemplates the significance of hockey in Canada even to the little church a couple of blocks from the site of The Game.

With Faith Comes Fire
Christian charities have a natural advantage in serving others with a dedicated workforce, yet attempts to help people are met with complaints.

Canadian Pentecostal Performs Rare Multi-Faith Roles at Games
 Head chaplain David Wells was suddenly called to respond to death of Nodar Kumaritashvili the Eastern Orthodox luger.

MP Criticizes Funding for Faith-Based Group
An NDP MP is opposing the government’s contribution to a downtown Winnipeg Youth for Christ recreation centre for youth.

Families Eager to Bring Loved Ones Home from Haiti
As some churches receive back traumatized earthquake survivors, others still wait anxiously to welcome their mission teams back from Haiti.

Canadian Nurse Among Dead in Haiti
Yvonne Martin with Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada, had just arrived in Haiti 90 minutes before the quake. Also, an interview with MAF pilot, Jason Krul.

Preparing for Olympic Fever
Only about a month till the Olympic extravaganza begins. Vancouver is bracing for the influx of an estimated 300,000 visitors. Is the Church ready?
















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